Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day from City Wide!

City Wide would like to thank those who fight or have fought for our freedom-- we will be forever remember your sacrifice! Thank You.


~Your City Wide Team

Friday, May 28, 2010

Week in Review: May 24th - 28

Greg - President:
This week we returned from our annual City Wide conference down in Kansas City. We're very lucky to have a great City Wide family full of successful and supportive friends. I learned a huge ammount of information about how to better run our company here in Minnesota. I can't wait to unleash a few new strategies to make us even better! Congrats to our team for winning Best Customer Retention of 2009 as well!
Kelly and me at our annual City Wide conference

We are very close with a few other cities and it's always so much fun to catch up and enjoy each other's company.
Minnesota, Cincinatti, and the Indianapolis families


Shalee - Administration Manager:
What a chaotic week!  With most of the office gone for 2 days, I've been busy, busy, busy!  There's something to say about job security though...  :)

This week I partook of a webinar which showed some excellent resourses for our cleaning services.  I can't wait to see how that will have a positive effect on our clients AND our independent contractors!

This long weekend, we tried to schedule some house looksees, but we were denied.  I don't get that!  When we had our house on the market, I dropped most everything to have someone potentially buy it!  Oh well, we'll spend some time enjoying our weekend by the pool and with some friends instead...

Hope y'all have a wonderful and safe weekend!  Welcome SUMMER!


Kelly - Business Development:
This week has been a pretty short week for me! Coming back to work on Tuesday after our annual City Wide conference and then leaving work on Friday to start our Memorial Day weekend!

After an extremely successful conference with City Wide corporate and other cities, we here at City Wide are eagar to impliment new strategies and ideas regarding marketing, maintenance/cleaning, and overall ideas on how to serve our customers better. I love coming back from the conference with an overwhelming excitement about City Wide. It sure is nice to a part of a company that you believe in!

While down in Kansas City, I also had some time to spend with my family. We enjoyed a nice lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and did a bit of shopping as well.
My dad, my mom, me, and my sister at lunch.

As for the Memorial Day weekend, I am already "up north" (I love how that is a phrase here in Minnesota :-)) at Lake of the Woods, ready to fish, boat, and relax! I've only been to the Lake of the Woods during the winter to ice fish, so I'm eager to see how the water/landscape is different.
I'm excited to stop in Baudette next to The Biggest Walleye in the world and take a summer picture with Greg :-)


~Your City Wide Team

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Best Customer Retention of 2009

City Wide of Minnesota came back from our annual conference down in Kansas City feeling re-charged, re-energized, and as ethusiastic as ever about providing our customers with excellent service!

We came back with the award of Best Customer Retention of 2009. We have an unbelieavable staff here at City Wide that is dedicated to the needs of our customers. Way to go City Wide Team!

Kelly, Greg, and Dick Mansfield
~Your City Wide Team

Friday, May 21, 2010

Week in Review: May 17th - 21st

Greg - President:
Greg is in Kansas City, enjoying the sun, barbeque and, oh yeah, the City Wide Maintenance convention!  He's going to come back with all sorts of renewed energy and exciting information to help us serve our customers even better!

Oh, and I'm sure he'll return with the golf trophy too.  He and Adam had it worked out to annihilate the other teams!


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
I am happy to say I just hit my 2 year mark with City Wide! Didn’t quite realize 2 years had come so quickly, and its been great being here so far and am thankful to be a part of a great team so far.

Its been another busy week in the world of projects. On Monday alone I was out doing my normal 8-10 inspections in the morning, visiting the start off of the drop clean project in downtown, and checking in on it again in the afternoon with Greg. After all of that I went out to visit a carpet clean and strip and wax job that was done over the weekend in Shakopee, a parking lot striping job in Minneapolis, and finally a pre-walk for a VIP visit the next after noon for one of our customers (we also did strip and wax and carpet cleaning over the weekend as well). All in all it was a good Monday!

This weekend we have a group of in contract wet burnish projects to complete for a few properties in town, and also will be doing one of our quarterly carpet cleans for a customer out in Apple valley.

