Friday, April 30, 2010

Week In Review: April 26th - 30th

Greg - President:
Another busy week here with City Wide! Check out ABC this Saturday afternoon to watch the IZOD Indy Car Race and you just might see me on TV, hah! Kelly's birthday is today and as a surprise, we're traveling down to Kansas to celebrate with her family. In addition, we will be attending the race at the Kansas Speedway. City Wide in Kansas City cleans the track and always does a fantastic and thorough job! Weather willing, I also plan to take in some golf time!

On Tuesday, Shalee and I attended the Focus on Friends IREM Trade Show. Each company/booth was state-themed and we took on the theme of Wisconsin... a spread of tasty Wisconsin cheese, a few fishing decorations, and a friendly rivalry of Vikings/Packers items. It was really nice to mingle with fellow companies and property managers from around the Twin Cities!

I also had the chance to have lunch with both Tyler and a great customer of ours. They print USA Today's for our region which is pretty neat.

I've also been busy with configuring a quote for a large facility up here. They have multiple Clean Rooms in their facility which will be another service to have under our belt. We're putting together a great package for them, let's hope it pans through!

Personally, the big painting project for our home from last weekend was a huge success! Kelly and I could not be happier and the whole process went really smoothly.


Shalee - Administration Manager:
This week seems to have flown by me... Where has all the time gone?!

On Tuesday, Greg and I were able to enjoy our time at the IREM's Focus on Friends event.  Each vendor had a state assigned to them so that they could theme their display around that state, and we quickly put our request in early to get any state save Wisconsin.  Greg can't stand the Packers (as a good Minnesotan should feel, according to all the natives to whom I have spoken!). 

Poor Kari the organizer.  She had a brain block because guess what state we received.  That's right - Wisconsin!  Kelly and I brainstormed and came up with the idea of focusing on the cheeses from Wisconsin.  (They're delicious by the way!  Our day after cheese party was fun in the office!)

Greg finally caved and borrowed a Packers Jersey (Jennings #85) and let me take one for the team by asking me to wear it.  (Personally, I love any team except the Raiders and the Patriots - only until they finally get smart and get rid of that crybaby Bellechick - then I can respect them as an organization again).  I knew I was in trouble the moment I got boo-ed when I put it on!  I'd better get a big bonus this year for suffering such indignations, Greg!  :)  Greg balanced the table by adding Dick's Minnesota Viking's Bret Favre bobblehead to the table. 

On Wednesday, my son came down with some sort of 12 hour bug, so I had a work at home day.  I got a lot done for work and for home.  Laundry is caught up.  :)  Fortunately for me, he was sick on the most beautiful day of the week!  I didn't get to sit outside and enjoy it, but it was nice to work at the computer and be able to look out the sliding glass doors...

This weekend, we're going to continue the house hunt.  We still haven't found "the one".  That's okay because I know that God will lead us to it some day, and in the mean time, we're paying off bills and enjoying the view from our apartment!

Oh, I made an absolutely delicious meal on Thursday.  If you want to try your hand at some Chinese cuisine, I highly recommend that you make this meal.  I substituted brandy for the the sherry, and instead of green peppers, I used red, yellow and orange peppers (because that's what I had on hand.)  It was a huge success around the table!  As my mom would say, it was "laylicious!"


Kelly - Business Development:
This week has kept me busy with a few different things. On Wednesday, I had a new start walk-thru with Greg and Tyler at one of our new customer's factory warehouse. It was really neat to walk through and see the factory floor!! Thankfully I wasn't wearing my high heels as we did a lot of walking-- including across a large field and a few sets of traintracks! :-) Mitch and Tyler have also been keeping us busy with special service bid requests, mainly two projects of carpet installation and parking lot striping & sweeping.

On Thursday we had a nice time with an impromptu Wine & Cheese party at the office... minus the wine ;-) Of course I indulged in much left-over cheese, crackers, and grapes from the IREM event that Shalee and Greg attended on Tuesday. Yum!

