Friday, August 20, 2010

Week in Review: August 16th - 20th

Greg - President:
And the weekend has returned! Another busy week here at City Wide as I continue to run from sales meetings to sales meetings throughout the week. And once again, snow removal and lawn maintenance proposals are keeping us all very busy as well!

Amidst the business of the work week, I was able to find some time to enjoy summer’s favorite pastime—a Twins baseball game on Wednesday evening. I met up with my Dad, Mitch, and one of our customers for one of the top two baseball games of my life. What an unbelievable game! I am so amazed and glad that we were there to experience such a fantastic game. The next morning as I was watching Sports Center, I was pretty excited to see a clip of Ramirez’s homerun ball fly directly up and to the right of where we were seated. You can even see Mitch and I in the video; it was pretty neat :-) As I’m sure every Twins fan knows, we ended up winning the game—Jim Thome is the man!

Tyler - Quality Control Manager:
A week of craziness is coming to an end! I know that we’ve mentioned “High Performance” cleaning several times and the fact that we became the first City Wide city to be certified. Well, it finally happened! City Wide Maintenance of MN is now certified as a High Performance city. By the end of August here, 90% of my buildings should be turned over to this new system. I am extremely excited to gain feedback from our crews on how much more efficient they’ve become. I’m also excited to hear how much time they are saving under this new system. I cannot wait to find cleaner buildings along with happier crews. What could be better!?

As a few of my colleagues have mentioned, we had a visit from the corporate office in Kansas City. Mr. Choplin decided to grace us with his presence last week. Not only did we take the High Performance Cleaning exams but he was able to visit some of our accounts with us. It was a great eye-opener as I find myself completing much more detailed inspections throughout the course of my day. Thanks Joe for the words of wisdom and your continued support!

I am gearing up for a fun weekend at the cabin! The weather should be nice and we have lots planned. We have a “cowboy golf” tournament on Saturday following by race day on Sunday (keep that rain away)! I also plan to do some fishing this weekend if I find the time. Unfortunately, I haven’t fished much this summer as I’ve been busy with my racing and random projects around the house. I cannot believe where summer has gone! It’s nearly fall! It’s truly unbelievable.

I’m also gearing up for a trip to Vegas next week. I will be gone next Thursday through Sunday. If you’re a customer and need assistance, my voicemail and email will direct you to someone who can help.

I’m thinking about placing a bet on the Vikings to win a Super Bowl, what does everyone think? I know the odds went way up after Favre came back so we’ll see how it looks when I get out there. Oh, by the way did anyone hear me?... I said FAVRE IS BACK!!!


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
Another busy week in the life of Quality Control. This week I’ve visited a lot of accounts, inspected for detail items discussed when Joe was in town last week, and have already see some major improvements in some areas that we were previously neglecting. It has been enough work to keep us busy and focused for a solid week now, and the payoff will be in the form of longer customer retention due to their clean buildings!

This week we are setup to do a quarterly machine scrubbing for one of our customers, a printing company in town. Each quarter we machine scrub the work areas, and three times a year we strip and wax the main traffic area which is a yellow painted floor and it looks great! Other upcoming projects are some viper tool work, and a HUGE turn clean for student housing. We have 18 hours total to complete over 200 man hours of turn cleans… thankfully it is still a couple weeks away so we can prepare for quite the day!

I can’t even begin to explain how great it is to be a Minnesota sports fan this week! Favre is back! Twins are up 4 games as of today (bummer on losing last night)… Greg, Dick, myself and one of our customers went out to the game on Tuesday and I almost caught Ramirez’s homerun! (See picture, Kelly circled us you can see me in my white Jersey pointing to the guy who caught it) The guy who caught it was two rows up, two seats to the right of me and he threw a strike back to second base! I’m pretty sure Orlando Hudson caught it off the first hop… the excitement didn’t end there, some foolish kid ran out on the field, bowed to Delmon Young, got all the way back into the stands before security chased him down and drug him out of the stadium along with his mom and dad, completely stupid, I’m sure there will be some level of repercussions… and again the fun didn’t stop there, Thome knocked the two run homer nearly into the plaza for a walk off win and the crowd went insane!!!! Best game of my life that I’ve ever attended for baseball, no question!
Other upcoming fun outside of work, Liz and I have a camping trip with a bunch of friends the last weekend in August, up at our normal camping spot. Also we bought tickets to the Vikings home opener against the Miami Dolphins. We are super excited and so were Liz’s parents when we told them we bought them the seats as a thank you for all they did for the wedding. Should be a great game, can’t wait to see Favre charge the field and lead us into another spectacular season!


