Friday, June 8, 2018

Mitch Brunette | 10-year Anniversary

Greg Mansfield: President

This month, Mitch Brunette celebrated his 10 year work anniversary with City Wide of Minnesota.  Wow, I can’t believe it is already time to take a minute and recognize one of our first employees for 10 years!  I guess time flies when you’re having fun.  During that time, our business has grown significantly from the small startup we were when Mitch joined our team.  It has been a pleasure to see our business grow and to watch Mitch grow professionally with it.  Our company is in the service industry, so we are only as good as the people who represent us and Mitch is one of the best representatives we could ask for.  His enthusiasm and dedication to helping our clients have had a large impact on our growth.   I am looking forward to another 10 years working with Mitch on growing our business and finding new and improved ways to save our clients time and effort in their facilities.  Congrats Mitch!   

Mitch Brunette: Director of Operations

Looking back on 10 years, my biggest take away is that I’ve always had an excellent supporting cast of people in my network to help ensure we were able to be successful. 

Initially, Greg and Dick Mansfield brining me on required a lot of help.  Joe Choplin was taking calls 24/7 for anything I needed (and still does).  As we grew as a market and I continued to work on my personal and professional development, I couldn’t be more thankful for our peers in our Performance Group Cities (Boston, Indy, Cinci, and Tampa), along with Ken Miner, Meredith Cimeno, Tom Stone, and Paul Weybrew.  They are always willing to communicate and share ideas with me.  Over the last 5 years as I’ve transitioned into my role as DOO, I’ve been surrounded by an incredible team of FSMs, CCMs, Operations Manager Steve Reid, Tyler Olson, and our entire Admin Support team that keeps it all together. 

This ten year tenure is a great milestone and it couldn’t be accomplished without help from everyone above. Thanks for your help and efforts!

Friday, May 25, 2018

1st Annual City Wide Olympics

Jenny Schmidt: Contractor Coordinator

We had a full afternoon of fun on Wednesday as The Games of the 1st City Wide Olympiad were held at North River Hills Park in Burnsville. There were 21 individuals competing in 4 events, consisting of Kubb, Cornhole, Bocce Ball, and Pig (the basketball version).  The weather was great, maybe a bit hot for some, but overall it was an enjoyable day for outdoor activities and some team bonding.

We started the afternoon with a tournament of Kubb. If you’ve never heard of or played Kubb before, it is a game that basically involves the throwing of wooden sticks to knock over wooden blocks. Here’s a link to a more in-depth explanation:

The champions of Kubb were, Steve & Mitch! Second place in Kubb were, Shelly, Hutch, & Jenny!

The next tournament played was Cornhole, where Joel and Tyler D. were crowned champions! Tyler O. and Jenny took 2nd!

The last two games played for the day were bocce ball and pig. Joel ended up taking 1st place in both events, while Andrew & Mark took 2nd in bocce ball and Jarrad took 2nd in pig!

To say we are all competitive is an understatement, as there was plenty of banter back and forth all afternoon. Over the last few months, we’ve added quite a few new faces to our City Wide team, so it was a good chance for everyone to interact outside of the office! We hope to make this a yearly tradition and an enjoyable event for everyone to look forward to!



Friday, May 4, 2018

Welcome Andrew/Congratulations Alex!

Alex Underwood: Senior Facility Services Manager

Happy Spring Everybody!

There are some positive changes happening here at City Wide Maintenance of Minnesota, thanks to a great couple of years of growth in our market.

I would like to welcome Andrew Mikkola to the Account Management team, as the newest Facility Services Manager, taking over in the Northwest Metro.

This is particularly exciting for me after spending 3 years building my territory, as Andrew is now taking over and I’m confident he’ll continue to deliver great service and results to our clients!  When Mitch and I met Andrew in the interview process, we quickly realized he’d be a great fit and well represent our office and care for clients.

Andrew comes to City Wide with strong business experience from 6 years of store ownership in the Food Industry. He also has account management and client relationship experience working in the Technology Industry as an Account Manager. 

It has been great getting to know Andrew over the past month. We have spent most our time together, getting him introduced to his clients and their buildings, to ensure the transition is seamless and the only change for our customers is the person managing their account.

Welcome to the team Andrew, thanks for coming on board!

Mitch Brunette: Director of Operations

I’m also very excited to be welcoming Andrew to the team, as we’ve grown to the point where we need additional leadership amongst our Account Management Team.  With that said, we are excited to announce that Alex Underwood has been promoted to Senior FSM!  Alex’s role will be getting Andrew up and running and after that is complete, he'll be helping perform additional support for other FSMs territories, meeting with clients, and helping to ensure we are servicing those territories at a high level.  Alex, thank you for your dedication, efforts and hard work these last few years.  It has really paid off and I’m excited to watch you develop and grow as a leader in our office!