On a personal front, today is my birthday! :-) Greg just couldn't keep a secret and spilled the beans earlier this week that we're taking a quick trip down to Kansas to spend my day with my family. What a fantastic birthday present! On Saturday, we will be hitting up the Indy Car Race at the Kansas Speedway. City Wide in Kansas City cleans the track and they always put on a professional, clean, and thorough production at each race. It will be quite the whirlwind weekend, yet it will be very nice to see my family!


Tyler - Facility Service Manager:
It’s been a crazy week up in the north metro!! We will be starting 3 new accounts next Monday and will be an extremely busy day! Also, we’re finally slowing down a bit with strip and wax projects. We had every weekend booked straight for at least 2 months there. CRAZY! Next we’ve been focusing on getting carpets cleaned professionally with a truck mount. Rod from our team does a great job for us!

Carpet installation: I recently bid out a very large carpet installation project for a customer in the north. I’m keeping my fingers crossed to get this one as it would be a great experience!!

I’m still looking to get out to a Twins game this year. I played golf last weekend and shot an 86; respectable for my 2nd round of the year! We’ve recently scheduled to attend a gold charity event for a large customer of ours in the east metro. We look forward to this every year. There is typically a special guest, food and prizes at the end. We’re really looking forward to that!


Mitch - Facility Service Manager:
I want to first take a moment to give credit to Shalee for a great word used halfway through her last paragraph in last weeks blog; “chagrin”, I thought only authors used that in novels!

Rain really put a damper on the weekend (pun intended)! We were supposed to sweep and stripe the parking lot in Apple Valley, we were only able to finish the sweeping and started striping last night and will finish up tonight. Tomorrow night the striping crew heads out to Menards to start the striping over two nights which will wrap up our parking lot work we’ve done over the last 3 weeks!

The weekends between now and the end of May are booking up quickly for carpet cleaning and floor waxing. Much is in contract work that we need to get done, other work is just normal spring routine maintenance to keep our buildings and centers looking fresh and presentable just in time for the great summer months.

I’m working on a video for the blog for Line Painting. We couldn’t have had this job come up at a better time. Line painting seems pretty similar everywhere you go, this parking lot however we are adding a few extra features and should make for a good educational video showing what we can do.

Not much on the agenda for me this weekend, my roommate is having his golden birthday so we are having quite the group come through the house for that this Friday. Liz is off to her second wedding shower! She’s gotten all the “girly” gifts from the registry so far, but most of it is kitchen items which directly results in me being fed so I shouldn’t complain. I think I may be in the garage most the day on Saturday continuing to work on some wood furniture finishing I’ve put off for a couple weeks.

~Your City Wide Team

Friday, April 23, 2010

Week in Review: April 19th - 23rd

Greg - President:
This week has been a great one for winning new contract accounts and special service projects. We have a new large window washing project for a downtown apartment complex which we're excited about. And two new contracts: one for an asphalt plant in the northern side of the cities and the other is for a local real estate firm. We love growing and showing how we can save our customers time, effort, and energy!

Dick, Kelly, Mitch, and I participated in the 2010 Hoop-a-Thon fundraiser aiding the Huntington's Disease Society of America on Sunday. City Wide was one of the sponsors, and it was such a fun day! In a 5-minute span, I made 56 freethrows, Dick made 19, Mitch made 14, and Kelly made a total of 18.
It was great to be a part of such a neat and rewarding event.

This weekend we are also aiding in a spring touch-up project of sorts for our housing association. Many of our townhome complexes have front door and garage frames that need to be sanded down and repainted. Our crew started last night and our doors are looking spectacular! I can't wait to post the before and after pictures.

It sure is fun to watch the Twin's this year! They have had such an amazing start to the season. It doesn't hurt that the new stadium is beautiful to look at too ;-) Let's go Twinkies!

At any given point this weekend, you will most-likely find me with a paintbrush in hand. Kelly and I are upgrading the basic painted walls in our downstairs living room by adding some high quality satin-matte finish paint with a splash of color. Let's hope we're successful!


Shalee - Administration Manager:
What a gorgeous week!  It seems that the wonderful weather is bringing out the best in all of us.  We've talked several prospects via the phone this week, and I even had a great off-topic call with new friend Bob (who we hope will soon be a new client too!)  I'm totally taking my family to Wild Mountain after hearing all about the wonders of skiiing!  Watch out next winter... we'll be on some of those hills!

