Friday, June 11, 2010

Week in Review: June 7th - 11th

Greg - President:
This week has been another busy week. I've been out of the office a lot, meeting with current clients, prospective customers, and fitting in a little time to have fun as well-- Tuesday night I went to the Twins/Royals game with a few of our clients. Thankfully we won, which made the nice evening even better!

We have been focusing on our team getting certified in High Performance Cleaning. We're very excited to impliment this new cleaning structure with our clients-- it will save them time, money, and ensure that their facilities, offices, and buildings are cleaner than ever!


Kelly - Business Development:
This has been a long week—as most weeks before a vacation normally do! Next week Greg and I are heading out of state to visit some friends in Colorado. We are visiting our best friend from college as well as going to a wedding of one of Greg’s best friends from high school. The wedding is in Steamboat and the guests get to ride a gondola up to the wedding site on the mountain!! As you can imagine, it has been a little hard for me to focus this week with the excitement right around the corner :-)

However, a huge amount of work has been done despite my distractions! Shalee and I have been focusing most of our attention this week on our marketing campaign. In addition I’ve bid a few special projects including snow removal—even though I hate to think about snow as summer is just beginning, it is nice to be there for prospective clients! Towards the beginning of the week, we worked on a parking lot striping bid and just found out that we have been awarded this project!

We also had our monthly Score Card meeting this week. It is always nice to get together with the City Wide Team when we can, as most of the time we’re all coming & going! Mitch’s fiancĂ©, Liz made a strawberry-rhubarb pie from scratch and it was so unbelievably delicious. Thanks Liz! What a very summery treat!

This weekend I have plans to relax a bit and attack my growing list of things to pack for our trip to Colorado. Greg and I had hoped to take the boat out and maybe attend a race down in Elko, but I think the rain may interfere. We’ll see… maybe we’ll get lucky! :-)


Tyler - Quality Control Manager:
These past few weeks for me have been super busy!! All of us in the office have been focusing on getting certified on High Performance Cleaning: We’re unveiling a new cleaning system that will improve the quality of service and cut down on labor times with a new cleaning structure involving a microfiber pulsation mopping system. Though this will come with a larger upfront cost to our cleaning crews, the amount of time we spend cleaning in buildings each night should shorten. We’ve been working hard to gain more knowledge and insight into this product and system so that we can show this to the entire cleaning team. VERY EXCITING STUFF!

It looks as if our Spring Cleaning projects are finally starting to slow down. Most Strip & Wax work projects that kept us extremely busy this spring have been completed, and are winding down. One item that we’re still very busy with here at the beginning of the summer is Window Washing projects for our clients. I personally, am still anxious to perform parking lot maintenance work involving asphalt and line striping. If anyone needs a bid, please let me know!

I watched the exciting finale of the Stanley Cup Finals this week with the Black Hawks winning the Cup. They were one of the original 6 teams to play in the NHL and it’s been 49 years since they’ve won the Cup. Even though it was our Wild team winning, I was pretty excited for Chicago’s team. I’ve been fishing a lot lately and been riding my dirt bike nearly every weekend. As you may tell, I really enjoy the outdoors!
Adios until next week!


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
This week has been another busy one-- getting out and seeing all of my customers, and still catching up on some remaining office work from my previous week of vacation. We spent quite a bit of office time getting to the bottom of a software glitch in our invoice creation system. Clearing this up will free up a lot of time in the future for us and other new employees down the road.

It looks like we are closing another small parking lot striping job in the south metro! We will be scheduling it on a Monday morning for sometime later this month. It’s a pretty straight forward job with a little curb painting and some basic stenciling, but it’s really nice to be able to have our clients rely on us to produce excellent service!

My evenings this week have been crazy, filled with preparation for our wedding! Wednesday night, we started cooking all of the food. We are making all Cajun food for the event (Shrimp Etouffe and Sausage/Chicken Gumbo) It all freezes extremely well, so at the reception it will be easily warmed up for dinner! My future sister-in-law also drove up from Baton Rouge, Louisiana this week to do the majority of the cooking and run errands during the day while we are working-- she is an incredible help! Our close date on the house is the 18th (the day before our wedding!) so we will be able to move in as soon as we come back from our honeymoon in Mexico—that will be a hectic week for sure!

Last weekend Greg and I fished through the rain on Saturday… Greg did most the catching, but toward the end of the 6 hour tour I finally reeled in a pike, somewhere between 26-28”… were not going to share what the actual score was :-D It was a good time out there even though we got wet!!


Mark - Night Manager:
This week was a great week! All of our clients were happy, and we had no major issues with our cleaning crews. Tonight I'm excited to work with our crew on a big carpet cleaning project. We're confident that it will turn out exceptionally well for our client!

On a personal note it was great to see the Chicago Blackhawks win Lord Stanley's Cup this week!!

~Your City Wide Team