~Your City Wide Team

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What's the state of your air?

There is a difference between a clean that promotes the health of your employees and visitors versus a clean that leaves harmful chemicals in its wake. At City Wide, we employ state of the art techniques and equipment to extract more dirt out of your building. We use the correct chemicals to protect your air quality, the health of your building and it's visitors.

Check out this month's video on sustaining quality air levels by using green, non-toxic chemicals in your facility.

According to the American Lung Association's 2010 State of the Air report more than 175 million people in the U.S. still breathe dangerous levels of polluted air. We think clean air is something you should expect, not cross your fingers hoping to achieve. Call City Wide today to set up a free building survey and start breathing healthy.

~Your City Wide Team

Friday, August 13, 2010

Week in Review: August 12th - 16th

Greg - President:
Hopefully this Friday the 13th is not brining you any bad luck today!! It has been another great week for City Wide of Minnesota-- despite the hot and humid weather!

We've had a bunch of great news this week-- first off, our Operations Team was awarded as the first City Wide city to be certified in High Performance Plus Cleaning. This past month Tyler and Mitch have been focusing on multiple cleaning aspects such as workloading, inspecting, and how/why to replace old methods of cleaning (such as upright vacuums and mop bucket cleaning) with new efficient and more effective tools such as pulse mop systems and backpack vacuums. Way to go, team!!

Secondly, we have signed up two new cleaning contracts for a large property management company here in town. We can't wait to start these accounts! In addition, Diane has been doing a fantastic job with setting appointments for snow & lawn proposals this week!

We enjoyed having Joe Choplin, our Director of Franchise Operations visit us this week as well. He always has such great insite for us to learn from! We also had contractor payday this week; it's always nice to see our contractors when they stop in to meet with Tyler and Mitch!

Joe was also able to join Tyler, Mitch, and myself on a demonstration outing for the Sky Pro Window Cleaning System. It sure was neat to see their demonstration and to keep it in mind for further special service investments.


Shalee - Administration Manager:
This week has flown by so quickly! What is it about summer days that make the time go faster despite the extra hours of daylight?

We’re still in the process of looking for another Business Developer. We’ve had quite a few positive interviews with candidates, so that’s a plus in my book! I know that God has the right person out there for us. I’m just trying to wait patiently until that new person appears. In the meantime, I’m so happy to have been blessed with a wonderful new BD. She’s a spitfire, that one!

The overall flow of the office has been awesome this week. I feel that we’re all in the groove, working in synch with each other. The calls are going well, the administration tasks are easier to accomplish and the atmosphere in the office is vibrant and cheerful for the most part. (I think that those of us in the office tout le temps are thrilled to have positions in the nice air-conditioned settings!)

I offer a hearty Happy Anniversary to Greg and Kelly as they celebrated their wedding anniversary this week. They’re good for each other and make a very compatible twosome!

Last weekend, Paul and I reveled in our kidless-ness in a multitude of ways! On Friday we delved into some of the best pizza ever made! Punch Neapolitan Pizza is by far the most mouthwatering and tasty food we have eaten in a long time. The crust was perfectly charred in the wood oven and the salad tasted like something straight from a Mediterranean table! Best of all, we watched the entertaining displays of the professional pizzaiolis who made each creation with flair and style, all for around $20!

Saturday found us attending the Uptown Art Fair. So many gorgeous jewelry, fabulous paintings and photos and unique furniture caught our eyes time and time again. Too bad that my pocketbook isn’t as deep as my love for fine art…

On Sunday, we enjoyed dining at Brit’s Pub and attending the free production of Shakespeare on the Lawn “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)”. We laughed well and enjoyed our toast to British fare. (The Isles Cheese Sampler was scrumptious!)

This weekend, we’re heading out to Taylor’s Falls, weather permitting. I can’t wait to hike around the area and to see the falls. On Sunday, I’ll be sitting by Mitch and his wife and our good friend Sergio and his wife as we watch the Twins wail on the Oakland A’s (which happen to be playing in the first live baseball team I had watched in my life.) At least that’s my desired outcome to the game! We’ll see what happens!


