Friday, July 30, 2010

Week in Review: July 26th - 30th

Greg - President:
Happy Friday, all! It's so hard to believe that July is already over... seems like it just began yesterday. Things are going very well here this week and I think we'd all agree that we're excited for the weekend! I actually am up at Brainerd right now for the weekend, and here is the latest picture of my fishing adventures:
4.5 pound bass caught just this morning!!

On Monday of this week, Tyler and I played together in a charity golf event put on by one of our customers, HSI. We had a really fun time enjoying the nice weather and playing golf. After the tournament, we sat with Dan the Common Man from KFAN radio which was fun as well!

This week I was also busy with visiting high profile prospects here in the Twin Cities. I delivered cinnamon rolls from Isle Bakery to the companies-- and they were nice enough to bring baked goods to the gals in the office all week long too! :-)

We've been busy with bidding a high rise window washing project for several hotels in town. As well as multiple snow removal projects. Even though it is a bit depressing to know that winter is right around the corner, it is really exciting to be so busy with this avenue of building maintenance!


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
This week we handled four turn cleans for an apartment complex up in Plymouth and a couple guest suite cleanings over the weekend at an apartment complex in Eagan. The Eagan one was a bit of a surprise because it came up last minute and the customer texted me from her personal cell phone as a precaution since it was the weekend! I assured her it was no problem to call in the future, we’re always happy to help out our customers at any time!

The big snow removal bid that we’ve been working on these past two weeks has been submitted… there were four companies in the room, and I’ve been told that two of us have a chance at the project. I feel like I have a bit of the upper hand since I’ve been successfully servicing the account for multiple projects over the last two years and we’ve always been in great standing with both points of contact. However, this week we do say farewell to our point of contact at this building and a new one will be coming on board to replace him in the near future. The good news is, over the couple years I have established relationships throughout the building so I should be able to help keep the new facility manager informed with what I know about the property so we can have a great partnership on site and keep things running smoothly.

This weekend the in-laws are coming into town. That is the first time I’ve been able to say that, sounds kind of weird the first time :-) We have a round of golf scheduled in the early afternoon, followed by various house projects that they are up to help with. Liz’s mom will be working on the immediate landscaping outside our door at the townhouse (the one area we are responsible for and have general freedom of what is in there), and I will be finishing up the bar if I don’t have it done over the next few nights while the wife is in Canada (ehh?) for business.


~Your City Wide Team

Friday, July 23, 2010

Week in Review: July 19th - 23rd

Greg - President:
This week was once again a busy, busy week full of very fun and different events!

On Monday, I was able to spend a bit of time with Kelly's parents and sister-- we ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp at the Mall of America before doing some shopping and seeing a movie. Suprisingly, we have actually never eaten there before, and we all loved our lunches!

On Tuesday, Shalee and I attended a Vikings luncheon organized through the Bloomington Chamber of Commerce. We got to see the Vikings locker room and other fun things. It was very interesting to hear from a Vikings Representative speak about how the team has impacted the Twin Cities as a whole. I personally am rooting for a new stadium for the 'Vikes-- we all deserve it!
(Brett Favre's rocking chair, hahah! ;-))

On Wednesday, my dad and I took the whole Operations Team to the Twins/Indians game to celebrate our #1 and #2 Quality Control Managers. Even though just Mitch and Tyler won the award, we have to recognize Mark and Eric our Night Managers who are both integral parts of why our system works so flawlessly. Big thanks to Mitch, Eric, Tyler, and Mark-- you guys are fantastic!!

In between those two events, I've been extremely busy with meeting with prospective clients-- I proposed cleaning solutions to two different large industrial plants in St Paul. I also met with a large construction group this morning to introduce myself and City Wide with the hopes of aiding in construction clean-up work. I am also getting geared up to do the summer sales run to property managers in the twin cities.

This weekend I'm hoping for dry, nice weather-- hopefully will be able to take the boat out, fish a bit, and enjoy some golf as well!


Shalee - Administration Manager:
Another week has zoomed by, whipping past me so fast that I feel as if I could have whiplash!  We've accomplished a lot with the 5 days lotted for work!

The search for a second Business Developer is still in full swing.  You'd think it be easy to fill this role, but we're pretty picky about selecting the right person for the position.  It will help all of us out in the long run.

