Friday, June 21, 2019

Welcome, Cory!

Mitch Brunette: Vice President - Director of Operations

Welcome to the team, Cory Williams!  I am very excited to bring Cory on to take over the South West Metro as our newest FSM.

Having had a background at Circuit City myself, it was a little different accepting Cory into our culture, since he most recently came from B2B with Best Buy. But great people like Cory are probably the reason Best Buy is still publicly traded and Circuit City is long in the rearview mirror.

I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve spent working with and getting to know Cory since he came on board in the last 30 days. Together we have visited some accounts, worked on processes and I've heard a bit about him balancing his kids' sports and drop off/pick up fun with his wife.

Looking forward to having you on the team, Cory, and also meeting your family at the BBQ next month.  Welcome!

Friday, June 14, 2019

IREM Golf Event

Tyler Olson: Vice President - Director of Sales

The sales team at City Wide supports and participates in a number of organizations in our industry. One of the biggest organizations we support is IREM.  They put on a great golf event each year at the Minnesota Valley County Club.  This event is a great chance for business partners and cohorts to get out of a professional environment and interact with each other and vendors in a fun low pressure atmosphere.

Every year City Wide sponsors one of the holes and this year was no different.  We sponsored the first hole and were at the tee box to connect with the groups coming through.  This year, one of our Sales Executives, Adam Gustad, and myself were at the event.  

We had some great conversations at the lunch prior to golf, as well as made some great connections during the actual event.  

We look forward to continuing this process in the years to come!

Friday, May 24, 2019

Welcome, Beth Aarness!

Brian Mansfield: Vice President - Director of Administration

I’m thrilled to introduce and welcome to City Wide Maintenance of Minnesota our new Human Resources Manager, Beth Aarness!  As we’ve continued to achieve steady growth, it became apparent that we needed to add a resource to help support our existing team and also help the team grow.  We’re excited to have found Beth to fill that role. 

Beth has extensive HR experience with two larger companies, including overseeing HR functions for a region of the country.  She also has entrepreneurial experience, which I think helps her have a well rounded view of business needs and how she is able to support those in this role.

Beth hit the ground running when she came on board a few weeks ago and has been busy working alongside our team learning all of their roles, while also diving into interviews as we look to hire some new positions.  I look forward to seeing the positive impact that I’m confident she will have. 

Welcome to the team Beth!