I’m heading up to Detroit Lakes this weekend to pick up a boat for a friends dad and tow it back to the city. Since I’m up there of course I will be fishing, thanks for asking! I will be staying at another friends house and fishing his private lake hopefully to pull out some big Northern Pike, its one of my favorite places to fish because its hit or miss. You either catch 5-10 pike, or you catch none and move on. Also plan on fishing at another nearby lake for pan fish and the good news is the fishing report up there has been good so hopefully we can be successful.

Last weekend was pretty fun. I got shot with a lot of paintballs, played 36 holes of golf between Friday and Saturday, had a bonfire, and took it easy on Sunday, went to Church and I installed my trailer hitch on my vehicle.


Tyler - Quality Control Manager:
Spring has been crazy in the north metro! We have been doing a lot of detail cleaning for VIP visits! Mark Josephsen (night manager in the north) has been doing a great job with this. Thanks for your help Mark! Floor work has continued throughout the spring here along with window cleaning and parking lot maintenance. Let us know if we can provide a quote for any work you may need!

Did anyone see the Twins vs Boston game on Wednesday?! How many blown calls can that home umpire make? It was pretty one sided!! Twins lost that game 3 – 2 but could have easily been a Twins win considering Morneau is leading the AL batting average and he got called out on a bogus called strike. Hopefully we can take game 2 tonight. I still need to get out to the new stadium!! We’ll see.

The walleye’s weren’t really biting last weekend up at Vermillion. We caught 5 between 4 of us, and we’re out of the slot limit. We figure this was due to the early ice out this year so the fish are off schedule a bit. We had a blast, nonetheless, playing golf at the Wilderness which was a gorgeous course!

Looking forward to this weekend weather! I’ll be in southern Minnesota racing this weekend. Let’s hope for a big win!


Mark - Night Manager:
What an exciting week!  We had a restart/new start in Ryerson Plymouth. The new crew didn't miss a beat and the transition went very well.  I love it when my job is made all the easier due to some good people who care about what they do!

We just completed a viper tool job at Allina Forest Lake. We detailed 11 bathroom floors and the project turned out great. Now they have nice shiney floors, and we have some pretty content and satisfied customers - always a great combination!

On a personal note, I will be coaching my sons Tee Ball team this weekend!  Go Team!!!!  After that, I look forward to a couple of rounds of golf.

Shalee - Administration Manager:
This week is so much better after my last one!  My head is so much more clear and I was able to think so much more fluidly.  Always a good thing when needing to have your head in the game!

This week has been a little bit of a vacation for me because Greg, Kelly and Dick have been down in Kansas City at the City Wide Maintenance Convention, and I've been working away at a slightly less hectic pace.  God must have known that I really needed it!  It's been wonderful slowly clearing some things off my desk and actually having the time to straighten it up!  I definitely feel that my time has NOT been wasted here!

This weekend, Lord willing, I plan on enjoying every bit of sunshine that I can.  Other than that, I have a feeling that the smell of homemade cookies will be wafting along the hallway of our apartment building...  Maybe we'll leave some for our neighbors this time!

(Click here for the recipe!)


~Your City Wide Team

Friday, May 14, 2010

Week In Review: May 10th - 14th

Greg - President:
Here comes the sun!! Man, was it nice to see the sun shining brightly this morning! After four straight days of rain, the sun is much-appreciated. The weather accompanying our past two weeks has really hindered our ability to get a handful of special service projects finished for a few of our customers. Now that the sun is back and bringing warmer weather with as well, we're ready to get out and finish what we started!

This week I also attended a charity luncheon for Hope For The City. We met with a really nice bunch of people, learned about their foundation, enjoyed some tasty food, and also made a donation towards their efforts.

This past weekend, my dad, Kelly, and I were able to catch a Twin's baseball game on Sunday. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, could not have been better! I don't think I'll ever get tired catching games at that stadium, it's such a nice addition to our Twin Cities!
This weekend I have plans to catch some serious fish... hopefully a lot of them will be the ellusive Walleye! Kelly and I are going fishing with one of City Wide's contractors, so it should be a fun time spent with him. I have a golf outting planned for Sunday morning, and then we may take the boat out again that afternoon.

Early next week I will be gearing up for the annual City Wide conference down in Kansas City, starting on Wednesday. It's always a great conference-- full of catching up with colleagues from different states, learning affective techniques and business tips, and getting inspired and energized for the next successful year with City Wide!


