Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Welcome, Michelle Jackson!

Tyler Olson: Senior Sales Executive

I’m very excited to introduce and welcome Michelle Jackson to our Sales Team!  Michelle has been with us for a little over a month now and she brings an amazing amount of energy to the sales team.

Leading up to her position at City Wide, Michelle has had a successful career in sales.  We are sure that she will continue that trend with our team and are thrilled for her to be a part of it.  Michelle will be handling the East Metro territory and she has been working hard in her first few weeks to grow our relationships on that side of town.

We recently had a chance to meet Michelle’s husband and son at the City Wide BBQ and look forward to getting to know her more.  Welcome to the team, Michelle!

Monday, August 14, 2017

City Wide 4th Annual BBQ

Maghan Aschoff: Facility Services Manager

Our 4th annual City Wide BBQ was a hit!  Mitch hosted the event at his house, which was filled with family, food and fun. The BBQ was top notch!  -Apparently while we were all sleeping at 4am, Mitch was preparing the meat to be smoked all day long, it was delicious!  Mitch's wife, Liz, prepared homemade mac n' cheese, smoked deviled eggs, coleslaw, several amazing desserts, and much more!

One of the many things I love about City Wide is how family-oriented the company is.  The event had our Admin team, Night Managers, Sales team, and FSM's attend, in addition to their growing families - lots of kids!

After we all stuffed ourselves with the amazing food, the evening moved to the adults playing some basketball and Kubb.  Once all the kids warmed up, we all played a few games of PIG and ended our night with a game of Four Square.  Our City Wide family is pretty competitive and so were all of our kids, it was a blast! My kids had so much fun and wished we lived closer to everyone, so we could do this every weekend. :)  What a fun night!



Friday, July 28, 2017

Tampa Bay Visitor

Mitch Brunette: Director of Operations

This week we had the pleasure of hosting Eric Pinkerton from the City Wide of Tampa Bay office, whom came to visit us.  We get a couple visitors a year, but I was really looking forward to Eric’s visit as he and I competed head to head in nationwide contests, metrics and overall customer service scores and metrics over the years.  We’ve spoken on the phone and through conference calls and have seen each other briefly at conventions or chairman’s club trips, but this was the first time we spent any extended time one on one, diving into the business together.

We had a really good 2 days together, comparing job notes, best practices, operational processes that work and don’t work, and refining things to ensure we are doing the right things to best serve our clients and help support our team of managers that work in our offices.  Eric has a great mindset toward having a winning team that serves his clients at a very high level, so we click very easily and see things similarly, while finding small differences that allow us each to get a little bit better.  I was very pleased to hear that he spent some time with my managers, asking them some questions while I was out on an appointment.  His feedback was much appreciated, as he was quite impressed by our team’s unity, understanding of the business, and our overall mission to serve clients at a high level.

I’m appreciative of his visit to our market to see how we handle things and I hope to make a visit to his market to do the same in the future.