On Tuesday, Greg and I had the pleasure of attending the Bloomington Chamber of Commerce event, touring the Vikings' facility, Winter Park.  We heard from Vikings representative who outlined the impact the Vikings make on the community, its leadership in the NFL and the reasons why a new stadium is so desperately needed.  Afterwards we heard about how Vikings scout and prepare for their season.  Looks like we have a great team this year... especially if Favre will return!  We'll just have to wait and see...

We toured the facility too, and I was thrilled to visit the locker room! See what I saw!
Standing by Favre's locker (that had Wrangler jeans!)
My favorite thing was this though:
That's my foot next to McKinnie's size 18 shoe!  That's 2 of my feet!!!
Thursday was fun! We were able to man the 4th green at the NAIOP golf tourny. Kelly is a great person with whom to share that kind of work detail!  Though it started off wet, it cleared up and we met some really nice people on the green!  Dinner was fun talking with Kelly and some of our newfound friends.  A big bonus is that I actually won one of the silent auction prizes.  Just in time for our18th Anniversary this weekend!

On the personal front, Paul has been traveling, training in KS for the past two weeks.  Since we're from there, he took the kids to spend time with their best friends.  Me?   I've been waiting impatiently for them to come home!  They'll be here Saturday, just in time for me to plant a kiss on Paul to say "Happy Anniversary and I'm so glad you married me!"  (Personally, I can't believe we're at 18 already... Where does the time go?!)  Then the kids will get their share because I've missed them greatly.


Kelly - Business Development:
I've been in both hard-work and recovery-mode this week as I adjust back into the swing of things. After having my parents and sister visit for 5 jam-packed days, I was ready for some normalcy! Greg and I really enjoyed them visiting and we had a great time! It was fun to volunteer with Feed My Starving Children, enjoy some shopping and movie watching, and to relax out on the lake.

Once again, we've been working hard on snow/lawn bids for this upcoming season. Like I said last week, it's a little rough to think about snow... yet it really is right around the corner ;-) I've also been focusing on recruiting new hard-working and experienced cleaning crews to join our team.

Yesterday, Shalee and I had a fun time maning Hole 4 Green at The Wilds Golf Club in Prior Lake for the NAIOP golf tournament. The weather ended up being really beautiful and we had a fun time meeting those involved in commercial real estate and development!


Tyler - Quality Control Manager:
This past week Mitch and I have been soaking up our recent win of #1 and #2 Quality Control Managers in the nation for City Wide. We were rewarded handsomely by a company outing to the Twins game on Wednesday against the Indians-- which we won! It’s always exciting to know that we’re among the nation’s top performers when it comes to our day to day operations. Nice work, Mitch!

I recently completed a large parking lot crack sealing and seal coating project for one of our larger clients that turned out perfect! What a world of difference an excellent job like this makes on the appearance of a driveway or parking lot. If you or anyone you know would like to speak about having this done, please contact my cell to set up a meeting time. 651-335-4866.

We’re getting closer and closer to unrolling our High Performance Cleaning system in our buildings. A number of our crews have already made the transition and are taking notice of the improved levels of cleaning. Not to mention the reduction of cleaning time!! Thanks to the hard work of our corporate partners in Kansas City for putting this whole process together. This type of innovation is needed in all facets of business to stay ahead of the curve and on top of competition. Thanks, boys!

I'm hoping for some warm dry weather this weekend!! Adios!


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
This has been a very entertaining week! We kicked off a new start for janitorial at a cardboard packaging company on Monday—the first night went very well! Tonight we will be cleaning their carpets to help the overall presentation in the main entry and hallways into the building as well. We took this building over after they didn’t have a janitor for a few weeks so it was extra dirty For the first three nights with Eric our South Metro Night Manager on site, we made great strides in getting the building up to standard!

We sure are busy here on the South side of the Metro… we have another carpet cleaning tonight at a building in Eagan. We wrapped up four turn cleans at one of our client’s apartment complex in Plymouth and have four more scheduled for next week. We have some viper tool grout cleaning for one of our group customers coming up and possibly one more shortly after that. And we’re submitting a final proposal for snow and lawn care for one of my biggest customers in the South, so I have my fingers crossed on that one. It should be a good quarter again for the South Metro after being ranked number 1 in the QCM contest!!

Wednesday afternoon the Operations Team enjoyed the 91 degree weather at Target Field and watched the Twins dominate 6-0 over the Indians who were on a 6 or 7 game hot streak! That was great, it was the first time for all of us except Greg and Tyler so we had a good time checking out the stadium, trying out the dome dog replacement (which was awesome)and a massive cheeseburger and fries… it was a great time! I was the only one that sat out in the sun the entire game-- my reward was a red nose :-) The rest of the crew filtered in and out of the tavern on 2nd level to stay cool.

