Friday, July 9, 2010

Week in Review: July 5th - 9th

Greg - President:
Once again I find myself saying that it was another busy week here at City Wide— it is always busy but that is great news to hear!! I hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July weekend. Kelly and I went to a friend’s cabin on Big Pine Lake and had a really nice time. My 2nd cast for the trip on Friday resulted in me catching this guy:
Once back from our relaxing weekend trip, it was go-go-go at City Wide!! We really had some fun and exciting things come our way this week—starting with Diane being hired for our Business Development team. It’s been nice to get to know her a bit this week. She seems energetic and enthusiastic and I can’t wait to see what Diane can do for us here at City Wide!

I also had some great meetings with prospective clients this week as well. I met with a very large Synagogue in town to discuss their snow removal, lawn maintenance, and cleaning contract. It is such a beautiful facility and I know that City Wide would be a fantastic fit for them. In addition, I also met with a bank group regarding their snow removal for 5 separate locations. Very exciting prospects on the horizon for us in Minnesota!

On Wednesday, I took part in a strategic planning meeting with 7 other City Wide locations throughout the US. We had a very successful discussion about our sales and operational performance year to date. Every time I spend time with these other cities I’m thankful that we have such a fantastic company!

As far as this weekend goes, my brother and his wife are visiting from Kansas. We’re going golfing today and hope to take out the boat tomorrow. Let’s hope that the sun is out and that the wind is not! :-)


Kelly - Business Development:
This has been a short week and we sure have been busy around here!! Like normal, I've been working hard on our marketing program while assisting Greg, Tyler, and Mitch on any proposals needed. We've had some really nice prospective opportunities open up that we're excited and hopeful about signing on with!

In addition, our office was buzzing with excitement because of our new hire, Diane. Information about her will be coming shortly :-) We're very excited about Diane coming aboard here at City Wide!

Our 4th of July weekend was a full four days of fun! It was nice to have some gorgeous sunny weather to enjoy while on the boat! I accidentally dropped my camera in the lake but was able to find it the next day. The camera itself is shot, but I thankfully and miraculously recovered the pictures :-)
At the Twins game on Thursday...
 Greg and I at a 4th of July luau party :-)

For fun I like to bake and decorate cakes and I have a large 1st birthday order due tomorrow. Tonight you can find me baking and decorating 30 cupcakes and a cake! :-) Once I get the order out of the way, I'll be free to enjoy some fun times with Greg's brother and his wife who are visiting from Kansas. We're taking the boat out tomorrow on Minnetonka-- I'm hoping to catch some sun!


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
Another busy week at and outside work! We kicked off a couple new accounts last Thursday and then picked up on them again after the 4th of July weekend on Monday. This new account is a Day Time clean which takes up a lot of time during the new start process. It cause me to become very creative with handling both the new start and my normal day-to-day duties! Luckily this week we had minimal complaints and I was able to push through other projects throughout the week. I sure have been managing a lot of different projects this week!

Earlier this week we also did a demo carpet clean for one of our newer customers and it came out very well! We were able to lift 5-7 small soda spills and one BIG spill that covered 4-10 square feet in their fitness center which was great. It sure was wonderful to see the customer impressed with our carpet team!

We wrapped up a painting job at a building in downtown St Paul on Thursday. And today for one of our customers in Apple Valley, we are cleaning a large amount of carpet in the building, viper tool cleaning their rest rooms, window washing inside and out! And next week, we will strip and wax all of their floors. Earlier this year we did their parking lot line striping and also handled day porter service during their busiest time of year to keep rest rooms stocked and presentable in the middle of the day. This is definitely one of my favorite accounts to service because there is never a dull day on site!!

Last weekend was a great holiday weekend! I hope everyone had a great 4th of July, Ours was spent in Rochester with Liz’s brother for his birthday. We played some golf though the rain, played 3 strokes over my normal handicap which isn’t impressive to begin with but we had a great time.

Liz and I have been painting and doing minor repairs around our new home since we returned from our honeymoon to Mexico. We’ve been working hard, and we only have 2 major walls and a hallway that are left to be painted! We also finally have a couch that was delivered this week, a table set up with chairs, and some appliances on the counter—and even some groceries in the fridge!! Life is ALMOST normal at our house :-) Liz has been out of town on business this week, so I’ve been on my own to work on some projects-- even though she told me to take a few days off and just hang out with friends and play golf this weekend. Lastly, this week a new niece was born on my in-law’s side! She is very healthy, can’t wait to meet her soon!


~Your City Wide Team