Friday, March 5, 2010

Week in Review: March 1st - 5th

Greg - President:
Wow!! Has the weather been unbelievable this past week or what? Since I spend the majority of my time out in the field driving around, it sure makes life easier when there is sun and no snow to affect traffic. For our snow removal customers, beware! There is usually a large snow event in later March as the weather is turning.

We have been out and about starting to talk to both current clients and prospects about their spring cleaning projects. A lot of people are looking at parking lot maintenance, striping, window washing, and carpet cleaning. Also, it is that time of year again to look at your exterior maintenance and your lawn mowing/landscaping projects coming up. That should keep us very busy over the next couple months.

Personally I had a blast Wednesday night watching the #2 Kansas Jayhawks beat #5 Kansas State in college basketball. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!! Can’t wait for March Madness and the bracket madness that ensues.


Mitch - Facility Service Manager:
This weekend we are prepping one of our customers for a big wig visit next week! Carpet cleaning in main areas, and floor wax in their few different kitchens. Tomorrow night and Monday night Eric will be out with the crew getting the place in top shape for Tuesday when the visitors arrive.

Lots of spring cleanup planning right now. Getting customers thinking about and scheduling carpet cleans, window washing, and parking lot sweeping as soon as possible to avoid the rush of late April and early May.

This weekend I head down to the tiny town of Wells, MN where my future in laws are giving us an engagement party. Dinner, drinks, dessert, and lots of chit chat will fill up my Saturday evening! The fun part is actually in the afternoon when we celebrate a few birthdays for the younger kids turning 3 and 5 in the last couple weeks! Looking forward to the end of the month here when some friends fly in from Baton Rouge, Louisiana!


Mark - Night Manager:
We just finished our 4th night on a new start. It is a very unique historic building, the original home of the Northern Pump Company. They were big players in the production was WWII machinery for the Military. The building has 11 sets on bathroom and lots of dust, but not for long! We will have that building shining in no time.

On a personal note I am very excited for my Chicago Bears free agent signings today. This should be fun!


Shalee - Administration Manager:
Oh my lands... it has been busy in the office this week!  Proposals seem to be flying out of the office of late.  The Sales team has been out and enjoying every bit of this glorious sunshine and have gotten some great results for their efforts.

That just helps to make my job all the more fun around here!

This weekend, the family and I are going to the Mall of America to see Danny Gokey from last season's American Idol.  My girl is going to flip about it!  Danny was our favorite from the first day and we were so bummed when he was voted off from the show, leaving the show to only two contestants.


~Your City Wide Team