Last Saturday, my family was able to enjoy more time with Greg and Kelly since they invited us to go for a boat ride with them. They have a BEAUTIFUL speedboat and that baby can crank it up there! Much to Greg's chagrin, we actually were airborne for a few seconds! Of course my son was begging to do it again. :) The day was clear and gorgeous, full of warm sunshine. It was totally worth my looking like Rudolph for the first few days of the week!
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Look as me.  I'm such a wimp in my winter coat!


Kelly - Business Development:
... and all of a sudden it's Friday and the weekend is upon us! I feel a little like a broken record, but once again we've all had quite the busy week!

I feel like every time I turn around there is another special service project to bid out for one of our current customers, which is spectacular news! I love being a part of the bidding/proposal process and then seeing it get approved and turn into great service for our customers.

I edited a video from Tyler this week for a special service parking lot project. You can check it out here. I think it turned out great!

We have giant hopes to knock out a lot of painting at our home this weekend. Greg and I have never really painted before, so let's hope we make it through successfully :-) We've recruited Dick so (finger's crossed) things will move quickly!


Tyler - Facility Service Manager:
Yet another crazy week in the North Metro!! I’m still battling this spring sickness so it’s been pretty grueling.

We’re growing! I have 3 new accounts starting up at the beginning of May here. We’re ready to go and excited to establish new relationships with new customers. I’ve also been performing a ton of hard floor care, stripping and waxing, window cleaning, parking lot sweeping, etc. Springtime at City Wide is a very busy time of the year!

We’ve recently introduced a “Who’s HOT, Who’s NOT” program for all City Wide partners working in our accounts. This helps keep everyone accountable and on their toes. We reward the people going above and beyond in our accounts with gas cards, gift cards, etc. At the same time, we retract the people not doing so well by replacing them in certain accounts to let them take one step back, regain composure, and gain the ability to handle more accounts in the future. Stand by for an update within a few months of this process being implemented!

How about those TWINS?? They’re off to a terrific start! I have not had a chance to catch a game yet, but I heard that the stadium is AMAZING. The weather has been great too! I’m looking to get a round of golf in this weekend which should be fun. Until next week, Adios!


Mitch - Facility Service Manager:
Here we are flying through another busy week! Spring projects continue to take the forefront of our customers’ minds and we are here to help. Carpet cleans, floor waxing, parking lot maintenance and line painting have been filling up our schedules. At another building in town we are cleaning carpets in the common areas. We're also providing a great value to their tenants by offering to clean their carpets upon request at great discounted rate since we are already on site!

This Saturday is a busy one for me. I’m helping out with multiple maintenance needs at my church with a large group of other volunteers to update paint in entry ways, heavily used hallways, and the always beat-up youth room. Later in the evening, I will have to slip away from whatever I am doing to rope off entryways to a parking lot we are sweeping in the morning. The lot is partially shared with a church next door that typically uses their building entrance and some of their parking spaces. We worked closely with the head administrators at the church this week to figure out how we can accommodate their needs while successfully getting the customer's lot swept and line striped. It also led to an opportunity in the future when they move forward with striping their lot and some other possible building needs!

Sunday morning I will bring out our video camera to start another video for Kelly to edit and post for us. This one will cover some more lot sweeping, and also some line painting. This is a much bigger lot with heavier traffic than some of the other properties we manage, so we are adding some more unique features like a cross walk with stop lines and a “Pedestrians Crossing” stencil to help slow people down in the lot and prevent injury. We will be adding a few spaces and also covering some wide areas of entrance ramps to prevent people driving off the side of the ramp… it actually happens more than you’d think.

Weather permitting, today we will be painting lines at a bank here in town that we’ve managed for quite some time. They are excited for a little parking lot refreshing since its been a while since it was done. If the rain gets in the way, we will push the project to Sunday after we complete the bigger project. Should be eventful leading in to the weekend, hopefully I can squeeze in a little fun amongst all the madness!

~Your City Wide Team

Thursday, April 22, 2010

City Wide Maintenance Sweeps 'Em Clean!

