Friday, July 16, 2010

Week in Review: July 12th - 16th

Shalee - Administration Manager:
What was up with this week?!  I feel as if my head is spinning from all the activities and tasks that have been on our plate.  We have one new Business Development person in the office and she's a spitfire!  Diane is a go-getter.  Confidence is her middle name, I think.  We're all adjusting to the new routines and having an extra face in the office.  Kelly even moved to another spot in the office to make room. Though we're in the same office, I miss seeing and talking with her like we have been doing throughout the course of the day.

This week, my family has been in Kansas for the week, my husband on business and my kids on fun (visiting friends that we've left behind).  I've been all by my lonesome, except last night I hung out with our IT guy's family.  They were a total blast and I can't believe that it's taken 7 months for me to meet up with them.  I'm really looking forward to growing that relationship... and drinking more of Mark's mojitos!

My husband comes home tonight!  I'm so excited to see him again... and to have someone else make breakfasts.  (That's his job normally, so you and I both know that cereal has been my mainstay for the past week!)

Tomorrow, I'm really pumped about volunteering at Feed My Starving Children!  What a fabulous service to do in the city!  We'll be at the Eagan location, dishing in rice, veggies, protein and soy to feed some hungry kid in the world.  You know, I know I can't fix the world, but I love that I can do something to help other people and all it takes is my time.


Kelly - Business Development:
Wow! I sure can not believe that a whole week is already done and gone! And once again it was a jam-packed week! I got a bit of a change of environment this week-- I moved my desk into Tyler and Mitch's office to make room for Diane! I promised Tyler and Mitch that I would not mess with their temperature control, so I've been a bit chilly... but it's been a nice move so far :-) I have to admit though, I do miss the chatter between Shalee and me throughout the day!

This week I've been busy with bidding multiple snow/lawn proposals. As much as I would not like to think about the winter months, it is time for our clients and prospective customers to remember that snow season is right around the corner-- do you need your parking lot taken care of this winter?

I am actually off work today because my Mom, Dad, and sister are here to visit us for a few days. We have plans to BBQ, shop, do a little horse race betting, see a few movies, enjoy the lake on our boat, relax and catch up, and take part in a volunteer service with Feed My Starving Children tomorrow with a few of the City Wide crew. More information on how it goes coming soon!


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
Another busy week in the life of a QCM… right off the top I want to say thanks to Kelly for giving Tyler and myself props on the blog for taking 1st and 2nd place in the company wide “who’s most awesome at their job” contest (Paraphrased title!) In all reality, it is very exciting to see the hard work be noticed and to see how you compare to others on the balanced score card. Tyler and I must be doing something right since we topped the charts and only we separated by .2 of a point…

This week we wrapped up with one of our biggest customers carpet cleaning projects and viper tool tile/grout cleaning. That project in addition to their windows inside and out, and strip and wax work that will get done this weekend totals over $10,000 in billing. Its great to be so useful, beneficial and economical to the customer for their regular services needed annually.

Its time for my territory to grow! In addition to the two new starts we had in the south this month, I absorbed one account from Tyler to free up some of his time (he’s managing more business currently…that’s why he is the man) and Greg sold another one that we walked through and are starting on Monday.

On a personal note, 3 weeks into married life and everything is a-o-k…the house took up all of our first 10 days coming back from Mexico. We now have completed 90% of the painting. I installed a new dishwasher, overhead oven fan/light, 2 new light fixtures (1 more is ordered then will go up), a tub faucet and shower head and I’m sure a few more things. We were lucky enough that our Townhome association was putting in a new concrete driveway so we worked out a deal with the contractor to pour in a new concrete patio as well for DIRT CHEAP which is getting done today…very exciting stuff. 6:45am tee time with my friend Tyler this weekend, and house work for the weekend.


~Your City Wide Team