Heading into this weekend it’s looking pretty nice, I have been working on refinishing a bar that we bought for the basement at the new house. Its been a few months since I’ve worked on any furniture so it’s nice to have a break from it. I enjoy working on furniture, but it can be such a messy and time consuming project. We bought a new couch for the basement last night and today or tomorrow the most important piece will be installed… the flat panel TV to hang on the wall-- my personal favorite addition to the house!! Sounds like we’re going to play a round of “glow golf” on Saturday evening. I’m predicting a mosquito frenzy but who can say no to hitting a glow in the dark ball with a few friends, and especially when scores don’t count? :-)

~Your City Wide Team

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Helping Those In Need with City Wide of MN

This past weekend, on Saturday the 17th, we at City Wide got together and enjoyed an afternoon of volunteering at Feed My Starving Children in Eagan. Fun was had by all as we packed meals of chicken/vitamin seasoning, dried veggetables, soy powder, and rice for children in need all over the world.

Mitch (Quality Control Manager) and Greg (President) showing off their fashionable hair nets.
Back Row: Mitch and Liz Brunette, Greg and Kelly Mansfield, Kelly's parents Lisa and Larry
Front Row: Shalee and Dick
Not Shown: Shalee's husband Paul (who was taking the picture!)

We worked at packing meals for an hour and a half... though I don't think any of us would have called it "work". Our time spent at FMSC was more centered around fun and helping those in need! At times you could have seen us singing along and boogy-ing to the music being played as well :-)
Overall, we packed 15,000 meals!!
That is enough meals to feed 43 starving children for a whole year.

If you're interested in volunteering with Feed My Starving Children, check out their website here. Spending an afternoon at Feed My Starving Children is a fun, easy, and fantastic way to give back to those in need!

~Your City Wide Team

Friday, July 16, 2010

Week in Review: July 12th - 16th

Shalee - Administration Manager:
What was up with this week?!  I feel as if my head is spinning from all the activities and tasks that have been on our plate.  We have one new Business Development person in the office and she's a spitfire!  Diane is a go-getter.  Confidence is her middle name, I think.  We're all adjusting to the new routines and having an extra face in the office.  Kelly even moved to another spot in the office to make room. Though we're in the same office, I miss seeing and talking with her like we have been doing throughout the course of the day.

This week, my family has been in Kansas for the week, my husband on business and my kids on fun (visiting friends that we've left behind).  I've been all by my lonesome, except last night I hung out with our IT guy's family.  They were a total blast and I can't believe that it's taken 7 months for me to meet up with them.  I'm really looking forward to growing that relationship... and drinking more of Mark's mojitos!

My husband comes home tonight!  I'm so excited to see him again... and to have someone else make breakfasts.  (That's his job normally, so you and I both know that cereal has been my mainstay for the past week!)

Tomorrow, I'm really pumped about volunteering at Feed My Starving Children!  What a fabulous service to do in the city!  We'll be at the Eagan location, dishing in rice, veggies, protein and soy to feed some hungry kid in the world.  You know, I know I can't fix the world, but I love that I can do something to help other people and all it takes is my time.


Kelly - Business Development:
Wow! I sure can not believe that a whole week is already done and gone! And once again it was a jam-packed week! I got a bit of a change of environment this week-- I moved my desk into Tyler and Mitch's office to make room for Diane! I promised Tyler and Mitch that I would not mess with their temperature control, so I've been a bit chilly... but it's been a nice move so far :-) I have to admit though, I do miss the chatter between Shalee and me throughout the day!

This week I've been busy with bidding multiple snow/lawn proposals. As much as I would not like to think about the winter months, it is time for our clients and prospective customers to remember that snow season is right around the corner-- do you need your parking lot taken care of this winter?

I am actually off work today because my Mom, Dad, and sister are here to visit us for a few days. We have plans to BBQ, shop, do a little horse race betting, see a few movies, enjoy the lake on our boat, relax and catch up, and take part in a volunteer service with Feed My Starving Children tomorrow with a few of the City Wide crew. More information on how it goes coming soon!


