Friday, June 25, 2010

Week in Review: June 21st - 25th

Greg- President:
This has been a very busy week for me here at City Wide!! Not only have I been recovering this week from our vacation to Colorado, but I've also been filling in for Mitch while he is on his honeymoon, as well as playing in two golf tournaments and of course my normal weekly duties! Thank goodness that the weekend is upon us!

Like mentioned, City Wide was a sponsor for two tournaments this week-- the Bloomington Chamber of Commerce held their tournament at the Minnesota Valley Country Club and the IFMA held their tournament at the Legends in Prior Lake. Both tournaments were amazing-- great company, unbelievable course conditions, and amazing food! Golf has always been one of my favorite past times, and I love being able to network and make connections while partaking in one of my hobbies!

In addition to our busy week, we also signed on to perform a big interior painting project for one of our established clients in St Paul. I really enjoy to no end being a reliable resource for our customers-- they can truely turn to us for any building maintenance need!!

Here are some pictures from our recent trip to Colorado-- on Saturday morning before the wedding that we attended, Kelly and I went fly fishing with a guide in Steamboat Springs. Turns out, the guide is 3-time Olympic medalist (including Vancouver!), Johnny Spillane. He was a fantastic guide, humble as can be, and super friendly. Unfortunately this is the only picture we have from our fishing trip, taken from my Blackberry. This is the first rainbow trout I have ever caught... though I ended up catching an even bigger rainbow trout at 18 inches long!
 Visiting the Coors Brewery in Golden, Colorado.
What a fun tour!!


Shalee - Administration Manager:
This week has been crazy awesome!  Where else can you get paid to sit by a golf hole and play a game with the players on the course!? 

I tell you what, it's a hard life, but somebody has to live it.  :)

Kelly and I had a blast conversing and laughing with the participants of two golf events for which we were sponsors - the Bloomington Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament at MVCC and the IFMA Golf Tournament at Legends Golf Course.  Both of these groups were fun and excited to be there which made the day all the better!  (Thanks to Tim for buying us a drink!!)

We're still on the hunt for a Business Developer.  Scheduling phone interviews and in-person interviews have been the mainstay of my daily activities.  I'm just praying that we can find the perfect person the first time so that I can work on some other things around the office - like training!

On a personal side, we had our daughter's boyfriend (by boyfriend, I mean that the two of them can say that they like each other and THAT'S IT because she won't be dating until 16 and she still has 2 years to go for that to happen!) over for dinner and a movie on Tuesday.  It was a first meet for us, so you know that the awkwardness of the event had to happen.  We livened it up a bit by inviting him over on Thursday for dinner and cards.  We whomped him in Hearts.  Yep.  We like him just fine.  :)  Next time, we'll see how he handles himself with Spades...

The weekend holds lots of stuff: planning for a VBS set to start next week, helping a friend for her daughter's open house (MN is wack-crazy about graduates open houses!!!), picking our son up from camp and dropping his older sister off for it and traveling to Des Moines to hand our son off to the grandparents.  It's almost as if I'll be ready for Monday to arrive so that it can save me from my weekend...


Kelly - Business Development:
This certainly has been an interesting week here at City Wide!! After coming back from our (almost) week-long vacation to Colorado on Sunday, this week was filled with a lot of catch-up work. However, we were out of the office a few of the days this week which made "catching-up" a little interesting :-)

Our vacation to Colorado consisted of a lot of catching up with great friends, taking in a bit of sight-seeing, some shopping, fishing, golfing, and a wedding at the top of Steamboat Springs. It was a trip that we will never forget, it was amazing!!

This week City Wide sponsored two different golf tournaments for both the Bloomington Chamber of Commerce and IFMA. Shalee and I manned Hole 1 and the Putting Green at the tournaments, having contests at both stops. It was a really fun time meeting board members and company owners/employees. At times the weather became a bit questionable (high winds, muggy temps, rain, etc), but as Shalee pointed out to me several times-- a bad day on the golf course is better than a good day at work! ;-)

I'm not quite sure what the weekend has in store-- undoubtedly I'll be playing catch-up still on the home front! Laundry, World Cup matches (go USA!), a good book, and sleep are all top on my list of things to do! :-)

Tyler - Quality Control Manager:
It has been a couple weeks since I’ve posted; it’s been so busy at City Wide! Finally Summer is here and the sun and heat have decided to come out here in June-- it’s about time! Not much is new from the last time I posted other than we’re getting close to unveiling the new High Performance Cleaning Program to our teammates and cleaners. We will be partnering with Hillyard for all our supplies and chemicals. This program should end up shaving down cleaning time and ultimately saving our customers money along with reducing cleaning times. This will not only benefit our clients, but our cleaning crews as well! Stay tuned-- more to come on High Performance Cleaning in the coming weeks!

I’m heading to my first Twins game next Thursday!! I popped a few extra bucks to sit behind the Twins dugout to really experience Target Field. I’m looking forward to finally checking this out! If anyone has a few pointers for my first visit, I’m open for suggestions. Good places to eat?

I’m looking to do some fishing this weekend up at the cabin. Hoping I can reel in some shore lunch. Wish me luck!


Mitch -  Quality Control Manager:
Mitch has no doubt been relishing in the quality time with his new wife, soaking up the Mexico sun rays, and enjoying being out of the office this week while on his honeymoon!! We eagerly await his return next week and can not wait to hear all about the wedding/reception and his honeymoon adventures!

~Your City Wide Team