Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Helping Those In Need with City Wide of MN

This past weekend, on Saturday the 17th, we at City Wide got together and enjoyed an afternoon of volunteering at Feed My Starving Children in Eagan. Fun was had by all as we packed meals of chicken/vitamin seasoning, dried veggetables, soy powder, and rice for children in need all over the world.

Mitch (Quality Control Manager) and Greg (President) showing off their fashionable hair nets.
Back Row: Mitch and Liz Brunette, Greg and Kelly Mansfield, Kelly's parents Lisa and Larry
Front Row: Shalee and Dick
Not Shown: Shalee's husband Paul (who was taking the picture!)

We worked at packing meals for an hour and a half... though I don't think any of us would have called it "work". Our time spent at FMSC was more centered around fun and helping those in need! At times you could have seen us singing along and boogy-ing to the music being played as well :-)
Overall, we packed 15,000 meals!!
That is enough meals to feed 43 starving children for a whole year.

If you're interested in volunteering with Feed My Starving Children, check out their website here. Spending an afternoon at Feed My Starving Children is a fun, easy, and fantastic way to give back to those in need!

~Your City Wide Team