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
Another busy week in the life of a QCM… right off the top I want to say thanks to Kelly for giving Tyler and myself props on the blog for taking 1st and 2nd place in the company wide “who’s most awesome at their job” contest (Paraphrased title!) In all reality, it is very exciting to see the hard work be noticed and to see how you compare to others on the balanced score card. Tyler and I must be doing something right since we topped the charts and only we separated by .2 of a point…

This week we wrapped up with one of our biggest customers carpet cleaning projects and viper tool tile/grout cleaning. That project in addition to their windows inside and out, and strip and wax work that will get done this weekend totals over $10,000 in billing. Its great to be so useful, beneficial and economical to the customer for their regular services needed annually.

Its time for my territory to grow! In addition to the two new starts we had in the south this month, I absorbed one account from Tyler to free up some of his time (he’s managing more business currently…that’s why he is the man) and Greg sold another one that we walked through and are starting on Monday.

On a personal note, 3 weeks into married life and everything is a-o-k…the house took up all of our first 10 days coming back from Mexico. We now have completed 90% of the painting. I installed a new dishwasher, overhead oven fan/light, 2 new light fixtures (1 more is ordered then will go up), a tub faucet and shower head and I’m sure a few more things. We were lucky enough that our Townhome association was putting in a new concrete driveway so we worked out a deal with the contractor to pour in a new concrete patio as well for DIRT CHEAP which is getting done today…very exciting stuff. 6:45am tee time with my friend Tyler this weekend, and house work for the weekend.


~Your City Wide Team

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Congratulations, Mitch!!

Our very own Mitch Brunette, Quality Control Manager in the South Metro, has been deemed the #1 Quality Control Manager in City Wide for the first half of 2010. The standings were ranked on a number of variables that determined which QCM should be on top.

In the first half of 2010, Mitch has had exceptional customer retention with no lost accounts, in addition to an impressive amount of extra charge/special service projects. Way to lead the pack, give your best effort at all times, and represent City Wide of Minnesota with your outstanding operational skills!

Making us just as proud is Tyler Dubord, our Northern Metro QCM who came in at #2! In a 5 point score, Tyler came in just .2 points below Mitch. Let's hope that both of our Quality Control Managers rank just as high in these next 6 months!

Congratulations to both of you! :-)

~Your City Wide Team

Friday, July 9, 2010

Week in Review: July 5th - 9th

Greg - President:
Once again I find myself saying that it was another busy week here at City Wide— it is always busy but that is great news to hear!! I hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July weekend. Kelly and I went to a friend’s cabin on Big Pine Lake and had a really nice time. My 2nd cast for the trip on Friday resulted in me catching this guy:
Once back from our relaxing weekend trip, it was go-go-go at City Wide!! We really had some fun and exciting things come our way this week—starting with Diane being hired for our Business Development team. It’s been nice to get to know her a bit this week. She seems energetic and enthusiastic and I can’t wait to see what Diane can do for us here at City Wide!

I also had some great meetings with prospective clients this week as well. I met with a very large Synagogue in town to discuss their snow removal, lawn maintenance, and cleaning contract. It is such a beautiful facility and I know that City Wide would be a fantastic fit for them. In addition, I also met with a bank group regarding their snow removal for 5 separate locations. Very exciting prospects on the horizon for us in Minnesota!

On Wednesday, I took part in a strategic planning meeting with 7 other City Wide locations throughout the US. We had a very successful discussion about our sales and operational performance year to date. Every time I spend time with these other cities I’m thankful that we have such a fantastic company!

As far as this weekend goes, my brother and his wife are visiting from Kansas. We’re going golfing today and hope to take out the boat tomorrow. Let’s hope that the sun is out and that the wind is not! :-)


Kelly - Business Development:
This has been a short week and we sure have been busy around here!! Like normal, I've been working hard on our marketing program while assisting Greg, Tyler, and Mitch on any proposals needed. We've had some really nice prospective opportunities open up that we're excited and hopeful about signing on with!

In addition, our office was buzzing with excitement because of our new hire, Diane. Information about her will be coming shortly :-) We're very excited about Diane coming aboard here at City Wide!

Our 4th of July weekend was a full four days of fun! It was nice to have some gorgeous sunny weather to enjoy while on the boat! I accidentally dropped my camera in the lake but was able to find it the next day. The camera itself is shot, but I thankfully and miraculously recovered the pictures :-)
At the Twins game on Thursday...
 Greg and I at a 4th of July luau party :-)

For fun I like to bake and decorate cakes and I have a large 1st birthday order due tomorrow. Tonight you can find me baking and decorating 30 cupcakes and a cake! :-) Once I get the order out of the way, I'll be free to enjoy some fun times with Greg's brother and his wife who are visiting from Kansas. We're taking the boat out tomorrow on Minnetonka-- I'm hoping to catch some sun!


