Friday, November 9, 2018

Welcome, Allison Belisle!

Brian Mansfield: Controller

It is my pleasure to introduce and welcome to our team, Allison Belisle!  Allison joined our team a few weeks ago in the role of Contractor Coordinator.  In this role, Allison will help us find quality service providers to work with to ensure we continue to meet our client’s expectations.

Allison comes to us with a diverse background of support roles that include working with vendors and compliance management.  In her time with us, she has been eager to learn her role and help the team out in any way she can.  Allison has been a positive influence with us and I look forward to seeing what she accomplishes.

Welcome to the team, Allison!

Friday, November 2, 2018

Leadership Meeting

Tyler Olson: Senior Sales Executive

Every year, the executive leadership team meets every 3-4 months to work through any strategic initiatives or non-urgent items, to ensure that all our teams are working toward the same goals.  Normally we would do these meetings in Minnesota or Kansas.  However, we decided to take the meeting somewhere with a little better view this time and headed out to Eagle, Colorado, and brought our spouses along.

My in-laws happen to have a beautiful house that could fit all of us comfortably and were nice enough to let us invade their space for the trip. 

For those of us on the leadership team, most of the time was spent in meetings and doing planning, however, we were able to get out and enjoy the outdoors enough to make the trip worth it.  All the spouses (accept mine, whom stayed home with sick kiddos) were able to get out and enjoy a day at a spa and some local shopping while we worked.  The group took a couple of hikes on the trails together and some of us got out for a couple of outdoor workouts to get the most out of the time we had.

We also enjoyed plenty of good food eating at a number of good restaurants and my favorite brewery, which happens to be located in Eagle.

Looking forward to another possible offsite meeting next year!

Friday, October 26, 2018

Welcome, Katelyn!

Tyler Olson: Senior Sales Executive

Welcome aboard, Katelyn Wilson, to the Sales Team! We have been searching for our replacement for our current Business Development Specialist, Adam, for a while.  We are very excited to welcome her to the team as Adam moves up.  She is excited to join the team as well!

Katelyn is originally from Edina, MN and still lives there today.   She recently graduated from Mankato State with a degree in Communications.  While attending college, she worked as a hair stylist running her own book of business.  We look forward to her bringing new ideas and strategies to the team. 

Welcome, Katelyn, and thank you for choosing City Wide!