Check out our latest video from Tyler, our North Metro Facility Service Manager!

He oversaw a successful parking lot sweeping project for one of our newest customers in White Bear Lake. Many of our customers need our help to sweep their parking lots clean of the debris leftover from our Minnesotan winters... and we're more than happy to help!

Great management of this project, Tyler and way to go City Wide Team!

~Your City Wide Team

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

American Spending Humor

A little funny video regarding the American way of life and our "Big Box" retails around the nation!

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Paper or Plastic?? ;-)

~Your City Wide Team

Friday, April 16, 2010

Week in Review: April 12th - 16th

Greg - President:
This week sure has been a good, yet fast week! I've been busy with countless meetings, lunch get-togethers, building surveys, and walk-thrus. Around here, busy usually equals business... so you'll rarely see me complaining about being busy!

In the midst of being busy, I was able to enjoy a few relaxing events this week as well. I went golfing on Sunday and enjoyed spending time with friends in the beautiful weather. On Wednesday, at the last minute, my dad and I decided to attend our first Twins game at the brand new stadium. Even though they lost and it was a bit rainy, we had great seats off of 1st base (that kept us dry!) and we thoroughly enjoyed just being at the new amazing and energized stadium.
Today I plan to pick up our boat from storage; it will be nice to have it home for the season! We have plans to launch it tomorrow and hopefully catch a few fish in Minnetonka. Wish me luck!

On Sunday, we will be attending the Hoop-a-thon 2010 Fundraising Event benefiting the Huntington's Disease Society of America. You can read more about the event here. It's always a really fun event!
When: Sunday, April 18, 2010, 1:00 - 5:00 PM
Where: Eastview High School, Apple Valley, MN
What: Free-Throw contest
           Silent Auction
           Culver's Cake Walk
           Putt Putt Contest
           Nintendo Wii
           Special Appearances
           Food and refreshments courtesy of sponsors


Kelly - Business Development:
This week has been another great week! It seems like Spring has sprung around the Twin Cities. I've enjoyed having the windows open in our home, seeing trees budding and green grass sprouting, and BBQ-ing three times during this past week!

One big accomplishment of mine from this week was successfully editing the video footage from our first big light retro fit project. I still have much to learn, yet I really enjoyed utilizing my creative side. Feel free to read about the project and view the video here.

On the home front, Greg and I have hosted dinner at our house three times this week! We have grand plans to relax and watch some movies this evening. We're going fishing tomorrow and attending the Hoop-A-Thon 2010 on Sunday. We've also started a big painting project at our home. The paint tape is all up-- we just need to find time to tackle the actual painting part of the project!
(our kittens like to supervise and inspect our paint taping job ;-))


Tyler - Facility Service Manager:
This second week of April has been a blessing! My two week cold bug is over! Started with strep throat and wrapped up with your typical common cold. Glad it’s over.

It has been very helpful to have Kelly and Shalee tackling business development for us over the past few weeks. It’s so easy to have a bid formulated with them around. Speaking of bids, I currently have a lot of parking lot maintenance bids out there. I’m hoping to get at least half of them.

We just finished our first parking lot sweeping of the season and it went great! I was on-site rolling and capturing video for a YouTube demo video. We’re creating these videos to not only demonstrate our process, but to gain future business. Thanks for the hard work on these projects team, and stay tuned for the finished and edited video soon!

First race of the season: This weekend is the first motocross race of the season up north. The weather is supposed to be perfect and track will be in ideal conditions. I will also be up north at our cabin to help my folks put the dock and the boat in the water! I love spring!

Go Twins!


Mitch - Facility Service Manager:
First off, the energy project is complete and in the books! Take a look at the link Kelly setup to the video of the project that she spent an afternoon editing. Greg and I had a sit down with another customer not far from moving forward with a lighting project very similar to this one with Vapor Tights in a much larger parking garage, look for details to come in the future.