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
Another busy week at and outside work! We kicked off a couple new accounts last Thursday and then picked up on them again after the 4th of July weekend on Monday. This new account is a Day Time clean which takes up a lot of time during the new start process. It cause me to become very creative with handling both the new start and my normal day-to-day duties! Luckily this week we had minimal complaints and I was able to push through other projects throughout the week. I sure have been managing a lot of different projects this week!

Earlier this week we also did a demo carpet clean for one of our newer customers and it came out very well! We were able to lift 5-7 small soda spills and one BIG spill that covered 4-10 square feet in their fitness center which was great. It sure was wonderful to see the customer impressed with our carpet team!

We wrapped up a painting job at a building in downtown St Paul on Thursday. And today for one of our customers in Apple Valley, we are cleaning a large amount of carpet in the building, viper tool cleaning their rest rooms, window washing inside and out! And next week, we will strip and wax all of their floors. Earlier this year we did their parking lot line striping and also handled day porter service during their busiest time of year to keep rest rooms stocked and presentable in the middle of the day. This is definitely one of my favorite accounts to service because there is never a dull day on site!!

Last weekend was a great holiday weekend! I hope everyone had a great 4th of July, Ours was spent in Rochester with Liz’s brother for his birthday. We played some golf though the rain, played 3 strokes over my normal handicap which isn’t impressive to begin with but we had a great time.

Liz and I have been painting and doing minor repairs around our new home since we returned from our honeymoon to Mexico. We’ve been working hard, and we only have 2 major walls and a hallway that are left to be painted! We also finally have a couch that was delivered this week, a table set up with chairs, and some appliances on the counter—and even some groceries in the fridge!! Life is ALMOST normal at our house :-) Liz has been out of town on business this week, so I’ve been on my own to work on some projects-- even though she told me to take a few days off and just hang out with friends and play golf this weekend. Lastly, this week a new niece was born on my in-law’s side! She is very healthy, can’t wait to meet her soon!


~Your City Wide Team

Friday, July 2, 2010

Week of June 28th - July 1st

Greg - President:
This has been another busy week for me here at City Wide! At times, I admit, I've had to pull my mind away from weekend daydreaming and get back to the task at hand! :-) I'm pretty confident that many feel the same way as I do-- the 4th of July is finally upon us and I'm ready to have a great holiday weekend!

This week we got the great pleasure of signing on with a new apartment complex in Plymouth! Our start date was actually last night and we have heard nothing but great things from our contact and crew that the first clean went off without a hitch. We love having responsible and reliable crews so that in the case of short notice, we can help any prospective clients!!

I also had the fun opportunity of attending the Twins game on Wednesday with a local Property Management group! It was great to meet so many contacts, and of course the Twins won which made it even more fun!
I have also been busy with the process of hiring a new Business Development employee. We've had several impressive phone and in-person interviews this week and we hope to have the best candidate hired by next week!
From all of us at City Wide, we hope you all have a fun, relaxing, and safe 4th of July weekend!!

Shalee - Administration Manager:
Holy crow!!  It's July already!  This year is flying by so fast... certainly all the new things I'm doing at work is contributing to the quickness of time passing for me!

This week has been a doozy.  We are interviewing for Business Development positions and we've met a couple of winners right off the bat!  I'm praying that they'll be the perfect fit once we offer the job and get them up to speed on training.  It's a little bit of play it by ear for me since it's a new duty for me.  However, I think with these candidates, it shouldn't be too hard over all.

I'm cruising through the High Performance Cleaning program instituted by corporate.  We so desperately want to be the first to pass the program so that we can continue to separate ourselves as leaders in the company!  It's good material that will really help us, our clients and the ICs do a better job in and out of the buildings.  I love win-win-win situations!
On the homefront, this week has been packed for us!  In 2 days time, we've retrieved our son to camp, helped with an open house, done lots of laundry, readied/taken our daughter to camp and driven to Des Moines and back as we met the grandparents so that our son could play for a couple of weeks with a cousin. 