Kelly - Business Development:
Snow, snow, and more snow!! Of course not outside during this hot and humid week... but all over my desk in the form of proposals! I've done so many this week, including 8 just this morning, that I'm confident that I could measure and bid them in my sleep ;-) It sure is fun though to see the proposals travel from my hands to Greg's hands in sales meetings, and to return in the form of signed contracts!

We at City Wide were pretty spoiled in the realm of food this week as well-- dinner at Outback Steakhouse on Wednesday and Zantigo's Mexican on Thursday. On Wednesday, we celebrated being the first City Wide city to be certified in High Performance Plus Cleaning. It was really nice to visit with Joe Choplin, our Director of Franchise Operations when he came to visit from Kansas City. And on Thursday we had our monthly Score Card meeting with our whole staff.

Big congrats goes out to our Operations Team for becoming certified in High Performance Plus Cleaning-- your hard work paid off and it will be exciting to see how this new cleaning approach will affect the productivity and cleanliness in our buildings!

This weekend I am looking forward to a bit of relaxation after a long, busy week. The lower temperatures forecasted will be a nice relief, yet I still hope the sun sticks around!


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
Busy week here at City Wide! We were happy to welcome Joe Choplin, Director of Franchise Operations into town from Kansas City. He has loads of experience and knowledge that he passed onto us while he was here to help us provide better service here in town. Joe showed us some things that we can work on and helped lead us into being the first city to be certified in High Performance Plus Cleaning.

Tonight is a big night for carpet cleaning and viper tool work all over the Twin Cities! We are servicing a bigger medical clinic in Apple Valley for carpets and a scotch guard coating, viper tool cleaning in restrooms and an entry way in Edina, and carpet cleaning along with two small restrooms needing viper tool cleaning in Plymouth.

And by the end of today, we will have completed over 10 turn cleans for the two apartments that we service here in town as well!

Tuesday night I caught dinner with one of our contacts for a condominium that we clean, and then we attended their board meeting where they had great things to say regarding City Wide’s service and cleaning. The night even led to signing on some extra sales opportunities here in the near future!

I have another busy weekend coming up! My wife is the maid of honor in a wedding this weekend, so I am attending the rehearsal and dinner, and of course the wedding on Saturday. Unfortunately, I will be stuck sitting solo at dinner since she will be at the head table and I don’t know a single person going to the wedding! I told her to put me at the young adults table, so hopefully that happens! :-)

This week I’ve also gotten really excited for Thanksgiving 2.0-- as Liz and I just bought flights to Baton Rouge, Louisiana which will be our second trip down there to visit her sister and our friends. Last time I didn’t get to ride on a fan boat and see any alligators so that is first thing on the agenda after eating a ton on Thanksgiving day!!


Diane Keilen - Business Development:
Well, I have completed my first full month with City Wide and although it has proven to be a fun and educational month, it’s obvious to me that I still have a lot to learn.

My concentration this week has been trying to get cleaning appointments for Greg, and believe me, it’s harder than it sounds! I have been quite successful with making appointments for snow removal proposals though! No one really wants to talk about it… but let’s face it, winter is coming sooner than any of us would like.

I’m still excited about being here! I am looking forward to getting better at my job and learning more about City Wide and the great services that we have to offer.

~Your City Wide Team

Friday, August 6, 2010

Week in Review: August 2nd - 6th

Tyler - Quality Control Manager:
Let’s see… what’s new? We’re getting very close to getting accounts turned over to our “High Performance” requirements. It’s an exciting time for everyone involved; crews can clean faster and buildings will stay cleaner. It’s a breath of fresh air knowing we can get most buildings cleaned with only 2 chemicals: A general cleaner for floors, open surfaces, glass (etc) and a general restroom cleaner. Between a microfiber pulse mopping system and backpack vacuums, our crews will be turning over to this new systematic approach to cleaning.

This week I was able to sign another residential asphalt sealcoating job. I’m very excited as this job was passed through word of mouth by another client. I’m pumped to show our new client what we can do! Thanks to our crews for their hard work and dedication!

Looks like the Twins are starting to come around. I know they won about 8 straight games before losing a couple here to Tampa Bay. And how about the Favre controversy?! Is he coming back?? I’m hoping he’s just up to his usual antics and will return just before the season start against New Orleans. Until next week, take care!


