Friday, October 13, 2017

Nashville Visit

Alex Underwood: Facility Services Manager

Hello to everyone, from the Northwest Metro!  Hope everyone is having a great fall and is able to get out to enjoy the changing leave and the cool weather.  Just wanted to give everyone a little update on what's been happening in my territory and what I have been up to.

Recently, I was able to travel down to Nashville with the president of our company to visit their office and complete some sales and operations training.  We had a great time!  The Nashville office was very welcoming.  Greg and I were able to have some good discussion with their team and bring back some items that will help us continue to grow.

Outside of normal business hours they took us to a little Nashville gem in the Green Hills neighborhood, called the CrowsNest.  We all split some appetizers and sampled some of the beer brewed by a local brewery.  Just like Minneapolis, the brewery-scene is growing rapidly down there, so it was interesting to sample some of their product.

I was able to get out in the field with their Facility Service Managers, to see some of their buildings and learn how they manage their business, which was very interesting.  They also took me to another Nashville staple, called Emma B's, for their famous Hot Chicken.  I was only daring enough to order the mild but they have quite the range from no seasoning to their hottest, called "So Cluck'in Hot!' I certainly did not have the guts to try that one! Overall, we really enjoyed our time with the folks from Nashville!

Things are also busy in my personal life, as my fiancĂ© and I continue to get ready for our wedding. We are in the final 12 months of planning, so we are making sure we have everything in line.  It is surprising how far in advance vendors get booked up!  We have all our pillar items booked and now it is just the little odds and ends that come up along the way.

Hope everyone has a great Halloween and holiday season!!


Friday, October 6, 2017

Happy 1-Year Anniversary, Maghan Aschoff!

Mitch Brunette: Director of Operations

A little over a year ago, I met Maghan Aschoff in the interview process for the FSM role. She hung in there as we worked out the details, logistics, and timeline for her start here at City Wide.  I can’t believe it’s already been a year since she joined our office, got to work on behalf of her clients, and began taking on the full responsibility of her territory!

It’s been a lot of fun seeing Maghan transition from her financial industry background into the facilities world. Getting to know Maghan's skill set and strengths has helped each of us become better at how we operate, interact, and function with our clients and cleaners, as well as individually in our office.  I’ve appreciated every step of ownership, process management, and effort Maghan has put into this year to begin mastering her role and continue to grow.  Thanks Maghan, for your help. I am glad you are on board!

Maghan Aschoff: Facility Services Manager

I can't believe it's been a year since I started here at City Wide, it has certainly flown! Leaving a career of over 15 years in the finance world for facilities was scary!  I was starting over and nervous to do so.  I’ve had such a great group of people helping me along the way. Each one of them bring something valuable to our City Wide team, and they're always willing to share their knowledge with me when I need it.  I’ve never worked with a group of people who are so willing to stop what they’re doing and help.  I’ve gotten to know everyone on a personal and professional level, and I’m proud to say it’s pretty great to have a group like this surrounding me!

Thank you to the whole City Wide team for making it a great year. I look forward to the future!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Phoenix Trip: Mitch Brunette

Earlier this summer our former Night Manager, Aaron Bowen, moved his family from MN back to his home state of Arizona.  I happened to be on vacation visiting my sisters last week, and of course found myself catching up with Aaron and the Phoenix City Wide office for an afternoon.  We shared some best practices, I saw where Aaron’s new office is, and caught up with the owner, Mike O'Donnel, whom has visited our office in the past.

They were gracious enough to let me join in their Friday afternoon meeting sessions and provide some feedback on what I saw as a DOO, as we grew from being comparable to their size to where we are now, at the 11 years in business mark.  There is a good group of guys down there, working as the FSM and DOO team. They are doing a lot of things right and servicing some challenging account types.  There were a few things that they were able to remind me of and it drove me to revisit with my team for best practices. 

It was good to get out of town and spend time with those guys, grab dinner, and talk about business but I certainly enjoyed my time with my sisters and nephews too.  They all thanked me for “bringing the cool weather” (It was 95 degrees, we don’t consider that cool weather!)  I visited all over the East & West Valley for good dinners, golf, Vikings game viewing and more.  Glad to be back home, but as always it was nice to get away for a bit!