Monday, April 12, 2010

Week In Review: April 5th - 9th

Greg - President:
This first week of April has proved to be a busy one! I've been pretty sick this week for the first time in... forever! I've had quite the sore throat and cough, yet there are no days off when you're the President! You will not find me far from my cold medicine this week.

We have focused on launching our new PURL program this week, hoping to touch many more prospective clients through this really neat marketing program. We're all very excited to see how PURL improves our sales here at City Wide!

Shalee and I are quite involved with many Twin Cities organizations: IFMA, BOMA, IREM, CAI, etc. This week we've been working hard at trying to find the right table top display for the many trade shows that we take part in. We at City Wide are so excited about what we can offer, it's important that we have a catchy display to aid in getting our information out there!

Kelly has been here for two whole work weeks now and I'm beginning to see her settle in, get accustomed to, and really make a difference here in the office. I'm extremely excited to see how our new administration team will excel in the next few months!

On a personal level, I am ecstatic about how the Twins have kicked off their season! They're hot! And of course watching the Master's in addition to the beautiful spring weather is getting me in the mood to play some golf! If only I could find the time! I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend-- let's not forget to fire up the grill as well!


Shalee - Administration Manager:
What a week!  I'm so glad that I had a getaway recently to help me keep charged and ready for all the excitement here, in and out of the office.

In the office, we had a great start to our new marketing plan.  Kelly and I are rocking the phones and trying to clean up our files so that we can have quicker service for our clients and clients-to-be.

I had the pleasure of getting to know several business relations in our Twin Cities organizations.  This week we were able to meet friends from IREM at the Green Building Rating System luncheon and the IFMA TwinCities Symposium.  You know, there really are some truly nice people in Minnesota!  I've enjoyed getting to know them at these kinds of events.  Now, I'm ready to jump on a couple of committees to really help me learn more about my fellow members!

With the kids gone last week, Paul and I took a break from house hunting (so frustrating at times!) and took advantage of a romantic weekend away.  It was really nice to think of each other rather than daily living.  Duluth was gorgeous (if cold) and we absolutely loved our scenic trip up Hwy 61, viewing some of God's beautiful nature along the North Shore and at least one state park.
Two Harbors

Gooseberry Falls State Park


Kelly - Business Development:
Another busy-as-can-be week down at City Wide! It's surprising to me how quickly the work week goes by when you're busy!

I've been busy with pumping out proposals left and right this week, several of them relating to Spring Cleaning. Many of our customer's parking lots take a beating from our Minnesota winters; I've been bidding parking lot sweeping (to take away sand and leftover "snirt": snow + dirt), new paint striping, and crack filling. In addition, we've had countless window washing and landscaping inquiries come our way as well!

This week I have also been running ads and screening calls for prospective independent contractors to join our team at City Wide. We had our first group informative meeting on Thursday and we had a fairly large turnout! I spoke with several very motivated, experienced, and excited IC's this week and I'm hoping that many of them will sign on with us to add to our already wonderful group of independent contractors!

I have just loved the spring weather that has graced the Twin Cities this week. Greg and I noticed that most trees are budding and the grass is steadily becoming more green than brown. Other than the rainy weather we had on Tuesday, the sunshine has been amazing. You will find me with my sunroof open whenever I'm in the car! :-)

This weekend I'm hoping to grill out with some friends, enjoy watching the Master's, tune into some Twin's baseball games as well, and of course relax my brain a bit after another busy- yet fun -week here at City Wide!


Tyler - Facility Service Manager:
Insane week again!! I’m battling strep throat and still plugging away!! We have a ton of parking lot sweeping bids out and can’t wait to land them and get to work!

Spring fever also brings a lot of hard floor care. I have one of my largest workers in the north busy as a bee with strip and waxing. He does a great job for us! Carpet cleaning is also booming!

How about those Twinkies?! 2 – 1 so far on their way to the World Series! Quote me on that! Also, I’ll be honest; I’m rootin’ for Tiger at the Masters.


Mitch - Facility Service Manager:
What a great week it has been so far! There is nothing like coming back to that pile of paperwork that you try so hard to prevent before going on vacation! I am learning that there is just no way around that… I had a great few days off with my friends in town. Took a ride on the roller coaster at Mall of America, visited one of our customers most popular restaurants, Chino Latino’s. It was quite funny, the waitress was from a small town near Baton Rouge, and here we were trying to find him some classic MinneSOOOOta accents to listen to while he was here...our waitress is from two towns over! Just the luck. Great time either way.
For the Easter holiday we headed down to the future in-laws farm where the real fun began… Mitch became a farmer this weekend!!!! I drove a massive tractor worth over $250,000 to plow a field back and forth a few times. Believe it or not, its quite exciting driving something that big even though you go no more than 5mph. After that I chisel plowed a smaller area closer to the house, planted rye grass seed, and turned the soil over again to create the parking lot for the wedding this June… now I can say I had some stake in the setup of everything. It was quite entertaining, but I assure you I am not leaving City Wide to become a farmer… not my style.
First thing on the list this week was breaking ground on the retro-fitting project at Uptown Landing Condominiums in Burnsville. We were budgeted for 2.5 days and got it done in under 2 days! Pulled down those old energy wasting lights and replaced them with the new energy efficient fixtures, passed inspection, and off we went. There should be a video up on the blog soon with some more details on the project.
Spring projects roll on… we just setup and scheduled our first Menards for parking lot maintenance! We are doing line striping, crack sealing, and hot patching starting next week. These will be low lit, over night projects but we will get it done in a timely manner and make sure they are happy as we complete everything.
No big plans for the weekend coming up, maybe get out for 9 holes for the 3rd week in a row…hoping to get better at the game of golf by playing more this year than last year.

~Your City Wide Team