Friday, May 28, 2010

Week in Review: May 24th - 28

Greg - President:
This week we returned from our annual City Wide conference down in Kansas City. We're very lucky to have a great City Wide family full of successful and supportive friends. I learned a huge ammount of information about how to better run our company here in Minnesota. I can't wait to unleash a few new strategies to make us even better! Congrats to our team for winning Best Customer Retention of 2009 as well!
Kelly and me at our annual City Wide conference

We are very close with a few other cities and it's always so much fun to catch up and enjoy each other's company.
Minnesota, Cincinatti, and the Indianapolis families


Shalee - Administration Manager:
What a chaotic week!  With most of the office gone for 2 days, I've been busy, busy, busy!  There's something to say about job security though...  :)

This week I partook of a webinar which showed some excellent resourses for our cleaning services.  I can't wait to see how that will have a positive effect on our clients AND our independent contractors!

This long weekend, we tried to schedule some house looksees, but we were denied.  I don't get that!  When we had our house on the market, I dropped most everything to have someone potentially buy it!  Oh well, we'll spend some time enjoying our weekend by the pool and with some friends instead...

Hope y'all have a wonderful and safe weekend!  Welcome SUMMER!


Kelly - Business Development:
This week has been a pretty short week for me! Coming back to work on Tuesday after our annual City Wide conference and then leaving work on Friday to start our Memorial Day weekend!

After an extremely successful conference with City Wide corporate and other cities, we here at City Wide are eagar to impliment new strategies and ideas regarding marketing, maintenance/cleaning, and overall ideas on how to serve our customers better. I love coming back from the conference with an overwhelming excitement about City Wide. It sure is nice to a part of a company that you believe in!

While down in Kansas City, I also had some time to spend with my family. We enjoyed a nice lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and did a bit of shopping as well.
My dad, my mom, me, and my sister at lunch.

As for the Memorial Day weekend, I am already "up north" (I love how that is a phrase here in Minnesota :-)) at Lake of the Woods, ready to fish, boat, and relax! I've only been to the Lake of the Woods during the winter to ice fish, so I'm eager to see how the water/landscape is different.
I'm excited to stop in Baudette next to The Biggest Walleye in the world and take a summer picture with Greg :-)


~Your City Wide Team