Friday, July 2, 2010

Week of June 28th - July 1st

Greg - President:
This has been another busy week for me here at City Wide! At times, I admit, I've had to pull my mind away from weekend daydreaming and get back to the task at hand! :-) I'm pretty confident that many feel the same way as I do-- the 4th of July is finally upon us and I'm ready to have a great holiday weekend!

This week we got the great pleasure of signing on with a new apartment complex in Plymouth! Our start date was actually last night and we have heard nothing but great things from our contact and crew that the first clean went off without a hitch. We love having responsible and reliable crews so that in the case of short notice, we can help any prospective clients!!

I also had the fun opportunity of attending the Twins game on Wednesday with a local Property Management group! It was great to meet so many contacts, and of course the Twins won which made it even more fun!
I have also been busy with the process of hiring a new Business Development employee. We've had several impressive phone and in-person interviews this week and we hope to have the best candidate hired by next week!
From all of us at City Wide, we hope you all have a fun, relaxing, and safe 4th of July weekend!!

Shalee - Administration Manager:
Holy crow!!  It's July already!  This year is flying by so fast... certainly all the new things I'm doing at work is contributing to the quickness of time passing for me!

This week has been a doozy.  We are interviewing for Business Development positions and we've met a couple of winners right off the bat!  I'm praying that they'll be the perfect fit once we offer the job and get them up to speed on training.  It's a little bit of play it by ear for me since it's a new duty for me.  However, I think with these candidates, it shouldn't be too hard over all.

I'm cruising through the High Performance Cleaning program instituted by corporate.  We so desperately want to be the first to pass the program so that we can continue to separate ourselves as leaders in the company!  It's good material that will really help us, our clients and the ICs do a better job in and out of the buildings.  I love win-win-win situations!
On the homefront, this week has been packed for us!  In 2 days time, we've retrieved our son to camp, helped with an open house, done lots of laundry, readied/taken our daughter to camp and driven to Des Moines and back as we met the grandparents so that our son could play for a couple of weeks with a cousin. 

Monday through Thursday, Paul and I worked a VBS in the evenings, teaching and playing with 5th and 6th graders.  It was a total blast, but now am I really ready for a mini-vacation!  We're heading up to Ely, MN for some hiking, fishing and meeting up with some friends for laughing, canoeing and fun.  We're even taking an extra day to help relax my worn spirit. 

Hope everyone has a fabulous 4th of July!!  Remember, we live in a country unlike any other and we have MUCH to be thankful for in life, in liberty and the pursuit of happiness!  May your pursuit be successful!

Kelly - Business Development:
I simply cannot believe that it is already July... I rather think that the callendar is just playing a mean joke on me!! ;-) This week has gone by quickly though, which is nice as we're moving into the 4th of July holiday weekend! My main focus this week has been our marketing program, getting trained in our new High Performance Cleaning modules, and other miscellaneous duties around the office.

Last night Greg and I were able to steal away and attend the Twins baseball game. We had a great time hanging out with our friends!

It has been so gorgeous this week and unfortunately I've been spending a lot of time indoors! Thankfully though, we have a full weekend of cabin life at Big Pine Lake planned for the holiday. I fully intend to work on my tan, catch a few fish, enjoy some s'mores, light some fireworks, and relax! May this 4th of July bring you many fun, safe, and exciting memories!!


Tyler - Quality Control Manager:
This past week has been great! We’re working hard towards getting all of our crew members updated in using the pulse mopping system along with backpack vacuums in all of our buildings. It’s an exciting time considering that making the change will save our crews significant time each night.

Every now and then we run into certain buildings that require a pretty strenuous cleaning schedule that can be difficult to manage. I would like to send out a special thanks to my night manager in the north Mark Josephsen for his hard work in the evenings. He dedicates his schedule each night, moving building to building come rain or shine. We realize he cannot be in 8 places at once which is why he deserves credit for making his schedule work each night to accommodate the needs of each cleaning crew. Thanks for your hard work Mark! Especially on those buildings that require special attention.

I need to also send thanks to one of our hardest workers. Sergio has been part of our team since the beginning and dedicates each and every day to keeping his buildings looking great! Sergio also specializes in strip and wax projects throughout the north metro. You can imagine how busy he stays with that. Recently, he has taken on the challenge of performing some apartment turn cleans which can be very difficult at times. Thus far, he has excelled with this and we cannot thank him enough for making himself available at such short notices. Thanks Sergio!

My girlfriend and I finally made it to a game at Target Field last night. I flipped for some nice seats right behind the Twins dugout. The weather was PERFECT and we would have been extremely excited to watch the Twins dominate the Tampa Rays. Too bad that didn't happen as the Twins lost by one measly run. Oh well, we had a great time anyway!

Everyone have a safe and exciting 4th of July Holiday weekend!!


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:

Where to begin?! I’m finally back from Mexico on our honeymoon, which was fantastic. There have been countless things going on for me this week—a combination of catching up from last week’s paper work, filing emails, and two new contracts that start during the day (instead of night) for both of them which shakes up my normal route! It is always fun and entertaining to take on new buildings, learn their qwirks, and get to know the new people at the accounts over time!

Last week while I was gone, we did some parking lot striping that went very well. I had some assistance from Tyler getting in touch with the customer to verify the work was up to their standard. But our contracted apartment turn-cleans were the story of the week! My night manager Eric stepped it up big time while I was gone to really help manage this turn-clean process out at one of our buildings. Having Eric take phone calls during the day regarding this account had to have made it easier on the admin staff and Greg as well!

Yesterday was also quite busy-- starting off with me using a leaf blower, a backpack vacuum, and pulse mopping which totaled for a lot of walking. We just started out a new apartment complex in Plymouth where we use a leaf blower to blow the sidewalks clean at the entries instead of wasting time sweeping. We backpack vacuum for speed in the main entry ways, hallways, and stairs. And we use the pulse mop for the main clubhouse, bathrooms, and entryway. The customer also requested a turn clean at the last minute, so we are happy to knock it out for them this evening on short notice! We’re always appreciative of our crew’s willingness to jump right to it!

I can’t wait for the long weekend. I think I will spend some of it catching up on office, work but I have plenty of painting and minor repairs to continue on the house we just bought so that should keep me entertained. In addition to, I’ll be taking a trip or two to the furniture store, possibly pouring concrete for a new patio out of the back door, and 18 holes in Rochester for the new brother-in-law’s birthday-- should be a good/busy/entertaining weekend!


~Your City Wide Team