Friday, May 21, 2010

Week in Review: May 17th - 21st

Greg - President:
Greg is in Kansas City, enjoying the sun, barbeque and, oh yeah, the City Wide Maintenance convention!  He's going to come back with all sorts of renewed energy and exciting information to help us serve our customers even better!

Oh, and I'm sure he'll return with the golf trophy too.  He and Adam had it worked out to annihilate the other teams!


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
I am happy to say I just hit my 2 year mark with City Wide! Didn’t quite realize 2 years had come so quickly, and its been great being here so far and am thankful to be a part of a great team so far.

Its been another busy week in the world of projects. On Monday alone I was out doing my normal 8-10 inspections in the morning, visiting the start off of the drop clean project in downtown, and checking in on it again in the afternoon with Greg. After all of that I went out to visit a carpet clean and strip and wax job that was done over the weekend in Shakopee, a parking lot striping job in Minneapolis, and finally a pre-walk for a VIP visit the next after noon for one of our customers (we also did strip and wax and carpet cleaning over the weekend as well). All in all it was a good Monday!

This weekend we have a group of in contract wet burnish projects to complete for a few properties in town, and also will be doing one of our quarterly carpet cleans for a customer out in Apple valley.

I’m heading up to Detroit Lakes this weekend to pick up a boat for a friends dad and tow it back to the city. Since I’m up there of course I will be fishing, thanks for asking! I will be staying at another friends house and fishing his private lake hopefully to pull out some big Northern Pike, its one of my favorite places to fish because its hit or miss. You either catch 5-10 pike, or you catch none and move on. Also plan on fishing at another nearby lake for pan fish and the good news is the fishing report up there has been good so hopefully we can be successful.

Last weekend was pretty fun. I got shot with a lot of paintballs, played 36 holes of golf between Friday and Saturday, had a bonfire, and took it easy on Sunday, went to Church and I installed my trailer hitch on my vehicle.


Tyler - Quality Control Manager:
Spring has been crazy in the north metro! We have been doing a lot of detail cleaning for VIP visits! Mark Josephsen (night manager in the north) has been doing a great job with this. Thanks for your help Mark! Floor work has continued throughout the spring here along with window cleaning and parking lot maintenance. Let us know if we can provide a quote for any work you may need!

Did anyone see the Twins vs Boston game on Wednesday?! How many blown calls can that home umpire make? It was pretty one sided!! Twins lost that game 3 – 2 but could have easily been a Twins win considering Morneau is leading the AL batting average and he got called out on a bogus called strike. Hopefully we can take game 2 tonight. I still need to get out to the new stadium!! We’ll see.

The walleye’s weren’t really biting last weekend up at Vermillion. We caught 5 between 4 of us, and we’re out of the slot limit. We figure this was due to the early ice out this year so the fish are off schedule a bit. We had a blast, nonetheless, playing golf at the Wilderness which was a gorgeous course!

Looking forward to this weekend weather! I’ll be in southern Minnesota racing this weekend. Let’s hope for a big win!


Mark - Night Manager:
What an exciting week!  We had a restart/new start in Ryerson Plymouth. The new crew didn't miss a beat and the transition went very well.  I love it when my job is made all the easier due to some good people who care about what they do!

We just completed a viper tool job at Allina Forest Lake. We detailed 11 bathroom floors and the project turned out great. Now they have nice shiney floors, and we have some pretty content and satisfied customers - always a great combination!

On a personal note, I will be coaching my sons Tee Ball team this weekend!  Go Team!!!!  After that, I look forward to a couple of rounds of golf.

Shalee - Administration Manager:
This week is so much better after my last one!  My head is so much more clear and I was able to think so much more fluidly.  Always a good thing when needing to have your head in the game!

This week has been a little bit of a vacation for me because Greg, Kelly and Dick have been down in Kansas City at the City Wide Maintenance Convention, and I've been working away at a slightly less hectic pace.  God must have known that I really needed it!  It's been wonderful slowly clearing some things off my desk and actually having the time to straighten it up!  I definitely feel that my time has NOT been wasted here!

This weekend, Lord willing, I plan on enjoying every bit of sunshine that I can.  Other than that, I have a feeling that the smell of homemade cookies will be wafting along the hallway of our apartment building...  Maybe we'll leave some for our neighbors this time!

(Click here for the recipe!)


~Your City Wide Team