Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from City Wide!

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~ Your City Wide Team

Monday, December 13, 2010

City Wide Tips: Keeping Your Floors Clean

As the new year comes upon us, it's important to take into account the areas of your building that can receive the most wear and tear - your floors. Whether its rain, snow, or increased amounts of grit brought in on visitors' shoes, your floors will need to be proactively maintained in order to prevent major work down the line.

No matter if you have carpet, tile, marble, or stone the best place to start is with the day to day maintenance. Vacuuming can reduce the wear on your flooring exponentially and having the larger work done once or twice a year can also help your floors last longer.

Check out City Wide's tips on keeping tile and grout, in addition to carpet, maintained throughout the year here!

~Your City Wide Team

Friday, December 10, 2010

Week in Review: December 6th - 10th

Greg - President:
Another great work week has passed here at City Wide. The week started out on a great note-- we officially hired Engelo full time in a position that helps with account management and sales development. A lot of his job description and focus in the next few months will be to really learn the ways of City Wide. We're truely excited to have him in this position here at City Wide!

From there, we got the great news that a bank branch and a new medical building have signed on with us for janitorial services beginning at the first of the year. As always, we're extra excited to show them how City Wide can make their job easier!

On Wednesday, I got a chance to meet up for lunch with our Hillyard representative, Jim. Mitch and Tyler joined us as well. We had a nice time catching up and most importantly reviewing how our change over to performance plus cleaning as gone.

As for this weekend, our friends and colleagues who own City Wide of Boston are coming to visit for four days. Since Mitch, Tyler, and I enjoy ice fishing and the Boston guys are always up for an adventure, we figured we'd make a fishing weekend of their trip as well. We're headed up to Lake of the Woods this afternoon. Us Minnesotans are hoping to show the Boston guys a great time-- with loads of fish caught and true Minnesotan weather.

Speaking of Minnesota weather, keep dry, warm, and safe out there this week! Once again, it looks like we're forecasted to get another dumping of weekend snow. As always, our crews will be out in full force to take care of our contracted lots. Big thanks goes out to our wonderful snow removal crews as well as City Wide's night managers Mark and Eric!


 Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
It is nice to have a normal week where I can just get out and see all of my customers without major interruptions in the middle of the day for meetings, bids, and other various needs. This week I’ve completed a lot of high quality inspections for my customers and found some improvements needed-- but nothing major thankfully.

This month we are all set for Top Scrub and Wax at our group of dialysis unit customers. Much work goes into the process by each site staff to move machines around for us to be able to properly complete the floors. Once this is done, that will wrap up our 2010 work and we will do a Jan-March wet burnish and a strip and wax in spring to get the floors ready again for the beating of winter! Also we have two wet burnishes for another set of group customers that provide day care services for adults with special needs. This is the smaller process, which is much easier, very minimal moving of items for us to get in and complete the work.

I am super excited along with Greg, and Tyler to welcome up the owners of City Wide of Boston and take them to Lake of the Woods for some high quality ice fishing this weekend! It’s going to be freezing cold, but that will be well worth it provided that we catch tons of fish! The other exciting part about it is getting to know the guys from Boston and what they are doing to drive their growing business each and every day. Hopefully it will be a good learning experience to bounce ideas off of each other back and forth and gain knowledge about how to continue and improve upon our individual roles as well as the overall performance of the company.

I’m sad to say that it is the end of the hunting season for me… the next four weekends I will be out of town or busy with the holidays. This weekend we head to Lake of the Woods, next week we are doing family Christmas down at the in-laws farm, the following week is Christmas, and the week after we head to Duluth for New Years Eve. Usually I’m not a big NYE celebrator, but this year our two closest friends are in a wedding the following day in Duluth so we are headed up to hang out with them, hopefully it is a great night.


Tyler - Quality Control Manager:
Hello everyone! What a week it’s already been. With that large snowfall we had last weekend, our crews were out in full force keeping parking lots and sidewalks clear of snow and ice. So far this winter season our snow plowing contracts have gone off without a hitch. This year we have great crews set in place who follow our new procedures in updating us when lots are plowed. This has helped ensure we don’t miss any service. Additionally, we have our night managers involved with making sure evening plows run smoothly and are completed on time.

Our City Wide operations team is getting extremely excited for the Boston crew coming to town. We have an ice fishing trip set up for this weekend at Lake of the Woods! We’re hoping for great fishing conditions and good times had by all. I have been to Lake of the Woods when I was really young but have no memories of that trip. I hope we SLAY the walleyes this weekend! I believe we’re bringing our snowmobiles as well so that should add to the fun we’ll have. Stay tuned next week for an update on how we did.

I’m a fantasy football player and I’m in the playoffs yet again this season. They start next weekend and I’m favored to win. Being involved with fantasy football gets my mind off the terrible season the Vikings are having. Wish me luck this weekend fantasy!

Lastly, a few projects happening this week include: carpet cleaning in Roseville, strip and wax work and carpet cleaning up in Blaine. I’m also planning on making a YouTube video for a carpet extraction I have scheduled this week. It should showcase a good “before and after” shot on how out hot water carpet extraction can really improve the look of any carpet. Stay tuned!


Shalee - Administration Manager
Wowzers!  Thanksgiving has past and Christmas is just around the corner... where does the time go?! 

I know why my time is being spent to quickly during the day... We're rocking the work clock, marketing to prospects and setting up new accounts.  It oft surprises me when Isee that I only have an hour left at work.  I'm so consumed in the daily tasks and the rhythm of the workflow that I lose myself in them.  That's a great way to spend a workday if you ask me.

What a true joy to have a place I like to work with people with whom I like to spend my day!  I still say that we have the best office around town and in the City Wide Maintenance company too.  (Don't tell the other offices though.  They will be mighty jealous of us should they discover this truth.)  :)

Last week, I really enjoyed my first NHL experience last week!  Oh my lands... who knew that hockey was fun!  We had great seats and an even greater time as Greg and Kelly explained the game, even if Stuart turned out to to be a cooler who made us lose the game.  (Just kidding, Stuart!)

My family and I got out into that good snowfall and enjoyed ourselves in a little sledding.  We were the first to go down the new powder, making our tracks completely markable.  Smiles abounded and hot chocolate was definitey on the menu in order to warm our hands from the inside out.

This week been the week for our son to show his skills in a myriad of ways: drama performance, band concert (he plays the trombone), performance for a church video and finally a choir concert.  I'll be glad for this week to be done just so that I can have a night off, even if it's just to do laundry...
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~Your City Wide Team

Monday, December 6, 2010

City Wide Tips: Keeping The Dirt Out Of Your Mats

Keeping your lobby and entryway well maintained just got a lot easier. By implementing a matting system, you can collect nearly 85% of the dirt tracked into your building. Capturing more dirt before it enters your building can reduce the time and money spent on on-going maintenance.

You want to make sure that the money you spend to make your floors look great doesn't go to waste. Interested in learning more? Click here for some facts about the power of a matting system.

City Wide recommends a rental program to ensure that the mats in your building are consistently being cleaned and collecting the most dirt possible. Contact City Wide today for information on the benefits of this program. We'll make sure your mats are switched out on a regular basis to ensure your building stays as clean, safe, and dry as possible!

