Friday, April 30, 2010

Week In Review: April 26th - 30th

Greg - President:
Another busy week here with City Wide! Check out ABC this Saturday afternoon to watch the IZOD Indy Car Race and you just might see me on TV, hah! Kelly's birthday is today and as a surprise, we're traveling down to Kansas to celebrate with her family. In addition, we will be attending the race at the Kansas Speedway. City Wide in Kansas City cleans the track and always does a fantastic and thorough job! Weather willing, I also plan to take in some golf time!

On Tuesday, Shalee and I attended the Focus on Friends IREM Trade Show. Each company/booth was state-themed and we took on the theme of Wisconsin... a spread of tasty Wisconsin cheese, a few fishing decorations, and a friendly rivalry of Vikings/Packers items. It was really nice to mingle with fellow companies and property managers from around the Twin Cities!

I also had the chance to have lunch with both Tyler and a great customer of ours. They print USA Today's for our region which is pretty neat.

I've also been busy with configuring a quote for a large facility up here. They have multiple Clean Rooms in their facility which will be another service to have under our belt. We're putting together a great package for them, let's hope it pans through!

Personally, the big painting project for our home from last weekend was a huge success! Kelly and I could not be happier and the whole process went really smoothly.


Shalee - Administration Manager:
This week seems to have flown by me... Where has all the time gone?!

On Tuesday, Greg and I were able to enjoy our time at the IREM's Focus on Friends event.  Each vendor had a state assigned to them so that they could theme their display around that state, and we quickly put our request in early to get any state save Wisconsin.  Greg can't stand the Packers (as a good Minnesotan should feel, according to all the natives to whom I have spoken!). 

Poor Kari the organizer.  She had a brain block because guess what state we received.  That's right - Wisconsin!  Kelly and I brainstormed and came up with the idea of focusing on the cheeses from Wisconsin.  (They're delicious by the way!  Our day after cheese party was fun in the office!)

Greg finally caved and borrowed a Packers Jersey (Jennings #85) and let me take one for the team by asking me to wear it.  (Personally, I love any team except the Raiders and the Patriots - only until they finally get smart and get rid of that crybaby Bellechick - then I can respect them as an organization again).  I knew I was in trouble the moment I got boo-ed when I put it on!  I'd better get a big bonus this year for suffering such indignations, Greg!  :)  Greg balanced the table by adding Dick's Minnesota Viking's Bret Favre bobblehead to the table. 

On Wednesday, my son came down with some sort of 12 hour bug, so I had a work at home day.  I got a lot done for work and for home.  Laundry is caught up.  :)  Fortunately for me, he was sick on the most beautiful day of the week!  I didn't get to sit outside and enjoy it, but it was nice to work at the computer and be able to look out the sliding glass doors...

This weekend, we're going to continue the house hunt.  We still haven't found "the one".  That's okay because I know that God will lead us to it some day, and in the mean time, we're paying off bills and enjoying the view from our apartment!

Oh, I made an absolutely delicious meal on Thursday.  If you want to try your hand at some Chinese cuisine, I highly recommend that you make this meal.  I substituted brandy for the the sherry, and instead of green peppers, I used red, yellow and orange peppers (because that's what I had on hand.)  It was a huge success around the table!  As my mom would say, it was "laylicious!"


Kelly - Business Development:
This week has kept me busy with a few different things. On Wednesday, I had a new start walk-thru with Greg and Tyler at one of our new customer's factory warehouse. It was really neat to walk through and see the factory floor!! Thankfully I wasn't wearing my high heels as we did a lot of walking-- including across a large field and a few sets of traintracks! :-) Mitch and Tyler have also been keeping us busy with special service bid requests, mainly two projects of carpet installation and parking lot striping & sweeping.

On Thursday we had a nice time with an impromptu Wine & Cheese party at the office... minus the wine ;-) Of course I indulged in much left-over cheese, crackers, and grapes from the IREM event that Shalee and Greg attended on Tuesday. Yum!

On a personal front, today is my birthday! :-) Greg just couldn't keep a secret and spilled the beans earlier this week that we're taking a quick trip down to Kansas to spend my day with my family. What a fantastic birthday present! On Saturday, we will be hitting up the Indy Car Race at the Kansas Speedway. City Wide in Kansas City cleans the track and they always put on a professional, clean, and thorough production at each race. It will be quite the whirlwind weekend, yet it will be very nice to see my family!


Tyler - Facility Service Manager:
It’s been a crazy week up in the north metro!! We will be starting 3 new accounts next Monday and will be an extremely busy day! Also, we’re finally slowing down a bit with strip and wax projects. We had every weekend booked straight for at least 2 months there. CRAZY! Next we’ve been focusing on getting carpets cleaned professionally with a truck mount. Rod from our team does a great job for us!

Carpet installation: I recently bid out a very large carpet installation project for a customer in the north. I’m keeping my fingers crossed to get this one as it would be a great experience!!

I’m still looking to get out to a Twins game this year. I played golf last weekend and shot an 86; respectable for my 2nd round of the year! We’ve recently scheduled to attend a gold charity event for a large customer of ours in the east metro. We look forward to this every year. There is typically a special guest, food and prizes at the end. We’re really looking forward to that!


Mitch - Facility Service Manager:
I want to first take a moment to give credit to Shalee for a great word used halfway through her last paragraph in last weeks blog; “chagrin”, I thought only authors used that in novels!

Rain really put a damper on the weekend (pun intended)! We were supposed to sweep and stripe the parking lot in Apple Valley, we were only able to finish the sweeping and started striping last night and will finish up tonight. Tomorrow night the striping crew heads out to Menards to start the striping over two nights which will wrap up our parking lot work we’ve done over the last 3 weeks!

The weekends between now and the end of May are booking up quickly for carpet cleaning and floor waxing. Much is in contract work that we need to get done, other work is just normal spring routine maintenance to keep our buildings and centers looking fresh and presentable just in time for the great summer months.

I’m working on a video for the blog for Line Painting. We couldn’t have had this job come up at a better time. Line painting seems pretty similar everywhere you go, this parking lot however we are adding a few extra features and should make for a good educational video showing what we can do.

Not much on the agenda for me this weekend, my roommate is having his golden birthday so we are having quite the group come through the house for that this Friday. Liz is off to her second wedding shower! She’s gotten all the “girly” gifts from the registry so far, but most of it is kitchen items which directly results in me being fed so I shouldn’t complain. I think I may be in the garage most the day on Saturday continuing to work on some wood furniture finishing I’ve put off for a couple weeks.

~Your City Wide Team