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
Another busy week, this weekend we officially get to play catch up on projects that have been rained out or colded out. I just made up the word “colded”  It’s been too wet to wash windows, too wet to paint parking lot lines, and even the temperature has prevented us from painting parking lot lines because the machine can’t disperse the paint correctly unless its above 50 degrees! We are excited to get all caught up this weekend and go into next week with a fresh open schedule and hopefully great weather to approach and begin new projects indoors and out.

This week we knocked out our first HVAC routine maintenance check and filter change in the south metro-- Went off without a hitch. And it seems like we showed up on the right day-- the customer randomly had an annoying squeaky sound coming from their ducts, and with a few seconds of work I was able to adjust a damper, tighten a wing nut, and away it went! I didn’t charge the customer for the 2 minutes of my time, we tossed that in for free ;-) Looks like a great extension to our list of services to this customer, and hopefully will help strengthen our relationship moving forward!

The house saga continues without complete closure (Pun INtended). This week we received another “positive update” saying that the checklist is 99% complete, the 1% missing is the person of authority at the bank to put their “Herby Hancock” (a little humor from the movie Tommy Boy :-)) on the bottom of the page approving us to pick a close date… That’s supposed to take no more than 7 days for the signature, this Friday or Saturday marks 7 days, let’s hope they are right, I need to know where I’m heading-- and fast!

We are an American Idol addicted office and I was blown away this week, absolutely loved the “Falling Slowly” duet by Bowersox and Dewyze (in that order)… I think his voice was tailor-made for that type of song, and she had to make it her own as she doesn’t exactly match the original. Funny part is I’d never heard the original, then my fiancĂ© played it and I couldn’t believe the level of quality that song is melodically, lyrically, and vocally. I’m no music expert but it really caught my attention. Itunes-- here I come!

I have a friend that I’m starting to consider a bit of a mentor that I am playing golf with this week on Friday afternoon. He’s a young business owner doing very well since taking over his father’s business and has managed to grow it even in this down economy. I am playing golf again on Saturday morning to kick off a non-typical bachelor party before our wedding-- Golf in the morning, some paintball in the afternoon, lunch in-between, and a good dinner and drinks to follow. Low key, but sure to be memorable! They know I don’t like getting shot with things so this was their only real chance to get me to play paintball. My best man managed to rally up over 20 people that will be attending some or all of the day’s events but a good majority at each. It is much appreciated, and I was surprised when I found out I had over 20 friends-- and that is just the guys…


Tyler - Quality Control Manager:
I cannot believe how fast the weeks fly by here at City Wide!!! Time truly does fly when you’re extremely busy. Spring always lends more work for customers: from floor work to window cleaning to parking lot maintenance, etc. I can say that I thoroughly enjoy working with City Wide and all of our customers that we serve. It’s amazing to find out how many things I have in common with people I work with on a weekly basis. For example, I share fun fishing stories with a certain customer in Brooklyn Park and talking baseball with a customer in Brooklyn Park is always fun ;-)

Twins are still rockin’ and rollin’!!! If anyone has an extra ticket and wants to bring me to a game, I’m extremely interested!!! ;-) They have a series coming up here with the Yankees that they better win! I heard today on the radio that the Twins haven’t beaten the Yankees since the 2008 season!! That is just unreal. Remember the playoff sweep last year? I suppose the only reason we we’re in the playoffs to begin with was by beating the Tigers in game 163, ehh?

This weekend, I’m headed up to Lake Vermillion this weekend for the fishing opener!! It should be a blast. We’re staying at Fortune Bay Casino and renting a pontoon for the weekend. We’re also playing 2 rounds of golf at “The Wilderness” which is right on the casino property. From what I can tell it looks like a great course!! We’ll see. Update coming next week.

That’s all for now, have a great weekend everyone!


Shalee - Administration Manager:
This week has been a bit rough for me.  I, the only person in our family who does not suffer from allergies, have had a headcold from Hades!  Lots of Airborne and decongestants don't necessary add up to a fun mix in the brain.  But being a mom, I just bully through because things have to get done, right?  Fortunately, I wasn't contagious at all.