~Your City Wide Team

Friday, December 3, 2010

Week in Review: November 29th - December 3rd

Greg - President:
And just like that Thanksgiving is over and we’re already into the month of December! All of us at City Wide hope that you had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday. Kelly and I traveled down to Kansas to surprise her family for Thanksgiving and it is a surprise that none of us will quickly forget. The weather was beautiful, the food was delicious, we spent some quality time with the family, and I even had a chance to go hunting with Joe Choplin, Director of Operations at the home office in Kansas City! Overall it was a very nice weekend.

Transitioning into the work week after a long weekend seemed quite easy—just this week we have signed up two nice-sized accounts; one is a bank branch and the other is a medical facility. We’re excited to get in there and show them what City Wide can do!

The threat of snow and ice has been keeping us on our toes this weekend as well. With the forecast of snow tonight, our crews are ready and prepared to service our accounts in the best, most efficient way. We’re hoping that this snowfall event will go over as smoothly and easily as the last dumping of snow that we got a few weeks ago!

Stuart Moyer, our Regional Sales Manager from the home office in Kansas City was here this week visiting us as well. I had a wonderful time driving around from sales calls to building survey appointments with Stuart. It was great to learn from him, gain support, and get to know him. Both of us graduated from the School of Business at the University of Kansas—but two years apart. Crazy to think that we probably had classes together!

Wednesday night we were able to score some tickets to the Minnesota Wild/Phoenix Coyotes hockey game. Stuart and Shalee have never been to an NHL game, so it was a lot of fun to introduce them to the sport of professional hockey. Even though we lost, we all had a great time!!


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
Looking back on the month of November it was a bit of a wild month! Within it I can see we covered a wide variety of services from the standard carpet cleaning, window washing, hard floor waxing, warehouse machine scrubbing, light bulb changing, high volume wall cleaning (lifts, multiple crews to clean heavy ink and grease), turn cleaning, snow removal, and HVAC maintenance. November was definitely a diverse month for completing such various special projects for many of our customers in the south.

This week has been busy as always, working on snow removal invoicing is very time consuming to make sure you bill each customer properly and that you have the same information that the service provider does for each event. The proper upfront time and attention makes it much easier to explain to your customer why/how you billed them. The hard work definitely pays off!

This week I also scheduled up quarterly wax work for a group of our customer. All seven of my locations for this company are due for top scrub and wax recoats this month and are scheduled to be completed in the weekends leading up to the Christmas holiday and New Years Eve evening.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! I personally had a great time in Baton Rouge. We flew in on Tuesday afternoon and it was 81 degrees outside, with low humidity! Wednesday was around 71 degrees most of the day which was basically the perfect day. Then it cooled off to low 50s for Thanksgiving and I met my sister-in-law’s soon to be in-laws and that was a fun event! The man of the house heard about my deer hunting background so I pulled up some pictures online from our trail cameras, and of course pictures of the deer we have taken in our hunting group. That cued a three-hour hunting conversation with him being completely fascinated because they just don’t see deer down south like we do here in Minnesota. It was fun to be considered the “seasoned veteran” of hunting… whereas here, I’m barely an apprentice. Quite entertaining either way and to top it off we were able to (begrudgingly) cheer on the New Orleans Saints as they beat the Cowboys.

This weekend its back to hunting, hunting, and MORE hunting! I’m hoping to start this afternoon/evening, as well as Saturday morning into the afternoon. We’re getting down to the wire here and I really need a second deer in the ice box since my first one primarily went to sticks and steaks… I’ll need some jerky and ground meat in the freezer to get me through the year! I’m hoping for the best out there and as always, for a little R&R the rest of the weekend as well!


Tyler - Quality Control Manager:
Hello everyone! I hope you all had great Thanksgiving holidays! Thanksgiving has been one of my favorite holidays every since I’ve began appreciating good food, football and family gatherings. Every year I participate in a family/friend football game on the morning of Thanksgiving. This year, the “white meat” prevailed over the “dark meat” in the 34th annual Turkey Bowl. Might I add, I was a member of the white meat this year ;-) Oh, and we won 22 – 0. I can’t remember that last time a team was shut-out; but I can say it felt great to put a whoopin’ on the other team!

I am currently wrapping up a very busy week here at City Wide. Snow removal has been at the top of the list. It has been a relatively snowy November compared to last year. Last year we didn’t have a single snow event until December. Speaking of December 2009, it was one of the snowiest months in quite some time. It seemed we had crews working around the clock to keep drives clear, lots salted, and sidewalks shoveled. Big thanks to our snow removal teams for their hard work and dedication to the blustery winters we have here in Minnesota. We’re off to a great start!

Speaking of Minnesota… do we have any sports teams left? Or should I say, any sports team that really stand a chance at making playoffs and making a run at a title? What happened to the VIKES?! And the Twins? Granted, the Twins made it to the playoffs but can never seem to make it past the first round! I suppose I need to stop creating any false hope and wait until we’re in the Super Bowl or the World Series; then jump on the bandwagon! Twins done, Favre too old, Moss gone, Vikes season over, Wild are nothing special, I’M OUT!

Have a great weekend everyone!

~Your City Wide Team

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

See What We Can Do For You: Medical Buildings

From restrooms to exam rooms; City Wide Maintenance offers the services you need to keep your medical facility in top form. We wervice medical buildings across the country and know the important details of maintaining a clean and healthy environment for you and your patients. We will implement a cleaning plan specifically designed for the needs of your medical facility including proper disinfectant use, floor care, and disposal of hazardous waste.

All of our service providers receive extensive bio hazard training to be able to handle most hazardous materials and use only approved chemicals for all medical buildings. City Wide realizes how important it is to have the right people taking care of your building. We will provide you with a day and night manager to ensure that you receive the level of service promised each and every time.

Call City Wide today to find out how our expertise in more than 20 different services can ensure that we will take care of the details so you don't have to!

~Your City Wide Team

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

From all of us at City Wide, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving full of food, family, and fun!

~Your City Wide Team

Friday, November 19, 2010

Week in Review: 15th - 19th

Greg - President:
This has been quite the successful week! Following the Twin Cities' first snow of the season last weekend and hearing nothing but great news from our contacts this week sure has been nice! I'm so happy with our reliable crews and our new administrative procedure to keep all involved informed about impending snow.

On the sales side of things, we've had a really nice first part of November. We're having record sales this month and it's exciting to know that we have some really nice deals in the hopper as well!

I sure am looking forward to the next two weekends. This weekend I'm going deer hunting in northern Wisconsin, and of course I'm looking forward to the Thanksgiving holiday! Before we know it the New Year will be upon us-- enjoy this holiday season it it's fullest!


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
Here at City Wide it has been another crazy week filled with excitement in all kinds of projects. One project that is keeping us busy is a large wall and floor cleaning. They are covered in ink from newspaper production. It’s a 4-part process with scrub brushes saturated in appropriate chemical getting the bulk of the residue removed, followed by a towel wiping which leaves a semi-clean but smeared wall, followed by the clean towel rinse wipe, and finally the hand tool designed to clean grout, which blasts the wall with steam and water and capturing it right back down the vacuum hose leaving a very clean wall. It has been quite the project and we’re excited to service our contact in any way possible!

