Friday, March 26, 2010

Week in Review: March 22nd - 26th

Greg - President:
Well…. I am still in mourning over the Kansas Jayhawks losing in the second round of the tournament! Anyone that watched the game will know what I am talking about here. I am really frustrated with Bill Self. Read this article.  He doesn’t seem to get it about the pressure issue. If KU came out and put a press on to start the game UNI would have realized why KU was number one and folded as well as tire out. Instead they got a bunch of confidence and got off to a big lead! Ughhh! Oh well, it is just a game as they say. I am excited to see KSU play this weekend as well as Cornell and Butler for Cinderella’s.

On to work, it has been a quiet week here as we are getting prepared to launch the personalized URL program I mention in last week’s post. At this point we are just waiting for the design to get done and beta testing to start. Can’t wait. Even if we can get a 5% response rate each week it would be a huge improvement over our current marketing efforts. We shall see!

Also, we are really excited to start our relationship with a new risk management firm and insurance carrier. More to come on this next week when the change is finalized. One highlight is that our new group has an added value of ½ hour per month with an attorney and ½ hour per month with an HR specialist free of charge. Wow is that helpful for a small business!

As spring rolls in around here we are in full swing for spring cleaning. Please let us know if we can help with Window Washing, Carpet Cleaning, Parking Lot Maintenance, or Landscaping.

Mitch - Facility Service Manager:
This week is cruising right by! Same thing as last week with energy savings for multiple customers! A lot of time and energy goes into the details of each project because as much as they seem similar, each job is unique one way or another when it comes to how things are installed, wired, etc. One customer is really excited to see the energy savings and total cost of the project and get rolling in April or May if possible.

Friday’s are a great day, we're wrapping up our week, we have a short route in the morning leaving time in the afternoons to catch up on administrative work, or do what I normally do which is meet IC’s at buildings. This Friday I am meeting the delivery folks dropping off my 25 fixtures for the parking garage energy project. Afterwards I am heading just a couple miles down the road to meet an HVAC specialist to look at taking over their quarterly preventative maintenance contract for them. That will be the first one for me up to this point, but I think Greg and Tyler have a couple that they work on in the north end of town so it is not new to City Wide by any means. Hopefully we can help with that and give the office manager one less thing to worry about each quarter!

Weekend life for me…I continue with some wood refinishing projects. This coffee table has been a little by little test my patience process. I am finally ready to take the palm sander out, get it looking great and begin applying finish to it, and then hide it from my roommates so they don’t wreck it, dent it, scratch it before I move out. After I get the coffee table done, its on to the kitchen table and corner booth set for my future basement if my house purchase ever goes through! Short sales are a real annoying process for a home buyer that doesn’t have 9 months to wait, congress passed some legislation that asks banks to deal with all short sales within 10 business days starting April 5th, 2010 so hopefully that works in my favor!

A group of friends from high school are getting together for 9 holes on Saturday afternoon, so I’m hoping for some sunshine to help make it a good time! Next week my future sister-in-law and my friend Peyton fly in from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and I’m really excited to show Peyton around Minnesota.  He’s fascinated by the concept of a sky-way connecting a large portion of a metropolitan city. He’s also fascinated that we have metropolitan here, he thought it was all lakes and fields…


Shalee - Administration Manager:
Things slowed down a little this week as we're waiting for the new marketing materials to make their way in our office.  (Don't tell my boss, but to be honest, it's been nice to have a break in the craziness that I've been for the past two months.  Whew!  Breathing space for a short time is a good thing.)  I'm looking forward to getting back to the race next week though.  I can do with down time... for a bit.  Now it's time to get busy finding people who could really use our help! 

I'm also really looking forward to working with Kelly starting Monday.  She's such a doll and it will be nice not being the only girl in the office.  I can hold my own, but sometimes it's good knowing that there's someone else who can back me in a female's point of view :-)  I can already tell that we're going to get along just fine as a sales/admin team.  We plan on taking the facilities management world head on and leaving a brilliant mark in the months to come!

Our kids have been away to their grandparents in Nebraska over Spring Break, so Paul and I are going to run away for the weekend and explore a different part of Minnesota.  Our first roadtrip!  We can't wait to see the Northern Shores.  We can only get to Duluth this trip, we have future plans to stay at some bed and breakfasts further up the road over the summer months.  I can't wait to walk the trails and to see the beautiful, untouched scenery that God made!  I get giddy with the thoughts of actually skiing next winter...

In the mean time, while we're in Duluth, we're going to Taste!, a dining fundraiser where area chefs make their specialties and we sample food and wines to our tummy's content.  The next day is our drive up the Hwy 61, to be followed by a 90 minute massage with my name written all over it.  We're leaving Saturday up for grabs, but secretly I hope we go dancing to make use of those dance lessons last year...

~Your City Wide Team