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
Well, I kicked off this week with a nice day off at Stillwater Country Club golfing 2 holes away from Vikings offensive guard hall of famer Randall Mcdaniel! This was a dual event supporting the Young Life Organization and Salvation Army with over 120 golfers and multiple on-site sponsors from hole to hole! It was a lot of fun-- very muggy out however with little or no sun most of the day. I didn’t get to play golf with Randall but we did end up on the green when he was teeing off 20 yards away, and believe me he can CRUSH the ball. There was a 16 year old from the Gateway Tour at a hole and I nearly out-drove him! While he was driving back from the previous shot (on the cart path 30 yards to the left of the fairway) my buddy took his shot off the tee, hooked it left and hit his cart!! The same friend later hit another cart, and then when we were taking a shot out of the rough, he hit the high tree limb, it ricocheted back, and hit OUR cart! The fun didn’t stop there, we then watched another golfer hit the women’s red tee marker (made of metal) with his shot which caused the marker to break in half! It was a very eventful day!

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, we did one of 48 turn cleans for some student housing apartments on the U of M campus. They both went extremely well, and the remaining 46 turns take place on the 31st at noon, and they all need to be completed by 8am on the very next day on September 1st!! It is going to be a wild 15 hours or so getting the work done that day. Another project that was completed this week was a window washing project at a local bank branch. We did all perimeter windows inside and out, along with the inside partition glass that divides the executive bankers offices from each other. It was a nice project, windows looked great, and the customer was very happy!!

National Night Out now being called “Night to Unite” seemed to be a huge success this year in townhome complexes, condos, and other smaller communities where neighbors are able to gather. City Wide donated a couple gift cards for a raffle at one of our apartment complexes that we handle turn-cleans and daily cleaning at. They were very thankful for the two gifts and hopefully the gift cards got in the hands of someone that can easily put them to use. I know our event was successful! My townhome association is small, only 32 units and everyone seemed to know everyone so they seemed intrigued to meet the new young couple that just moved in and hasn’t shown their faces other than at 7am when we leave, and 6pm when we get home! Good neighbors, new friends, lots of food consumed on a nice evening! About half of my customers said they were at some sort of block party event this week and were equally surprised about the amount of people gathered in comparison to previous years!


Kelly - Business Development:
This week was busy, busy, busy for me and seemed to fly right by!! It seems like it was Friday just yesterday! ;-) Greg and I had a really fun time this past weekend at his uncle's cabin up north. While Greg caught plenty of fish (I didn't have much luck myself!) I enjoyed the beautiful sunsets!

As far as work goes, I've been busy with our marketing campagn as well as bidding and getting together multiple proposals! I've had my hands full with a few window washing proposals, multiple bids for snow removal and lawn maintenance, and a few parking lot maintenance projects as well! It sure is fun to pump out those proposals for Greg, Tyler, and Mitch with the hopes of gaining new customers!!

On Monday, one of the hottest and muggiest days of 2010 so far, we sponsored hole #7 at Bunker Hills Golf Course in Coon Rapids for the BOMA golf tournament. Shalee and I had quite the time keeping ourselves cool and bug-free (those dang knats were horrible!) but overall, we had a fun time! Check out our photos of the event here!

This week I also had a fun time baking and decorating a cake for family. On the side I really like to decorate cakes, cookies, and cupcakes for any special event :-)

This weekend we have a wedding reception to attend and we're going to check out the Minnesota Fringe Festival for some fun stage performances! If we're lucky and it's not to hot or cloudy, we'd like to get the boat out on the water again as well!


~Your City Wide Team

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

BOMA Golf Tournament

On Monday, August 2nd, City Wide Maintenance helped to sponsor the annual BOMA Golf Tournament held at Bunker Hills Golf Course in Coon Rapids. It was a hot and humid day, but fun was had by all!!

Shalee and Kelly manned #7 tee box while Greg competed in the tournament. Shalee and Kelly held a mini putt game with a Little Tikes putter and green at their tee box for the players, and Greg's team won third place!
Allen Bernard of FaciliTech Facility Services
Tim Jackson of Welsh Companies, LLC
Michael Stephens of First Industrial Realty
Greg Mansfield of City Wide Maintenance

City Wide sponsoring Hole #7 at the BOMA Golf Tournament...

Playing around with the Little Tikes golf set :-)

Greg trying out the putting game when their team played through Hole 7.

~Your City Wide Team