Snow removal kicked off this weekend without a hitch! I am thankful that we are well prepared and have excellent service providers lined up who got out and got the work done with minimal efforts on my part during the event. I was out in my deer stand and only had text message abilities during the majority of the weekend, but we were able to get everything done and handled properly via the good old text message! On Monday morning I visited all of my accounts (with the exception of two that Greg made it to for me) One client actually is having us handle some extra sidewalks that they originally didn’t have included because they want to get them cleared off as well as the ones we did on our own.

With the rifle season behind us, I have a bit more time to chase some more deer yet this year with my bow. This Saturday morning I am heading to continue that mission and see if I can take down my first deer with my bow…


~Your City Wide Team

Friday, November 12, 2010

Week in Review: November 8th - 12th

Mitch - Quality Control Manager:

Last weekend was the Minnesota Rifle Hunting opener for Whitetail deer, and it was a pretty good opener. I was able to get the wife to come out and sit in our cozy warm stands and she was dead asleep at 8:20 am when an average-sized buck came out of the woods. I woke her up and showed her the deer, she wanted me to take it. I was going to let him go until I realized he was an 8 point buck and this could be the only deer she sees this season, so we got him!

This week has been busy with figuring out the right machine for the job at a kitchen and cafeteria we have been working on. The customer and I have been finding inconsistencies in the current machine and we have been working hard to correct the issues. It turns out it just isn’t the right machine for the job and after some hunting, we found the right one and as soon as it comes in we should be in great shape. The diagnosis greatly goes to that of our night manager Eric Bretl who has been on site nightly doing everything in his power to make sure the floors are presentable and in good shape for the next day despite the challenge of the machine.

I have one last window cleaning project to complete this month for exterior windows in an Apple Valley office building. This weekend we will be doing a full scrubbing of their warehouse floor where they have minor forklifts and a lot of hydraulic pallet jacks running around. The floor scrubbing is in advance for a Thanksgiving holiday party that will be taking place in the warehouse. Lastly later this month we will be doing their 2nd scheduled carpet cleaning. In the fall we do traffic areas only, and in the spring we clean everything. When we do all of their carpet it totals over an acre of carpet throughout their two buildings, the traffic areas is just a shade under that amount. It has always gone well so we will work hard to keep it that way.

This weekend I am heading up north a day early to get some extra hunting in. Liz is staying home and spending time with friends. I have two tags to fill with Rifle permit’s so I’m hoping to get that done early so I can sit out in the woods with my Bow to see if anything comes along. I have been bow hunting here in Stillwater all year but the amount of deer and size of woods just don’t compare to what we have up north. Wish me luck, and go Vikes this weekend-- it would be great to see them take down the Bears at home! When you’re a Minnesota fan… “bear down” has a whole different meaning.


Tyler - Quality Control Manager:

It has been yet another crazy couple weeks kicking off a new medical customer of ours here in the north. I have been fortunate to have such a great team assembled to handle these large cleans. We have all High Performance Cleaning set in place at these accounts including wall dispensers in the closets to ensure proper chemical dilution. It has been quite the experience thus far as we are responsible for cleaning an operating room at one of the clinics. We are required to be gowned up before entering these areas and follow a stringent list during our work performed in these areas. We are also very fortunate to have a great contact person at these accounts who really understands that cleaning industry and what it takes to be successful at these buildings. Without his help, the transition into these new accounts would have been very difficult. A special thanks to our team for all the hard work in these accounts so far.

It’s that season again where bow hunting consumes most of my time. I find myself up north at my folk’s cabin doing a lot of hunting. I was out hunting last weekend and saw a couple does and a buck right when the sun was setting. The buck was a little far out for my range and stepped behind a large grouping of trees. 20 minutes went by before it was completely dark so I didn’t get a good look at him. It was still great to see some movement while sitting in my stand! I’m ready to hunt again this upcoming weekend but in a different spot.

Looks like the Vikings pulled off a pretty lucky win against Arizona last week. I truly don’t know what to think after that performance. The first 3 quarters we looked pretty bad; though I can say we caught a couple unfortunate breaks including the fumble by Percy Harvin on that kick return which the Cardinals returned for a TD. We’ll see what the Bears bring to the table this weekend at Soldier Field in Chicago. I’m hoping to experience another Vikings game at the metrodome sometime this season. I was at the Detroit Lions game earlier this year which we won! Perhaps I need to appear at EVERY home game to shed a little luck for our Vikes! :-)


Shalee - Administration Manager:
What a week! I can't believe that Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away. The old addage is true: Time does fly when you're having fun. :)

Can I tell you again how much I really enjoy working here? I have the best coworkers!
  • Kelly is such a blessing with her positive attitude, can-do spirit and determination to make City Wide the best building services company in the world.
  • Diane is thoughtful and helpful, not only in the office, but with recipes and parental advice.
  • Engelo is forward-thinking and cooperative with our CRM process, offering innoventive processes to help us all.
  • Dick is quick to respond and to assist with Accounting needs.
  • Mitch and Tyler are both active and detailed in their requests, making the tasks so much easier to accomplish.
  • Greg is generous with thanks when our team merits the praise and kind with his critiquing when we need improvement.
I love the full team effort to make City Wide a company of integrity, honesty and respect. That makes me really want to get up and come to work in the morning!

On that note, yesterday was spent in a conference room, hashing out what our core values, strategic objectives, individual tasks and our noble cause in what we do. Kelly and I, being on the Admin team, really delved into what we want to accomplish in our roles in City Wide. After much discussion, we determined the following for us:

We will treat each person with such respect that they, in turn, will treat others that they meet in the same way. In other words, we want to start a Pay-It-Forward avalanche of respect.
It's a lofty, intangible, non-trackable aim, but Kelly and I really feel that this is a perfect noble cause for us to pursue. We know that we will not achieve it every day, but our hope is that over time, we will live and behave in such a way that we fulfill it more often than not - inside the office and out.

On a personal front, Paul and I have an instant date night since both kids have been invited to sleep over at friends' houses. Woo hoo! We're going to see if we can head to the St. Paul Orchestra tonight if there are tickets still available. We love taking in the arts when we can.

Tomorrow, we'll spend time finding a coat for our son. The little stinker lost his winter coat within the last 2 weeks. We have been praying that we could find it, but I think I need to bite the bullet and buy a new one for him. Too bad. It was a fantastic coat that served him well for a few months. I just dislike spending good money on something that we already had covered. Sigh. Oh the joy of parenting. :)


~Your City Wide Team

Monday, November 8, 2010

Janitor's Closet Inspection

With City Wide, you have one great manager that is 100% accountable for all of the work being performed in your building. That is one point of contact for everything, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Ultimately the job of our Quality Control Manager is to make sure that you are completely satisfied-- and that means regular inspections of even the littlest things like the janitor's closet!