Monday through Thursday, Paul and I worked a VBS in the evenings, teaching and playing with 5th and 6th graders.  It was a total blast, but now am I really ready for a mini-vacation!  We're heading up to Ely, MN for some hiking, fishing and meeting up with some friends for laughing, canoeing and fun.  We're even taking an extra day to help relax my worn spirit. 

Hope everyone has a fabulous 4th of July!!  Remember, we live in a country unlike any other and we have MUCH to be thankful for in life, in liberty and the pursuit of happiness!  May your pursuit be successful!

Kelly - Business Development:
I simply cannot believe that it is already July... I rather think that the callendar is just playing a mean joke on me!! ;-) This week has gone by quickly though, which is nice as we're moving into the 4th of July holiday weekend! My main focus this week has been our marketing program, getting trained in our new High Performance Cleaning modules, and other miscellaneous duties around the office.

Last night Greg and I were able to steal away and attend the Twins baseball game. We had a great time hanging out with our friends!

It has been so gorgeous this week and unfortunately I've been spending a lot of time indoors! Thankfully though, we have a full weekend of cabin life at Big Pine Lake planned for the holiday. I fully intend to work on my tan, catch a few fish, enjoy some s'mores, light some fireworks, and relax! May this 4th of July bring you many fun, safe, and exciting memories!!


Tyler - Quality Control Manager:
This past week has been great! We’re working hard towards getting all of our crew members updated in using the pulse mopping system along with backpack vacuums in all of our buildings. It’s an exciting time considering that making the change will save our crews significant time each night.

Every now and then we run into certain buildings that require a pretty strenuous cleaning schedule that can be difficult to manage. I would like to send out a special thanks to my night manager in the north Mark Josephsen for his hard work in the evenings. He dedicates his schedule each night, moving building to building come rain or shine. We realize he cannot be in 8 places at once which is why he deserves credit for making his schedule work each night to accommodate the needs of each cleaning crew. Thanks for your hard work Mark! Especially on those buildings that require special attention.

I need to also send thanks to one of our hardest workers. Sergio has been part of our team since the beginning and dedicates each and every day to keeping his buildings looking great! Sergio also specializes in strip and wax projects throughout the north metro. You can imagine how busy he stays with that. Recently, he has taken on the challenge of performing some apartment turn cleans which can be very difficult at times. Thus far, he has excelled with this and we cannot thank him enough for making himself available at such short notices. Thanks Sergio!

My girlfriend and I finally made it to a game at Target Field last night. I flipped for some nice seats right behind the Twins dugout. The weather was PERFECT and we would have been extremely excited to watch the Twins dominate the Tampa Rays. Too bad that didn't happen as the Twins lost by one measly run. Oh well, we had a great time anyway!

Everyone have a safe and exciting 4th of July Holiday weekend!!


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:

Where to begin?! I’m finally back from Mexico on our honeymoon, which was fantastic. There have been countless things going on for me this week—a combination of catching up from last week’s paper work, filing emails, and two new contracts that start during the day (instead of night) for both of them which shakes up my normal route! It is always fun and entertaining to take on new buildings, learn their qwirks, and get to know the new people at the accounts over time!

Last week while I was gone, we did some parking lot striping that went very well. I had some assistance from Tyler getting in touch with the customer to verify the work was up to their standard. But our contracted apartment turn-cleans were the story of the week! My night manager Eric stepped it up big time while I was gone to really help manage this turn-clean process out at one of our buildings. Having Eric take phone calls during the day regarding this account had to have made it easier on the admin staff and Greg as well!

Yesterday was also quite busy-- starting off with me using a leaf blower, a backpack vacuum, and pulse mopping which totaled for a lot of walking. We just started out a new apartment complex in Plymouth where we use a leaf blower to blow the sidewalks clean at the entries instead of wasting time sweeping. We backpack vacuum for speed in the main entry ways, hallways, and stairs. And we use the pulse mop for the main clubhouse, bathrooms, and entryway. The customer also requested a turn clean at the last minute, so we are happy to knock it out for them this evening on short notice! We’re always appreciative of our crew’s willingness to jump right to it!

I can’t wait for the long weekend. I think I will spend some of it catching up on office, work but I have plenty of painting and minor repairs to continue on the house we just bought so that should keep me entertained. In addition to, I’ll be taking a trip or two to the furniture store, possibly pouring concrete for a new patio out of the back door, and 18 holes in Rochester for the new brother-in-law’s birthday-- should be a good/busy/entertaining weekend!


~Your City Wide Team