We are getting very busy with window cleaning high and low! I just got done spending a couple hours on site last week and in the office this week putting together final pricing and getting ready to schedule 3 apartment/assisted living centers for ground level, ladder, and 9 story drop window cleaning! I’m excited for the 9 story drop as it will be the first drop cleaning I’ve personally managed and been involved in. It happens to be at an assisted living center and it turns out to be quite the “event” on site as a large majority of the residents line up at different levels and watch us repel and clean window by window…not exactly something you see every day!

After completing that garage lighting project we got out first thing this week and swept the entire lot with our parking lot sweeping crew, that went really well and now they are working on scheduling carpet cleaning and window washing for the last of the spring projects!

Busy weekend ahead for me. My mom flies in from Phoenix for her best friends wedding. I will be at the wedding Saturday afternoon. Afterward, we're having a small get together with aunts and uncles to hang out with my mom while she’s here, then she flies back early Sunday morning! Sunday afternoon I’ll be stopping by the annual Hoop-A-Thon fundraising event for one of our customers, and playing a round of golf after with a good friend and his wife. Its going to be a busy fly-by weekend but should be a good time. Let's hope for good weather and Go Twins!!!


Shalee - Administration Manager:
What a week!  With Spring showing its beauty and the sun calling my name, I have to admit that it's been a little tougher focusing on work.  However, knowing that the sooner I finish my work, the sooner I could enjoy the great outdoors, I had a great incentive to get over the daydreaming and to get my head in gear! 

This week has been quite full with completion of sales calls, bid requests settling into good routines and Kelly and I getting into a great office groove.  You know, I really like Kelly.  She's smart, sweet and a hard worker!  And we have found over a great lunch together - hey, Greg was out playing hooky at the game, why shouldn't we enjoy ourselves for 45 minutes - that we have the same love for American Idol, enjoy throwing movie quotes to each other and we don't mind sharing the fries!

I am so looking forward to this weekend!  Sunshine, time with family and a planned trip to the movies.  (Paul won a movie prize package raffle at work!  Woo Hoo!)  We're trying to decide between Clash of the Titans and How to Train a Dragon.  We'll see what wins the family vote...


~Your City Wide Team

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Light Retrofitting Project

City Wide has been busy this past week with a large light retrofitting project for a customer of ours. Mitch, one of our Facility Service Managers has been overseeing the project to ensure that the project was finished in a timely and professional manner, and that the customer was pleased with the outcome.

The project centered around changing out the old light bulbs for more energy efficient and cost effective light bulbs. Additionally, these new bulbs are also very good for the future of our Earth! The overhead lights were finished off with a Vapor Tight seal as well. The Vapor Tight seal allows for the lights to be power-washed without causing electrical damage or moisture leakage to the lights.

In this particular case, the light bulbs were changed out in an underground garage. However, City Wide can aid in any retrofit light bulb project for any type of building: apartment complexes, warehouses, manufacturing plants, garages, etc.

Check out our latest video to see how we captured the project becoming a huge success for our customer!

~Your City Wide Team

Monday, April 12, 2010

Week In Review: April 5th - 9th

Greg - President:
This first week of April has proved to be a busy one! I've been pretty sick this week for the first time in... forever! I've had quite the sore throat and cough, yet there are no days off when you're the President! You will not find me far from my cold medicine this week.

We have focused on launching our new PURL program this week, hoping to touch many more prospective clients through this really neat marketing program. We're all very excited to see how PURL improves our sales here at City Wide!

Shalee and I are quite involved with many Twin Cities organizations: IFMA, BOMA, IREM, CAI, etc. This week we've been working hard at trying to find the right table top display for the many trade shows that we take part in. We at City Wide are so excited about what we can offer, it's important that we have a catchy display to aid in getting our information out there!

Kelly has been here for two whole work weeks now and I'm beginning to see her settle in, get accustomed to, and really make a difference here in the office. I'm extremely excited to see how our new administration team will excel in the next few months!

On a personal level, I am ecstatic about how the Twins have kicked off their season! They're hot! And of course watching the Master's in addition to the beautiful spring weather is getting me in the mood to play some golf! If only I could find the time! I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend-- let's not forget to fire up the grill as well!


Shalee - Administration Manager:
What a week!  I'm so glad that I had a getaway recently to help me keep charged and ready for all the excitement here, in and out of the office.