Our Quality Control Managers check for several things when inspecting a janitor's closet. We look to see that the correct chemicals are present and accounted for and that the correct equipment is being used. Additionally, we make sure that the closet is neatly organized and stocked with the neccessary paper products for your building. Our crew's nightly Hot Spot checklist should be in the janitor's closet as well.

Check out our latest video showing how Tyler, our Quality Control Manager inspects a janitor's closet at one of our client's building-- did this janitor's closet make the cut? You bet!

Janitor's Closet Inspection from City Wide Maintenance of MN on Vimeo.

~Your City Wide Team

Friday, November 5, 2010

Week in Review: November 1st - 5th

Greg - President:

It's been another busy week here for City Wide of Minnesota. Much like these past few weeks, Diane and Engello have been working hard to keep me out of the office :-) My schedule this week was full of sales appointments and building surveys.

I also attended a few new-start walk throughs for new snow removal contracts. It is nice to get these established and settled before the snow actually moves on in! I'm excited to see how our crews will do.

In addition to snow removal new-starts, we've heard nothing but great news from our newest contract, two large medical facilities up north. Big thanks goes out to Mark (Night Manager), Tyler (Quality Control Manager), and our Service Providers for putting forth exceptional effort and attention to detail at this new account!

We had our end of the year party for IREM on Thursday which was a lot of fun. The theme of the party was Casino Night and I tried my hand at poker dealing all night long :-) Being on the social committee has served to be very beneficial and fun this year.

We don't have much planned for this weekend. Mitch and I sited in our rifles earlier this week, so when the chance arises I'll be ready for some hunting. Whatever we end up doing this weekend, I'm definitely looking forward to this beautiful fall weather-- can't get any better than 50 degrees in November!


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:

This week we have wrapped up the final snow removal contract new-start so we are set for the year with snow accounts. Snow removal for this year should be a good amount of expansion in the business for everyone involved.

This last weekend we wrapped up carpet cleaning and floor waxing at one of our bigger medical clinics down in Hastings. Great efforts went into getting it done on time, while working around each other on Saturday evening. That about completes the work for that group of customers for the rest of the year for carpet cleaning and floor waxing.

Coming up I have to get one of three projects scheduled for 7-9 of our dialysis centers: including wet burnishing, carpet cleaning, or top scrub and wax work, It’s always a big coordinated effort between the janitor staff, the wax crew, and the great efforts of the customer to get their machines disconnected and moved for us.

Not often am I “working’ for the weekend”, but this weekend is rifle opener in the great state of Minnesota. I have been absolutely loving sitting out in the nicer weather we have had up to this point with my bow in Stillwater, but I’m ready for the land up north with lots of deer caught on camera. Liz is going to sit with me this weekend to discover if she would be up for hunting next year-- so we will see how it goes! Greg and I sited in our rifles earlier this week, so they’re dialed in and ready to go. A couple more weeks of hunting here and then I’m off to Baton Rouge for Thanksgiving-- should be a very fast November!

Kelly - Business Development:
And just like that, it is already Friday!! I'm not complaining, but when looking back at this week I have to admit that it went by really quickly!
As always, I've been spending my time getting Greg's bids and proposals measured and put together. Diane and Engello are still doing a fantastic job at setting appointments for janitorial services and building maintenance needs. They keep Greg busy, which in turn keeps me busy as well! :-)
Earlier this week I had to stop by the Mall of America for a little bit of shopping. I passed by an account where we have been doing the construction clean-up, hard floor work, and janitorial services-- but all behind closed doors. The grande opening is this weekend and we're excited to see how City Wide has done with preparing the store for it's big day!
This past weekend we had a fun time celebrating Halloween. I like to decorate cookies and cupcakes on the side, and I had a fun time decorating a bunch of sugar cookies for an old coworker-- her daughter turned one.
Now that Halloween is out of the way, I can't help but start daydreaming about the holidays ahead of us. My parents and sister are coming to visit over Christmas, and it will be awesome to spend some quality time with them over the holidays-- only 50-some more days left!

~Your City Wide Team

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

See What We Can Do For You: Manufacturing & Industrial

You need a maintenance company that works as hard as you do. At City Wide, we maintain manufacturing and industrial facilities all around the country, such as Owens Corning and FedEx, and have the unique knowledge to maintain your facility to the highest of standards. Developing and implementing effective labor workloading is important to keeping your facility clean and safe for your employees and customers.

Our experience working around large, expensive equipment will ensure your peace of mind while our service providers maintain your building each night. We use a proprietary certification process to ensure only the most qualified, pre-screened workers are in your facility, and go one step further by providing you with day and night managers to ensure you receive the level of service promise each and every time.

Call City Wide today to find out about our expertise in more than 20 different services. We take care of the details so you don't have to!

~Your City Wide Team

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wishing you a Happy Halloween!

Here is just a few of us from City Wide Maintenance, wishing you a goulishly Happy Halloween! :-)

Starring Greg, Tyler, Mitch, Shalee and Kelly...

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

~Your City Wide Team

Friday, October 29, 2010

Week in Review: October 15th - 29th

Greg -  President:
It's been another extremely busy week here for City Wide. Diane and Engello have been keeping me busy by making countless appointments-- they're doing fantastic and I appreciate all of their hard work. This week alone, Diane and Engello have set seven qualified appointments. Way to go, team!

Getting a dusting of snow in the south metro on Thursday sure switched our focus to the season of winter. It is coming upon us quickly! I have been on so many building survey appointments for snow removal needs this fall and we've closed several of the contracts. As much as I may not be ready for winter, I can't wait to see what we can do for our clients. We sure enjoy saving them time, money, and energy.

On Thursday we also had a First Annual Phone Jam competition with City Wide in Boston. For two hours Diane, Engello, and myself competed against Boston's Business Development team to make calls and set appointments. Throughout the two hours we were winning but Boston's team took up speed towards the end. We ended up tieing with 3 appointments each. Great effort from both teams! :-)

This weekend I'm looking forward to the normal Halloween festivities and the Vikings/Patriots game. I'm looking forward to getting some rest before starting a jam-packed week next week! In addition to almost-constant meetings/appointments throughout the week, we start a large medical facility up north Monday night. We're excited to get in there and show them what City Wide can do!


Tyler - Quality Control Manager:

Wow, it has been a crazy couple of weeks here at City Wide! We have started cleaning two very large medical facilities here in the north which has been a large operational task. However, it is going great! We have very talented crews handling these accounts and everything has gone very smooth thus far. I am also thankful for having a great point of contact for these facilities. We’re looking forward to a long lasting relationship with these two medical centers.
Strip and Wax work: Phew, A major strip and wax project is nearly over. I have been writing about a larger medical customer of ours that involves approximately 10 facilities in the north metro where each facility received a strip and wax here in the fall. This has gone very smooth and I want to thank our crews for the hard work and dedication to this specific customer. During our strip and wax process, we have been focusing on keeping the baseboards clean, floors completely stripped down, floor washed and dried, 2 layers of seal applied with approximately 4 to 6 layers of wax being laid with a flat microfiber mop system. This flat mop allows the wax to be applied smooth without a “rippling” effect. Each facility looks great and should shine well into the winter.