I literally can count on two hands how many times I can remember being sick.  I'm sure I'm not a good patient...  I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend to help get completely on the mend!

Greg and I attended a wonderful luncheon about Hope for the City.  Thanks to our good friend Allen, we were able to take two spots at his tablet to learn more about this awesome charity.  I have to admit that I'm searching for ways to help others.  That's something that my family loves to do together!  It's nice to have a plethora of community services from which to choose!


Kelly - Business Development:
And just like that, we're half way through the month of May! We at City Wide have kind of been taking shelter from the yucky, rainy weather that has "graced" us here in Minnesota this week. Temperatures barely reaching 50* and rain that just won't go away sure doesn't feel like May weather! However, it was a huge glorious vision to see the sun rising this morning! :-)

This week I was busy with the normal day-to-day responsibilities, setting up a prospective independent contractor meeting, and partaking in our monthly office Score Card meeting. At these meetings we discuss our monthly goals, talk about any other issues, and enjoy each other's company. We enjoyed some good ol' roast beef and turkey sandwiches from Wally's and a chocolate spice cake baked by me! :-)

This past Sunday, Greg surprised me with tickets to my first Twin's baseball game at the new stadium. We had an absolute blast-- the weather was perfect and the Twin's won!
This weekend we have plans to go fishing for the fishing opener. Greg and I have invited one of our contractors to fish with us on our boat and I'm looking forward to spending some time with him! On Sunday you may find us back out on the boat again-- it's just supposed to be too nice not to be out on the water, enjoying the much-appreciated sunshine!! :-)

~Your City Wide Team

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Social Media is Stickin' Around!

Very interesting video about social media and how technology has come so far in the past years!

What a revolution!!
How are you connected?

~Your City Wide Team

Monday, May 10, 2010

Week in Review: May 3rd - 7th

Greg - President:
This week has seemed to fly right past me! The quickness is probably in part to a super busy week—we’ve actually started six new buildings this week! One of those contracts happened to be a very short-notice start—as in, we were asked the day of to start that evening! Of course my team here at City Wide jumped on the opportunity to help the customer and we were able to organize a walk-thru and set up a great crew to provide excellent service for this customer. Phenomenal work, operations team-- way to go!

On Tuesday, Shalee and I were able to enjoy a Twin’s game against the Detroit Tigers as a get-together for one of our association committees. The seats were up in the Budweiser Deck of the stadium and even though it rained on us and it was a bit chilly, we still had a fantastic time. What a game!! We also met a lot of nice and friendly people from Merill Lynch.

On Thursday, I attended a RJF Agency seminar regarding preventing claims on housing associations and how to handle claims once they are reported. This seminar was extremely educational for me, as we’ve just started taking on a few maintenance contracts (painting, etc) for a few area townhome associations. I’m excited to see this area of our service expand and take off!


Shalee - Administration Manager:
Hey!  Did you know it was my birthday on Monday?! 


Huh.  I thought it was a national holiday or something...  Well, it should be!  (It is around our house.) 

Being new to the area, it was just a family affair this year, but just wait til next year.  We'll have lots of fun with friends as I make my way into "the new 30's". 

My family outdid themselves.  I was taken out for breakfast (donuts and apple fritters!), had an Ariel birthday party with a homemade Savannah Cake with Hot Fudge Sauce, was given chocolate, books, wine and jewelry (some of my favorite things!), and then they took me out to dinner and bowling...   I felt just like a kid having the day of her life!
I even reached the triple digits in the score. 100 baby!

My daughter even got in a good jab about being so much taller than me, despite it being a well known fact that three-forths of the world is taller than me!)

Work was really kind too!  Kelly brought in cupcakes and the office gave me a gift card to Le Gourmet Chef.  Oh the fun I had in that store, spending money!  My shiny new food scale is perfect for weighing out food that I get from Sam's Club!

Greg and I followed up that wonderful birthday by attending the Twins Game at the Chamber event on Tuesday night.  Oh!  My first Twins game, and they won!  I met some wonderful people and had a blast talking with others, especially since they were kind enough to share their umbrellas when it rained.  (Greg was still by biggest hero though; like an idiot who hasn't learned what it means to live in Minnesota yet, I was totally unprepared for the chilly night.  I had nary a jacket or long sleeve shirt to combat the cooling of the eve.  He gave me his Twins jacket whilest braving the elements, all in the name of chivalry.  Totally wouldn't have made it an hour were it not for his kindness!)