In the office, we had a great start to our new marketing plan.  Kelly and I are rocking the phones and trying to clean up our files so that we can have quicker service for our clients and clients-to-be.

I had the pleasure of getting to know several business relations in our Twin Cities organizations.  This week we were able to meet friends from IREM at the Green Building Rating System luncheon and the IFMA TwinCities Symposium.  You know, there really are some truly nice people in Minnesota!  I've enjoyed getting to know them at these kinds of events.  Now, I'm ready to jump on a couple of committees to really help me learn more about my fellow members!

With the kids gone last week, Paul and I took a break from house hunting (so frustrating at times!) and took advantage of a romantic weekend away.  It was really nice to think of each other rather than daily living.  Duluth was gorgeous (if cold) and we absolutely loved our scenic trip up Hwy 61, viewing some of God's beautiful nature along the North Shore and at least one state park.
Two Harbors

Gooseberry Falls State Park


Kelly - Business Development:
Another busy-as-can-be week down at City Wide! It's surprising to me how quickly the work week goes by when you're busy!

I've been busy with pumping out proposals left and right this week, several of them relating to Spring Cleaning. Many of our customer's parking lots take a beating from our Minnesota winters; I've been bidding parking lot sweeping (to take away sand and leftover "snirt": snow + dirt), new paint striping, and crack filling. In addition, we've had countless window washing and landscaping inquiries come our way as well!

This week I have also been running ads and screening calls for prospective independent contractors to join our team at City Wide. We had our first group informative meeting on Thursday and we had a fairly large turnout! I spoke with several very motivated, experienced, and excited IC's this week and I'm hoping that many of them will sign on with us to add to our already wonderful group of independent contractors!

I have just loved the spring weather that has graced the Twin Cities this week. Greg and I noticed that most trees are budding and the grass is steadily becoming more green than brown. Other than the rainy weather we had on Tuesday, the sunshine has been amazing. You will find me with my sunroof open whenever I'm in the car! :-)

This weekend I'm hoping to grill out with some friends, enjoy watching the Master's, tune into some Twin's baseball games as well, and of course relax my brain a bit after another busy- yet fun -week here at City Wide!


Tyler - Facility Service Manager:
Insane week again!! I’m battling strep throat and still plugging away!! We have a ton of parking lot sweeping bids out and can’t wait to land them and get to work!

Spring fever also brings a lot of hard floor care. I have one of my largest workers in the north busy as a bee with strip and waxing. He does a great job for us! Carpet cleaning is also booming!

How about those Twinkies?! 2 – 1 so far on their way to the World Series! Quote me on that! Also, I’ll be honest; I’m rootin’ for Tiger at the Masters.


Mitch - Facility Service Manager:
What a great week it has been so far! There is nothing like coming back to that pile of paperwork that you try so hard to prevent before going on vacation! I am learning that there is just no way around that… I had a great few days off with my friends in town. Took a ride on the roller coaster at Mall of America, visited one of our customers most popular restaurants, Chino Latino’s. It was quite funny, the waitress was from a small town near Baton Rouge, and here we were trying to find him some classic MinneSOOOOta accents to listen to while he was here...our waitress is from two towns over! Just the luck. Great time either way.
For the Easter holiday we headed down to the future in-laws farm where the real fun began… Mitch became a farmer this weekend!!!! I drove a massive tractor worth over $250,000 to plow a field back and forth a few times. Believe it or not, its quite exciting driving something that big even though you go no more than 5mph. After that I chisel plowed a smaller area closer to the house, planted rye grass seed, and turned the soil over again to create the parking lot for the wedding this June… now I can say I had some stake in the setup of everything. It was quite entertaining, but I assure you I am not leaving City Wide to become a farmer… not my style.
First thing on the list this week was breaking ground on the retro-fitting project at Uptown Landing Condominiums in Burnsville. We were budgeted for 2.5 days and got it done in under 2 days! Pulled down those old energy wasting lights and replaced them with the new energy efficient fixtures, passed inspection, and off we went. There should be a video up on the blog soon with some more details on the project.
Spring projects roll on… we just setup and scheduled our first Menards for parking lot maintenance! We are doing line striping, crack sealing, and hot patching starting next week. These will be low lit, over night projects but we will get it done in a timely manner and make sure they are happy as we complete everything.
No big plans for the weekend coming up, maybe get out for 9 holes for the 3rd week in a row…hoping to get better at the game of golf by playing more this year than last year.