Update on High Performance Cleaning: Abby from our KC office was up this week speaking with us about High Performance Cleaning and the benefits it can provide to our customer and our team members. I can say that every crew I have in the north has transitioned over to this process; chemicals, equipment, etc. I am in the phase of teaching/educating my crews as to proper usage of these chemicals and processes to make best use of their time and ultimately keep their buildings cleaner. So far so good!!

Last week I helped my folks take out the docks and boats out of the water at their cabin. Every year my waiters seem to leak-- That stood true for this year as well. Not very pleasant but who else is going to get into leaky waiters and jump into an ice cold lake? Not my dad! Fortunately the weather was beautiful last weekend and everyone went smooth. I’m ready for the big Vikes game vs New England this weekend. Big question is: Who will start at QB!? Favre or Travaris? I’m currently accepting your vote.

Until next week…


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:

Goodbye Fall and hello (begrudgingly) to Winter! Whoa it has been windy and cold the last few days! We lost the power on Tuesday evening for about 19 seconds, just long enough for me to miss the end of the newscast I was watching while the satellite box reset, reloaded and so on.

This week has been quite busy as most are, working on a number of projects. We continue to provide daily janitorial services at a new store in Mall of America, as well as some buffing of the main store floor and scrub/wax and burnishing of their sheet vinyl break and storage area. Last weekend we did all the store front windows inside and out with our window cleaning service provider, and one of those workers was lucky enough to squeeze into a glass rectangle display case standing 12 ft tall, 2 ft deep, and 10 ft long to clean the glass inside and then from the outside! :-) Grand opening comes soon and we’re excited to work with the new store management on regular services as well as day porter work. When I was out at the store on Monday I was quite surprised when not one, not two, but THREE people I hired back in my old retail days happened to be employees at the new store! They were helping load in and stock merchandise and it was nice to see some of the guys I used to work with doing well on their different paths.
Like I mentioned last week, I’ve been spending a good amount of time along with Greg, Kelly, and Shalee on bidding a freight warehouse location where one of our current customers may merge and move into. A lot of energy is being spent on retro-fitting their dock area similarly to another light retrofit project seen here. In addition, we’re also exchanging out the old T12 lighting from their office areas. After doing some studying I learned T12 is officially illegal in 2012, and they can no longer manufacture the bulbs! This means that now is the time to make the change and cash in on rebates! We also bid for snow removal, parking lot striping, parking lot sweeping, dock sweeping and machine scrubbing, and are wrapping up some carpet installation as well as painting to submit the final proposals today!

The week doesn’t end there, the administration team is working on great new email system for our snow removal accounts that will keep our customers in the loop! The email system will also keep our snow removal service providers held accountable and on track to get our properties taken care of and well managed.
Happy Halloween! Liz and I are hanging out with some friends that we don’t see enough these days since we live in the south metro and they live up in the north metro. Saturday night it is a Halloween extravaganza at the Brunette household. We have invited most of the people we know to come on down and have a good SAFE night in, hopefully the weather will be descent so we can have a fire on the patio so we're not all confined to the indoors!


~Your City Wide Team

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hard Floor Care: Stripping & Wax

Check out our latest video shot by Mitch, Quality Control Manager. In the video, Mitch shows how City Wide Maintenance goes the extra step to ensure a thorough and high quality strip and wax project for your hard floors.

Hard Floor Care Demonstration: Stripping & Wax from City Wide Maintenance of MN on Vimeo.

~Your City Wide Team

Friday, October 15, 2010

Week in Review: October 11th - 15th

Shalee - Administration Manager:

What an incredible couple of week's we've had! So many things have been going absolutely right, it's almost down right scary...
  • We hired a fabulous new BDS - Engelo. I knew from the moment I first talked with him that he would be a winner for us. I'm just thrilled that he's totally meeting our expectations. He's a pleasure to have in the office and I'm often awed at his tenacity and pleasant persistence!
  • Diane and Engelo have been setting record appointments! Greg is so busy and out of the office; I feel as if I should introduce myself to him when he does finally make it in! :-)
  • We've had some absolutely astounding sales of late. It is so exciting to see our hard work come to fruition. From the first touch to the signing of the contract to the excellent service afterwards, it's wonderful to see how the team moves cohesively and fluidly to prove our difference from our competition.
On the personal side, our family has had many firsts of late.

Our first family trip to the North Shore and upward was incredibly gorgeous and a perfect daytrip. We loved High Falls at Tettegouche State Park!

Taegan went to her first Homecoming Dance.  Not only was it exciting because she was going with friends, but she finally got to wear one of my dresses that she has been longing to wear for the past two years.  She totally looked better in it than I ever did!
Tonight we're taking Jadon to his school for a sock hop.  He's super excited to look like a kid from the 50's and I'm uber excited to try to remember some dance moves!


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:

Snow, snow, snow?! What, snow?? YES, snow is the topic of the week as we’ve been out viewing 3-4 properties for upcoming snow removal this winter. We went and did operations walk through meetings verifying where to put snow, how much to salt/sand, when to salt and sand etc. We also learned of their hurts from the previous years to prevent it from happening again. These should be some great opportunities this winter to make ourselves stand out and hopefully get involved in more projects at these buildings for spring!
This week, along with Kelly’s help, we have been putting together a few different proposals to help one of our current customers budget for start-up needs should they choose to move their operation to a different location. We bid exterior sweeping of their entire parking lot and interior tenant sweeping to take care of the inside dock area that has sat vacant for some time now. We bid their strip and wax work for all VCT areas to get them clean, protected, and of course shiny. Lastly the biggest part of the project that we bid was a lighting retro fit project. They have 89 fixtures using upwards of 400 watts-- I have proposed the same amount of fixtures using only 150-180 watts per fixture presenting a significant energy savings as well as some rebates from the power plant and possible tax credits.

Pre-winter (there’s that “W” word again!) strip and wax work is well under way with our current customers Last weekend we completed our second wax project ahead of time so yesterday evening we did a small strip and wax for an industrial building. This weekend we start 8,000 square feet of exam rooms, procedure rooms (etc) at one of our medical clinic clients. We were scheduled to start the medical clinic next weekend but since we are ahead of schedule they were happy to have us get the head start and get wrapped up before the end of October with the wax work and a big carpet cleaning project as well.

Other pre-winter projects being completed this fall is window washing. Last week we successfully completed 3 medical clinics in different parts of town and this weekend we complete the 4th.

I have an action-packed weekend ahead! Friday night Liz and I are heading out with one of Liz’s oldest friends and her husband for a haunted house, pumpkin picking/carving, and possibly a good movie to wash it all down. Saturday morning I WON’T make it out bow hunting :-(, but I have a men’s breakfast and golf event with my church. Saturday night I will either make it out to the deer stand or go spend the entire night with my brother for his birthday-- I haven’t decided which yet. And Sunday, even with the loss, I am still ready for the Vikes to redeem themselves. No doubt the Cowboys will be here with a vengeance after last year’s playoff game that we smashed them ( I was there and it was awesome!). It should be a busy but fun weekend, I look forward to it that’s for sure.

~Your City Wide Team

Monday, October 11, 2010

Don't get stuck in the snow!

