Friday, December 7, 2018

Welcome, Clare Ten Pas!

Alex Underwood: Senior Facility Services Manager

Greeting from the Northwest Metro,

We are excited to announce that we have onboarded a new Facility Services Manager to handle the day to day operations in the territory. 

We would like to welcome Clare Ten Pas to the team and we are happy to have her on board!

Clare comes to us with experience in commercial account management, with a previous career selling and managing accounts in the interior commercial plantscape industry.

She is excited to get up and running and make her impact on the territory, to continue to offer great customer service, problem solving, and crew management for our clients.

Welcome aboard Clare!

Friday, November 30, 2018

Feed My Starving Children

Shelly Grohovsky: Bookkeeper

This week, our team volunteered at Feed My Starving Children.  Founded in 1987, Feed My Starving Children is a non-profit organization that works to provide nutritionally complete meals specifically formulated for malnourished children around the world.  FMSC offers its volunteers a one-of-a-kind experience.  As a team, we hand-packed rice, soy, dried vegetables and a nutritionally complete blend of vitamins and minerals into bags, which we sealed and boxed so they could be shipped out to the neediest children around the world.  Five people in our group volunteered to be runners, which involved keeping each station’s ingredients stocked for packing.  The remainder of us were packers, which involved the actual packing of the food.  Of course, with our competitive nature, we decide to break off into two teams and compete to see who could pack the most boxes of food.  It was a tight running!  Team 1 packed 16 boxes and team 2 packed 15 boxes.  As a whole, with the other groups that volunteered that day, we managed to pack nearly 200 boxes of food in our two-hour packing shift, feeding 107 children for an entire year!  It is truly the most amazing and rewarding feeling to know how much of an impact we made in children’s’ lives in just two hours of our time!  If you’re looking for a great way to give back, I would highly recommend volunteering for FMSC, where you can experience first-hand what it’s like to make a substantial difference in others’ lives!


Monday, November 26, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

Maghan Aschoff: Facility Services Manager

I’m originally from Michigan and we haven’t been back there for a couple years, so we decided to travel back for the holiday.

Since both my husband and myself have family in Michigan, we split up our time between several houses. It makes for a busy holiday week with lots of family, food and fun!

Our first Thanksgiving was spent with my in-laws on Monday. It was a quiet evening with lots of food and many, many hours of playing Guitar Hero and Dominos. My kids certainly enjoy being here because they were the only kids in the house, which meant they got some extra special attention from their grandparents.

On Wednesday, we headed over to my mom's house. Both my brothers and their families live in Michigan, so we had all 20 of us for dinner. Thanksgiving day was spent with my mom, both of my brothers, theirs kids and spouses. I also got to meet the newest members of our family, my 11 month  great niece, Ruby (yikes that makes me sound super old!). The day was filled with lots of family. It was loud, chaotic and fun! 

We spent the next two days visiting with my family. My one brother has 6 kids and a house filled with pinball machines, bubble hockey, laser tag, wii, legos, and lots of other games to keep the kiddos busy! 

We had a great visit, however, we were all happy to be home. We spent Sunday decorating the house and getting our tree up. We’re all ready for Christmas!