Friday, June 4, 2010

Week in Review: May 31st - June 4th

Greg - President:
This week sure was a busy one! Not only was I recovering from an amazing trip up to Lake of the Woods, but we seemed to be go-go-go here at the City Wide office!

We are looking for the perfect candidate to be hired to join our business development team here at City Wide. We've been actively searching and sending out preliminary interview questionaires this week.

In addition, we all have been focused on getting certified in a High Performance Cleaning module. We're learning all aspects of chemicals, equipment, team cleaning, safety, etc.

On a personal note, I have been energized about fishing since returning from Lake of the Woods. We caught close to 100 walleyes over the weekend-- and even hooked into an Eel Pout!! :-)
This weekend I'm looking forward to partaking in some more fishing, believe it or not! :-)


Kelly - Business Development:
After the long Memorial Day weekend up at Lake of the Woods, I was rather eager to get back into my routine at work!! We've been cranking out multiple special service project proposals for our customers this week. In addition, Greg, Mitch and I had a walk-through with a new customer this afternoon. We start cleaning their property on July 1st and it was really nice to walk through and get to know all of the tenants!

I couldn't write my weekly post without bragging sharing pictures from this past fishing trip! I'm not a huge fisherwoman, but I enjoy the thrill and excitement. My biggest accomplishment was hooking into a 26.5 inch walleye-- the biggest of the whole trip!
Dick, Greg, and I had a great time up at Lake of the Woods!


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
It’s been a good start to the month already. There is so much on our plate! We started 2 new accounts in the south metro this week: one a manufacturing/cardboard cutting/printing location that was very dirty when we started, and the second is a realty customer that is quickly becoming more of a group customer of ours. The realty office was very dusty but not to the level of the manufacturing location. I spent a good amount of time out at the manufacturing location doing some heavy dusting alongside the crew and my night manager to make sure we were off to a good start. I visited them both on Wednesday morning to get smiles and “thank you’s” out of each of the customers. It is quite fun to really make the initial impact, but it’s much more rewarding to keep it maintained and not have to play catch up 6 or 9 months later!

We at City Wide also have a few upcoming extra charge projects this weekend. Two dialysis units are getting their final wax work of the quarter complete and then those are in the books until August/September when we do in-between wet burnishes to keep them looking great! Also this weekend or next weekend (haven’t scheduled firmly yet) we are doing a machine scrub of some rest rooms and entryways at a clinic in town. Aside from that, we continue to take on turn-cleans at an apartment complex in town. The turn-cleans continue to present new and interesting challenges for us, and we love being able to help them conquer any issues!

In other news, my fiancĂ© and I FINALLY received approval and are closing on the house in the last 10 days of June! It has been quite the process and I am very glad it’s over… although I could have used the relief from it last month rather than in the last couple weeks leading up to the wedding!

Memorial day weekend was great for me! I wrapped up the last part of my vacation time that I had. Every year for my birthday since I’ve been four years old, I go camping in Cloquet! Now my friends and I carry on the tradition every year on Memorial Day weekend. We arrived on Friday and setup camp. First thing on Saturday, we did some fishing-- within 2 casts our #1 Rookie Fisher, Marybeth caught a 3 pound bass!! Then it slowed up for the rest of the afternoon. We snuck back out in the evening and caught 3 or 4 more bass and called it an evening. We did some hiking up at Jay Cooke State park (I highly recommend going there sometime if you are ever headed up toward Duluth), which is always a good time, I love watching the white water and the freedom you have to slightly push the limits jumping rock to rock over moving water.


Mark- Night Manager:
What a short week after returning from the holiday! I hope everyone had a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend! I am greatful to work for such a wonderful company!

In one of my accounts this week, our customer’s upper management approved a hard floor care job, which the customer didn't originally have in their budget. This will be a great improvement and make the customer a lot happier! I’m excited to get our City Wide crew out to their site and do a fantastic job on their flooring!

On a personal note, my wife and I found out we are expecting our third child in January so we’ve been busy with the excitement of getting ready for the baby! My son will be celebrating his fourth birthday this weekend with lots of family and friends coming in from all of the country-- should be fun time celebrating!

Even though I may be in the minority, I have to say that it was also nice to see the Twins get swept and the White Sox pick up a game-- GO SOX!

~Your City Wide Team