This week here in the Twin Cities, the weather has been absolutely beautiful-- a picture perfect scene of fall weather. Sun, bright fall foliage, and temperatures in the 70's and 80's.

However, last year on this date there was a much different scene in Minnesota. If you recall, we received our first snowfall on October 9th, 2009...
And another showing of snow on October 11th as well...

Granted we just got a dusting of snow on these days last year, but you can never be too sure with when winter will come-a-calling! Don't be caught off guard or blindsided by early snowfalls because you've put off attending to your snow removal contract.

City Wide makes it easy-- we can bundle your commercial cleaning with any other building maintenance projects, including snow removal!
Don't say "NO" to snow this year just because you're not prepared. We're here to help-- Contact City Wide Maintenance for any snow removal needs!

~Your City Wide Team

Friday, October 8, 2010

Fighting Flu this Fall

It's that time of year again! When the sound of a sniffle makes our nails curl in fear of the wave of flu symptoms that are sure to spread like wildfire throughout the office. While cold and flu prevention may seem futile, there are some simple steps to ensure success.

1. Get a flu vaccine:
CDC recommends a yearly flu vaccine as the first and most imporatnt step in protecting against flu viruses. The 2010-2011 flu vaccine will protect against an influenza, a H3N2 virus, an influenza B virus, and the 2009 H1N1 virus that cause so much illness last season.

2. Prevent spread of germs:
Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Throw the tissue in the trash after you use it. Wash your hands often with soap and water. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand rub.

3. Take antiviral drugs if prescribed:
Antiviral drugs are different from antibiotics. They are prescription medicines (pills, liquid, or an inhaled powder) and are not available over-the-counter. Antiviral drugs can make illness milder and shorten the time that you are sick. They may also prevent serious flu complications.

Making sure your surroundings are clean and healthy is also essential to staying flu free this fall and winter. Proper disinfectants are a great place to start. Make sure your current cleaning or janitorial service is using long lasting disinfectants. If they aren't performing up to flu fighting standards, City Wide would be happy to help.

Call today to find out more about how your building can help you fight back or for a free building survey!

~Your City Wide Team

Week in Review: October 4th - 8th

Greg - President:
This has been one excellent week for City Wide of Minnesota!! I have been out of the office, enjoying the nice fall weather while attending multiple building survey and sales meetings. We have closed a handful of snow removal contracts this week which we are very excited about (the business, not neccesarily the snow ;-))

I've really enjoyed using our new High Performance Plus cleaning approach as an excellent selling point. There is no way to get around it; it's the best way to clean a building efficiently and thoroughly. It just makes sense. Mitch shot a new video showing some of how High Performance Plus cleaning can be an asset to your building, check it out here!

We also had our new Business Development team member join our team this week! We're all very excited to see what Engelo can do-- no doubt he will be a great asset to our team. Stay tuned for a "about me" bio written up later next week.

On a personal note, I had a great time last weekend. We went down to Kansas City for the NASCAR event at the Kansas Speedway. One of our first clients and his family joined us as well. His son (seen left) cracked us up all day with his mullet and NASCAR hat ;-) The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the race was fun with our 1st row seats.

It has been quite the week for Minnesota sports as well. It's like the city is shaking with energy. First the news of Randy Moss joing the Vikings team. As soon as I heard, I called my brother to tell him to pull out his old Moss jersey from the 90's. We attended Game 2 of the Twins/Yankees game last night as well. Unfortunately we lost, but it wasn't because the City Wide team wasn't cheering hard enough. Orlando Hudson's homerun ball shot right next to us which was extremely exciting.
(Mitch, Tyler, and myself excited about the homerun ball hit straight to us)

This upcoming weekend will be spent up at Lake of the Woods, hoping to catch the Walleye bite one last time this season. Let's hope we get lucky!


Kelly - Business Development:
This has been a really great week. Greg and I were down to Kansas City last weekend (and Monday of this week) for the NASCAR race. One of our first clients and his family came down with us and we had a fun time! We had a ginormous breakfast and afternoon tailgate which was very tasty!

So this week I've been busy with getting back into the swing of things. Diane has been setting appointments for Greg left and right, which leaves me busy with bidding and proposal projects. It's great to be busy at the office! :-)

On Thursday, we were able to steal away from the office for the afternoon and attend the Twins game. It was just gorgeous outside. In honor of Carl Pavano pitching, I made mustaches on a stick; they were a hit :-)

(Tyler, Mitch, myself, and Greg at the game)

This weekend, I am staying behind while Greg attemps to slay the Walleye up north. After being pretty busy these past few weekends, I'm looking forward to relaxing, cleaning, and catching up on some fall TV :-) 


Tyler - Quality Control Manager:
This week has been insane! I’m ¾ of the way through getting a major medical client’s floors completely stripped down and re-waxed. Big thanks goes out to our teammates for helping get every one of these units handled and looking great! One addition to this project: we are now using micro-fiber flat mop heads to lay sealer and wax. These new micro-fiber flat mop heads lay a nice even coat which helps to avoid any build-up and uneven areas. We are also using a foam stripper product to help control wax build-up on the baseboards. This has worked great and we are all pleased with the results. I’ve noticed that this fall, a lot of our customers have turned to getting their floors stripped and re-waxed-- no doubt getting prepared for the harsh Minnesota winter to come!

I’m also approximately 90% turned over to our High Performance Plus cleaning approach with my crew in the North. Thanks to our teammates for putting this into place and handling the upfront costs associated with the turnover. We are finding cleaner buildings with less time spent mopping floors and vacuuming. Not only does this save time and money, it traps at least 30% more dust and debris from a facility and removes the debris indefinitely. Back pack vacuums trap 99.7% of dust and debris whereas our old upright vacuum system trapped only 70% of dust and debris. This helps cut down the dust throughout each building. We love what High Performance Plus is achieving in our client’s buildings!

This past week we also started a very large medical clinic in Fridley which has been quite the project to get up and running. I feel that I’ve found the perfect team to have taken over the cleaning of this facility. With High Performance Plus cleaning fully in place, I’m confident that we’ll keep everyone at the facility very pleased.

In Twins news: I sure have been cheering hard for their games this week. Greg was nice enough to take us to Game 2 of the Playoffs against the Yankees last night. We had a great time, but unfortunately we didn't pull out a win. Kelly made us Carl Pavano mustaches on a stick to wear throughout the game.
(Mitch and I before the Twins game)

Also, Randy Moss just signed with the Vikings. I have Bret Favre on my fantasty team so hopefully Moss’ arrival ups his stock!! GO TWINS AND VIKES!!


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
Another busy week here at City Wide. As I was writing this post, Kelly and I both agreed that this week went by so quickly!

Here in the office we have been working on a number of projects this week. We started a strip and wax of roughly 5,000 sq ft last weekend for one of our customers. They have a lot of things that need to be moved around so you have to do the project half and half each time its completed. Having their floors stripped and waxed on a quarterly basis keeps their buildings looking great with nice shiny floors—and it makes it easier for us to keep them clean as well! :-)

Earlier this week I made two special trips out to Lakeville for one of our customers—I figured out what is needed to replace an exhaust fan in one of their men’s rest rooms and I visited them regarding a potential carpet installation job as well. I went “two for two” on that trip and we got awarded both projects. We complete the electrical work today, and begin the carpet installation later this evening, finishing up into the wee hours of the night.

