Friday, March 12, 2010

Week in Review: March 8th - 12th

Greg - President:
Wow! What another crazy week here at City Wide Maintenance of MN.

We have been extremely busy with a small restructuring project with our sales team. We have found that we can better service our current clients and increase our ongoing marketing activities by increasing the overall percentage of administration labor vs. direct sales and marketing labor. Once we had decided to go that route, we started to look for administrative staff and the thought came up to recruit my wife Kelly. I was surprised she was open to the idea but after a few small discussions I am happy to say she is joining our team starting April 1st! It should be a fun challenge to learn how to work together again but know we can make it work.

Kelly’s title will be Business Development and she will be a great addition to our team to help with the overall administrative functions that our FSM’s and sales reps have to pursue new business. Examples include, bidding services, our database maintenance, social media, marketing, etc. Her strong background here and good computer skills will be a great addition to our team. Looks like we will be working nights and weekends again until she is up to speed!

I am personally getting excited for spring here. Also this warmer temps and rain has me thinking about golf, summer, fishing, and a ton of the services that are involved with spring clean up that we can assist our clients with. As I mentioned before March Madness is here. I will be watching the KU Jayhawks play in the big 12 tournament this weekend and hopefully be a 1 seed in the big tournament starting next week.

Mitch - Facility Service Manager:
Just got confirmation yesterday afternoon that we are going to be completing an energy saving retro fit project that comes with a huge rebate and savings from Xcel Energy. Working today and tomorrow on scheduling up product delivery and the electricians to make the changeover in a condominium parking garage I manage in the south. Working on a much bigger energy savings project in Lakeville in a large manufacturing warehouse for one of our oldest customers, hopefully we can get some solid data collected tomorrow and ready to present next week. You have to love going green and saving green at the same time, talk about win win.

Heading up to Plummer, MN this weekend (close to Thief River Falls) to visit some friends and go to a housewarming party. It’s pretty mushy up there with the melt off so there won’t be much outdoor activity, not that there is much to do in the area anyway! Should be good times with my hunting buddies either way.


Tyler - Facility Service Manager:
Business is picking up!! Since the beginning of the year, I’ve had at least 8 new accounts start. It’s been very hectic but we have a solid grasp on all those accounts. We have 2 new accounts starting within the next month as well.

We are also very close to finishing a large floor work project for a major medical customer in the north metro!! My floor contractor does a great job with all his work and following up on any issues that may arise. A special thanks goes out to the crew!

I am also anxious to see who the Vikes pick up here in the off season (who will the back up RB be?!)

Mark - Night Manager:
It's fun working with so many different contractors. So many businesses expect so much out of their cleaners. It's hard to find cleaners with thick enough skin to endure all the criticism. I am blessed to work with so many professional intelligent cleaning crews. Thank you for all you do!

On the personal side. I am getting amped up for baseball season. Not only because it means summer is near, but I just signed my 3 year up for tee ball! Should be fun!


Shalee - Administration Manager:
I like it when work is hopping so much that there's barely time to breath.  It's a good thing that I can work in that sort of atmosphere because that's what this week has been like!  Proposals, training and assistance to everyone in the office takes up a lot of work time...  I'd rather have it extremely busy and challenging than boring and counting the minutes until quitting time anyday!

I'm so excited that Kelly is joining our team!  It will be nice to have another friendly face who is sharing the workload  :-)

On a personal side, my family sold our former home, so now we have all the joy of looking for a new home to call our own.  We're hoping for beautiful weather and lots of choices, preferably ones that don't have a split-entry.  What is it with Minnesota and split entries?  It's almost as if I can't escape them...  That's okay.  We're just going to bid our time until the perfect house comes on the market.  It's really nice not to be in a rush.

So if you hear of a great bargain in the Eagan area, just let me know!  We don't mind putting some elbow grease into making it our own...

uuuuummmmmm....   but maybe not that much.


~Your City Wide Team