Saturday, April 3, 2010

Week in Review: March 29th - April 3rd

Greg - President:
This week has been a busy one with Kelly joining our team in Business Development! We have all been busy with training and keeping up our normal daily tasks, yet I can already see how much Kelly will be aiding City Wide in countless aspects.

I was able to attend the B.E.E.R lunch event this week, which is a get-together (and stands for) of the Chamber of Commerces for Bloomington, Eden Prairie, Edina, and Richfield. It was held at the Edina Realty Country Club with Congressman Erik Paulsen serving as the guest speaker. He spoke of MDOT's plans to break ground next spring on the 494/169 interchange. Their budget is $1.5billion per year, which evens out to be around $800 per household of four in Minnesota! I can only imagine how road construction will affect metro commutes, yet the final outcome will no doubt be a positive change.

This weekend I was able to go fishing with a friend on the Mississippi river. The weather was gorgeous, a little windy at times, but the traffic was not very heavy. Here is a picture of my friend holding MY 21inch 4.5lb walleye!


Mitch -  Facility Service Manager:
Never ending story here on energy conservation projects. I feel like a broken record but that’s what I’ve spent most of my afternoons doing in the last few weeks. Today I’m off to meet at a local freight company that we manage here in town to look at their dock lighting to save some money. Also I’m meeting with some additional recommended electricians in town to see if we can get more competitive pricing to save the customer more on initial cost, and score us a couple more points to help protect our margins.

Excited to start working with Kelly, head of business development. Having Shalee on board the last few months has been great for us, but Kelly is going to fulfill a great need in our operations process and I’m excited for that. She should be able to help free up a lot of our time to get in front of more customers, meet more contractors, and improve our overall quality of contractor pool that we have running. It should be a big win for everyone involved!

Pump the brakes, 2010!!! I cant believe its already April this week! I got out and played 9 holes of golf last Sunday. It was quite windy but well worth it overall. I received a few calls while I was on the course going over some specifics of a scrub and wax we did this weekend on a warehouse epoxy painted floor. It was a pretty basic job, I called it “follow the yellow brick road” because it was a yellow epoxy painted floor however they had serious trouble finding lights in the dark empty warehouse. Project went over well and looks great, we’ll work on that one again in a few months to keep it looking good and we shouldn’t have any issues finding the lights next time!

I have been anxiously awaiting tomorrow evening! Liz’s sister and boyfriend Peyton fly into town from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I consider them a couple of my best friends so its great to have them here in town. As I mentioned before, Peyton has never been to Minnesota so there will be much exploring to be done before taking him to the middle of nowhere. Heading down to the future in-laws farm for the weekend so Peyton can meet the family and we can all celebrate our faith's most treasured holiday… I absolutely love Easter.


Kelly -  Business Development:
How excited am I to have my first post on the City Wide blog! Today marks the end of my first week here in Business Development for the City Wide team. It has been a long and challenging week, yet I've learned an exorbitant amount of information and sure am excited to jump right in! I can't wait to find where I'll "fit" in our "crazy" office. And with the sure chance of sounding cheesy, I can't wait to make a difference in a company so dear to heart.

This week I have been spending my time just absorbing it all: being trained on how to bid cleaning and special service projects, how to compile our bidding proposals, submitting ads for new skilled contractors, and actually getting out a few times to meet new clients (and enjoy the beautiful spring weather)!


Eric - Night Manager:
Eric was gone this week, vacationing in Florida. While he was busy visiting the Sunshine State, Minnesota had one of the most beautiful weeks! Highs reaching into the 70's and plenty of sunshine. He even missed out on this spring's first April thundershower on Friday! Not only did he miss the beautiful weather, but Eric was deemed the winner of our office NCAA basketball pool! Way to pick those lucky and winning teams, Eric! :-)


~Your City Wide Team