This weekend we are scheduled to complete the wax work at the above mentioned center and to start the floor work at their Eagan location. On Sunday we will be doing window washing for one of our group customers as part of a biannual contract that we have with them to keep their new clinic looking excellent! There are some windows being done at their sister location today, and two other locations on the other end of town on Monday morning.

Outside of the office, what a week for Minnesota sports! The Twins kicked off their first playoff game at home in the beautiful Target Field! We were able to attend Game 2 yesterday which was a lot of fun. Orlando Hudson's homerun ball was hit right to us. I found this picture online and Kelly circled us. Tyler and I are circled in yellow. Cool!
And as far as the Vikings go, it never hurts to have the tall man down field as a huge threat to any defense the Vikings come up against-- Welcome home, Randy Moss!!!

Heading into this weekend I will be welcoming my wife back into town on Friday late afternoon; she has been in Canada since early Tuesday morning on another top secret mission to create food for her job. I think we may hit up the movie “The Social Network” this weekend. How do you NOT go out to see a movie about a website that has changed the way people stay connected forever?? Saturday morning routine will be the usual-- out of the house at 4am, in the deer stand by 6am. I hope, hope, and hope to see another monster buck… and return home around 10am to find Liz watching something on TLC or HGTV! ;-) No major plans for the remainder of the weekend, perhaps a relaxing one is in store!


Mark Josephson - Night Manager:
What a great week we have had up in the North! This week we started cleaning a brand new medical facility in Fridley. This building will be a great example of how our new High Performance Plus cleaning approach can keep a building efficiently and thoroughly clean. Our crew, as usual, is doing such a great job in this building and I really could not ask for better team to work with.

On a personal note, the Chicago Bears are off to a great start this year and I look forward to seeing them play later this month! I will be making my first trip to Soldier Field since it was renovated. Should be a fun weekend! I would also like to say congrats to the Minnesota Twins on a great season-- I hope we crush the Yankees this series!


~Your City Wide Team

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Root, root, root for the HOME team!!

Quality Control Managers, Tyler and Mitch made an appearance on television tonight at Game 2 of the Twins vs. Yankees Playoff game. Orlando Hudson hit a homerun to left field and the ball flew just outside Mitch and Tyler's reach. Check out the picture below to see how close they were to the action!

Mitch and Tyler are circled in yellow.
The fan in the light blue Twins shirt caught the ball and gave it to his son (with the blue arrow)

~Your City Wide Team

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

High Performance Plus New Start Cleaning

Check out our latest video highlighting our new High Performance Plus cleaning approach at one of our new customer's new starts!

For the first week of a new start, our Quality Control Managers and Night Managers are there on site to make sure that the account starts off on the right foot. In addition to exceptional and detailed cleaning, Mitch shows in the video how using our High Performance Plus cleaning approach ensures that the building is cleaning thoroughly and efficiently.

High Performance Plus Cleaning Video from Greg Mansfield on Vimeo.

~Your City Wide Team

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Week in Review: September 27th - October 1st

Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
Time for some floors to shine!
And another busy October is lined up in the South! Every weekend is booked for strip and wax work. We will be completing two adult daycare centers as part of their annual contract, one of our group Medical Clinics we are doing 60 exam rooms and another 10-15 procedure rooms complete strip and wax. We are also working on a child care center for wax later this month, we don’t provide any ongoing services for them at this point so it should be a great opportunity to move toward that goal of completing regular services.

Along the lines of carpet cleaning this month we have setup 3 locations for the two or three times per year agreements for carpet cleaning to keep their facilities looking great and extend the life of their carpets. Those get doen over vaious weeknights and weekends.

The last couple weekends I’ve been getting out bow hunting in Stillwater at some new land that a friend of mine introduced me to. Private hunting land is the only place I will hunt for safety reasons and the ongoing issue of someone coming into the woods late and stomping past your stand making noise after you’ve been there quiet all day! This weekend a good friend of mine is driving down here from a tiny town just outside Thief River Falls called Plummer. He is the owner of the land that I do my rifle hunting on in November. He will be staying with Liz and I for the weekend so he can go to a bachelor party for a friend getting married this weekend. Friday night should be fantastice were getting a group of 10 or so of our old co workers together at my house for a fire on the patio and reflecting on old times!

Vikings have the weekend off, Liz has decided they got a Bye week so early so that Brett and the receivers can be chained together for 10 days to really figure each other out, get in sync and head to the playoffs, NFC championship and ultimately the super bowl. I disagree… I still have hope but I’m prepared for a letdown here this year unfortunately. :( On the other side of the coin, I am and always have been a Twins fan first! Since clinching their playoff spot they have lost 5 of 6 games and are 1 game out from the best record in the American league…. Hopefully in these next few games the rays will drop a couple and the Yankees will CRASH and we can go into the playoffs on top. Go Twins, Go Viings, unbelievable that it is October already!?!


Shalee - Administration Manager:
Sakes alive!  It's been a busy one around here!  We interviewed a real gem for our Business Developer Specialist position.  It was really nice to have a great interview from the start of emailing each other, all the way to when he walked into the office for the face to face interview.  I would love to have that task off my plate soon!  :)

Diane and Greg have been working hard at getting appointments with prospects who really need our assistance.  It's been so busy for Greg, that I think I've only seen him 3 times this week!  It's been really good for us to see that hard work pay off with the signing of some new clients.  We'll continue to produce that hard work for them so that they can truly understand the value of having us on their team!

This week has been fabulously amazing!  We've been outside as much as possible.  This weekend we're going to drive up the North Shore so that we can hike and admire all of God's handiwork in the color department!  Oh, the trees are spectacular I hear!  I think we might need to stop by Betty's Pies on the way back too...  :-)

~Your City Wide Team

Friday, September 24, 2010

Week in Review: September 20th - 24th

Shalee - Administration Manager:
What a great week this has been for us!  All our diligence and efforts has rewarded us with a couple of large property managed accounts lately.  It's wonderful to see how a well-ran business plan can be a benefit for others.  Hopefully, as these clients see how we keep our promises, we will be allowed to assist in other ways too!

I have to admit that this week, I have been feeling quite thankful and blessed by God to work in this office.  There are wonderful people here who want to do well personally and in business as well.  Being surrounded by positive, hard-working, happy individuals makes me grateful that we have a plan to succeed as a team and as a business of stature and worth.  These things are not always a given in the workplace today.

At home, our daughter just had her bottom braces installed.  Never would you have imagined a female so happy to add apparatus to her face!  She's so pumped about having straight teeth by the time she has her senior pictures.  :)

Tonight will be her first football game and tailgating party.  She's so excited to be with her friends socially.  Sometimes, not being able to drive is such a burden...