~Your City Wide Team

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Week in Review: March 29th - April 3rd

Greg - President:
This week has been a busy one with Kelly joining our team in Business Development! We have all been busy with training and keeping up our normal daily tasks, yet I can already see how much Kelly will be aiding City Wide in countless aspects.

I was able to attend the B.E.E.R lunch event this week, which is a get-together (and stands for) of the Chamber of Commerces for Bloomington, Eden Prairie, Edina, and Richfield. It was held at the Edina Realty Country Club with Congressman Erik Paulsen serving as the guest speaker. He spoke of MDOT's plans to break ground next spring on the 494/169 interchange. Their budget is $1.5billion per year, which evens out to be around $800 per household of four in Minnesota! I can only imagine how road construction will affect metro commutes, yet the final outcome will no doubt be a positive change.

This weekend I was able to go fishing with a friend on the Mississippi river. The weather was gorgeous, a little windy at times, but the traffic was not very heavy. Here is a picture of my friend holding MY 21inch 4.5lb walleye!


Mitch -  Facility Service Manager:
Never ending story here on energy conservation projects. I feel like a broken record but that’s what I’ve spent most of my afternoons doing in the last few weeks. Today I’m off to meet at a local freight company that we manage here in town to look at their dock lighting to save some money. Also I’m meeting with some additional recommended electricians in town to see if we can get more competitive pricing to save the customer more on initial cost, and score us a couple more points to help protect our margins.

Excited to start working with Kelly, head of business development. Having Shalee on board the last few months has been great for us, but Kelly is going to fulfill a great need in our operations process and I’m excited for that. She should be able to help free up a lot of our time to get in front of more customers, meet more contractors, and improve our overall quality of contractor pool that we have running. It should be a big win for everyone involved!

Pump the brakes, 2010!!! I cant believe its already April this week! I got out and played 9 holes of golf last Sunday. It was quite windy but well worth it overall. I received a few calls while I was on the course going over some specifics of a scrub and wax we did this weekend on a warehouse epoxy painted floor. It was a pretty basic job, I called it “follow the yellow brick road” because it was a yellow epoxy painted floor however they had serious trouble finding lights in the dark empty warehouse. Project went over well and looks great, we’ll work on that one again in a few months to keep it looking good and we shouldn’t have any issues finding the lights next time!

I have been anxiously awaiting tomorrow evening! Liz’s sister and boyfriend Peyton fly into town from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I consider them a couple of my best friends so its great to have them here in town. As I mentioned before, Peyton has never been to Minnesota so there will be much exploring to be done before taking him to the middle of nowhere. Heading down to the future in-laws farm for the weekend so Peyton can meet the family and we can all celebrate our faith's most treasured holiday… I absolutely love Easter.


Kelly -  Business Development:
How excited am I to have my first post on the City Wide blog! Today marks the end of my first week here in Business Development for the City Wide team. It has been a long and challenging week, yet I've learned an exorbitant amount of information and sure am excited to jump right in! I can't wait to find where I'll "fit" in our "crazy" office. And with the sure chance of sounding cheesy, I can't wait to make a difference in a company so dear to heart.

This week I have been spending my time just absorbing it all: being trained on how to bid cleaning and special service projects, how to compile our bidding proposals, submitting ads for new skilled contractors, and actually getting out a few times to meet new clients (and enjoy the beautiful spring weather)!


Eric - Night Manager:
Eric was gone this week, vacationing in Florida. While he was busy visiting the Sunshine State, Minnesota had one of the most beautiful weeks! Highs reaching into the 70's and plenty of sunshine. He even missed out on this spring's first April thundershower on Friday! Not only did he miss the beautiful weather, but Eric was deemed the winner of our office NCAA basketball pool! Way to pick those lucky and winning teams, Eric! :-)


~Your City Wide Team