The rain, though pleasant enough, didn't stick around the entire time.  And look at what God let us see afterwards!
I think a good time was had by all...

I'm just wishing that it could be my birthday again THIS week!  It was too much fun for just one day...

Kelly - Business Development:
Welcome, May! Unfortunately, this week hasn't been full of nice spring weather-- strong winds and chilly temperatures! Where is spring? At least we're getting some much needed rain this week!

This week has been a good one at the office! Shalee and I have had the time to attend to a few miscelaneous office administrative projects throughout the week. I also edited and uploaded another video showcasing a fantastic parking lot striping project for one of our customers.

On a personal note, earlier this week I was adjusting from such a fun birthday weekend in Kansas City. Every time we travel down to Kansas City, it's whirlwind and it really seems to drain me for the following few days! We had quality time with my family, had a blast at the Indy race at the Kansas Speedway, and even had the time to see one of Greg's cousin's new baby boy, Alexander!
This weekend I plan to watch the movie, "Iron Man 2" with Greg, do a little bit of spring shopping, and attend to a few finishing touches on our painting project from two weeks ago. Perfect activities for a rainy/chilly weekend if you do ask me! :-)


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
The saga of becoming a home owner becomes more & more interesting! I have been on the purchasing end of a short sale for 15 weeks of complete madness! We still do not have a firm answer and don’t see anything extremely promising in the immediate future. To top it all off, I need to be out of my current residence by the end of the month, hopefully something works in our favor soon here as we approach the end of May and the wedding in mid-June!

Check out the latest video that Kelly put together for me on parking lot striping. We have been working on the same 2 projects for over two weeks now due to the frequent rain and heavy wind gusts. We were unable to finish the stenciling at this point because the wind gusts are so high it will blow the paint, so we are on standby. Hopefully we can wrap these projects up this weekend because we have another striping job scheduled for the weekend of the 15th as well!

Two of my customers in the south just signed up for some quarterly routine work that we will be performing for them. One project is machine scrubbing their entire warehouse for them and an initial cleanup next week prior to their owner coming into town for a visit. We will also do a super detail clean of the entire property to make sure it’s very presentable for his arrival. The second contract is for HVAC routine maintenance. I am excited for this one as it is my first routine maintenance contract. We have been working closely with our current contractor on individual service calls for random electrical and plumbing issues, quarterly checks, filter changes, and heating/cooling startups in spring and fall! We were able to save the customer some money, while providing them a more detail oriented scope of work and myself as a single point of contact which made it an easy decision for them to sign on with us!!

Cold weather continues to push through :-( I’m getting excited for my vacation time at the end of the month which will be a combination of moving my stuff to a new residence or possibly a nearby Public Storage! I will probably have a lot of free time (perhaps stand-by flights are in order for Baton Rouge or Phoenix??). A friend of mine asked me to be a guest speaker to her class of high school students so I am looking forward to that. I haven’t had any opportunities to speak, teach, or mentor since the last time I was volunteering for Young Life, so I’m excited to get in front of a group of students and educate and answer any questions I can for them!

~Your City Wide Team

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Office Humor for the Week

Mmmm! In the mood for some White Castle Sliders??

Just light up your own White Castle Candle to enjoy the aroma of greasy hamburgers, buttery buns, and sweet onions... all without the grease stains! White Castle is celebrating their 89th birthday by offering these scented candles. You can purchase them at any store or online as well.
 Photo courtesy of

To make the deal even sweeter, White Castle is donating all of their proceeds towards the Autism Speaks foundation.

Pretty cool-- and funny!

~Your City Wide Team

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Parking Lot Striping Project

Check out our latest video, showcasing a parking lot striping project for one of our customers!

Mitch and the crew accomplished a lot for this customer. They striped new parking lot stalls, painted a pedestrian crosswalk area, and created a yellow barrier to serve as a "do not drive" caution area.

Parking Lot Striping Demonstration from City Wide Maintenance of MN on Vimeo.

Fantastic work Mitch and City Wide crew!

~Your City Wide Team