Last weekend, Paul, Jadon and I did go to the Ft Snelling Army show.  What a gorgeous day for it too!  It was really exciting to see some of the tanks used in WWII, Vietnam, the Gulf War and the present day defense in Afghanistan.  After that, we were able to tour some of the planes at the Air Force Military Museum.  Jadon and Paul really got a kick out of that!
Jadon piloting a C97G

Jadon in a bunk on the C97G

Paul, aka Red Barron

This weekend is not too busy for us for the first time in a long time.  I'm looking forward to relaxing, eating some good fall food (homemade chili and cornbread to start the weekend off right!) and football until my kids are sick of it.  :)


Mitch - Quality Control Manager
What a great week its been! Last weekend I made it out bow hunting for the opener and had a buck chased off by a Coyote unfortuanately, good thing it’s a long archery season. Made it out to both losing football games (Gophers and Vikings) but still had a good time overall at each of them.

This week has been fantastic, most of my customers are just as excited as myself about the way the Twins have been playing and clinching the division! Out during my normal visits this week we setup a small strip and wax for a break room that is getting done Thursday evening. Also we scheduled for a group of our customers to get their centers done in the next month and a half. Its going to be a busy couple of months here getting all the fall wax and carpet work done.

One of our newest customers from earlier this month has been a fantastic start, we’ve not only showed them our skills in the cleaning portion of things but we had already done some carpet cleaning, viper tool grout cleaning, and recently put up some new paper towel dispensers for them in their restroom to update the old manual crank ones. They definitely have found value in our multiple services with myself as their single point of contact. We look forward to an on going quality relationship with them and their facility needs!

Otherwise not a whole lot going on, just spending a lot of time in the evenings at the gym training to run harder farther and faster, getting office work done while watching Sports Center to stay caught up. Hopefully will get to go out for 2 or 3 hunting shifts this weekend and see if anything respectable comes by!

~Your City Wide Team

Friday, September 17, 2010

Week in Review: September 13th - 17th

Shalee - Administration Manager:
Though this week has been absolutely busy, it's been very productive!  We've been cranking out the bids, assisting our clients for each special need requested and doing things to help us with the goal of becoming the best sales organization in the world! 

Think we can't do it? 

Just watch us.  All the work will be so worth it as City Wide sail up the charts locally and in the business world altogether.

On the family front, Taegan, our teen, is going to a youth retreat in Iowa.  To make the weekend special for our son Jadon, we're going to go to the Fort Snelling Military Museum Open House.  We'll try to see the Air Force Museum on the same day too.  I think our boy will get a kick out of the tanks utterly detroying junk cars as they roll over them!  :)

Other than that, I plan on relaxing, watching lots of football and moving my shorts out of the way to make way for the sweaters and sweatshirts that are going to be needed soon.  Goodbye summer.  It sure was nice while it lasted...


Tyler - Quality Control Manager:
Wow, what a crazy past couple of weeks! After my return from Las Vegas a couple weeks ago, we’ve really hit the ground running with Performance Plus Cleaning. As described here, Performance Plus Cleaning is really a new standard in the industry providing a healthier environment and cleaner facilities. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel for turning over 100% of my buildings!

Thanks to all the hard work put forth from the Kansas City office for putting this all together and our Service Providers for understanding the value of the change-over. We realize the upfront investment it takes to become Performance Plus Certified along with the know-how to clean not only with the correct chemicals but the proper techniques. Also, a special thanks to our customers for listening and understanding the value of this program.

A few questions have surfaced regarding the change over for example: “Where did the upright vacuum go? It’s no longer in our closet” All of our service providers are required to be using a backpack vacuum to keep our accounts clean. We do not require that they leave a backpack vacuum on-site as they are very easy to bring with them from account to account and they can also be pretty spendy! Interesting fact: Upright vacuums pick up 70% of dust and debris but spread dust throughout buildings with the type of bag used; where backpack vacuums trap 99.7% of dust and debris removing it entirely from the building.
What else is new… I’m beginning to schedule a large strip and wax project for one of our larger medical customers. I have 9 buildings total to complete which is a project management task all its own. By using new chemicals, techniques, and procedures we’re excited to have every last strip and wax project looking fantastic! That involves nice even coats of sealer and wax, clean baseboards, and a nice finish. Thanks to our service providers for following these new important steps.

I’m looking forward to a successful Viking season. Everyone shakes their head about the recent Saint’s loss but I know everything will be just fine. If all goes well, we’re set up to have all injured players back by mid-season. And how about those Twins?! They just keep on winning! Hopefully they can overcome the Yankee’s and Ray’s records so we can seal up home field advantage! Wouldn’t that be exciting with the new Target Field?!
Have a great week everyone!!!


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
This week started off with my normal tour of Monday morning visits seeing 10-12 properties to check up on cleaning and handle anything our customers might need. There was nothing major to report for Monday’s route.

Tuesday took a bit of a turn as we had our office score card meeting in the later part of the afternoon. I completed my normal ten stops, swung in to the office and did as much admin work as I could and then had to run to the south side of downtown Saint Paul to pickup keys for a new start this month. Eric and the crew spent triple the normal nightly hours to make a good impact on the first night of cleaning and after stopping in this morning to check it out I could see the major improvements!

Last weekend we completed a parking lot striping job, including the standard lines, curb painting, and some parallel “T” style parking spots along the curb-- No stenciling required. That went well and is a good refreshing look to the building as you enter. We also did a quarterly machine scrub of all hard ceramic tile floors at one of our medical clinics. Doing this along with our Performance Plus+ cleaning system really keeps the grout looking great, and the room in great presentation for all of their patients and visitors.
Earlier this week we also kicked off a clean room sub floor cleaning. We have a couple cleaners in smocks, hair nets, beard covers, non latex gloves, and booties covering their shoes… they are going around the room pulling up the sub floor squares with a suction cup and vacuuming out the immediate 15 square feet they can reach. Underneath the floor they are finding dust in corners, various old small equipment, debris, and containers that were stored underneath the squares. Considering it has been many years since it was done, I would say the floor is in good shape! It sure is exciting to help out our customers with any maintenance need.

Another exciting weekend ahead! Bow hunting opens this weekend so I’m hoping to find a stand near the Twin Cities so I don’t have to make any long trips for only one morning shift! I was originally setup to sit in Stillwater at some new land that a friend of mine has access to with 10 or more stands. However, he called me today and said he has to work on Saturday, so unless he can get out of work it looks like I need to find another hunting spot or not participate in day one.
If I’m not able to hunt, no major complaints because the weekend continues on… My father, brother-in-law, and I are headed to the Gopher football game on Saturday afternoon. This will be my first college football game and I’m excited to see the new stadium! I’m not big into College sports but the atmosphere should shake that out of me real quick :-) Then on Sunday, Liz and I bought tickets to the Vikings game here at the Metrodome for her parents and us. Lots of football to be watched this weekend!!!
Go TWINS! Can’t get enough of September baseball… I had good feelings about this team last year and even better feelings this year with some of the trades we’ve made. I hope we win one more game against Chicago this week and stretch that win out to a comfortable 8 game lead (as if 7 isn’t enough)... Then chase down the current Champions for the chance at home field advantage in the playoffs. I can’t imagine having home field advantage at a brand new field!!! What a great year for MN sports fans.

~Your City Wide Team