Friday, August 20, 2010

Week in Review: August 16th - 20th

Greg - President:
And the weekend has returned! Another busy week here at City Wide as I continue to run from sales meetings to sales meetings throughout the week. And once again, snow removal and lawn maintenance proposals are keeping us all very busy as well!

Amidst the business of the work week, I was able to find some time to enjoy summer’s favorite pastime—a Twins baseball game on Wednesday evening. I met up with my Dad, Mitch, and one of our customers for one of the top two baseball games of my life. What an unbelievable game! I am so amazed and glad that we were there to experience such a fantastic game. The next morning as I was watching Sports Center, I was pretty excited to see a clip of Ramirez’s homerun ball fly directly up and to the right of where we were seated. You can even see Mitch and I in the video; it was pretty neat :-) As I’m sure every Twins fan knows, we ended up winning the game—Jim Thome is the man!

Tyler - Quality Control Manager:
A week of craziness is coming to an end! I know that we’ve mentioned “High Performance” cleaning several times and the fact that we became the first City Wide city to be certified. Well, it finally happened! City Wide Maintenance of MN is now certified as a High Performance city. By the end of August here, 90% of my buildings should be turned over to this new system. I am extremely excited to gain feedback from our crews on how much more efficient they’ve become. I’m also excited to hear how much time they are saving under this new system. I cannot wait to find cleaner buildings along with happier crews. What could be better!?

As a few of my colleagues have mentioned, we had a visit from the corporate office in Kansas City. Mr. Choplin decided to grace us with his presence last week. Not only did we take the High Performance Cleaning exams but he was able to visit some of our accounts with us. It was a great eye-opener as I find myself completing much more detailed inspections throughout the course of my day. Thanks Joe for the words of wisdom and your continued support!

I am gearing up for a fun weekend at the cabin! The weather should be nice and we have lots planned. We have a “cowboy golf” tournament on Saturday following by race day on Sunday (keep that rain away)! I also plan to do some fishing this weekend if I find the time. Unfortunately, I haven’t fished much this summer as I’ve been busy with my racing and random projects around the house. I cannot believe where summer has gone! It’s nearly fall! It’s truly unbelievable.

I’m also gearing up for a trip to Vegas next week. I will be gone next Thursday through Sunday. If you’re a customer and need assistance, my voicemail and email will direct you to someone who can help.

I’m thinking about placing a bet on the Vikings to win a Super Bowl, what does everyone think? I know the odds went way up after Favre came back so we’ll see how it looks when I get out there. Oh, by the way did anyone hear me?... I said FAVRE IS BACK!!!


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
Another busy week in the life of Quality Control. This week I’ve visited a lot of accounts, inspected for detail items discussed when Joe was in town last week, and have already see some major improvements in some areas that we were previously neglecting. It has been enough work to keep us busy and focused for a solid week now, and the payoff will be in the form of longer customer retention due to their clean buildings!

This week we are setup to do a quarterly machine scrubbing for one of our customers, a printing company in town. Each quarter we machine scrub the work areas, and three times a year we strip and wax the main traffic area which is a yellow painted floor and it looks great! Other upcoming projects are some viper tool work, and a HUGE turn clean for student housing. We have 18 hours total to complete over 200 man hours of turn cleans… thankfully it is still a couple weeks away so we can prepare for quite the day!

I can’t even begin to explain how great it is to be a Minnesota sports fan this week! Favre is back! Twins are up 4 games as of today (bummer on losing last night)… Greg, Dick, myself and one of our customers went out to the game on Tuesday and I almost caught Ramirez’s homerun! (See picture, Kelly circled us you can see me in my white Jersey pointing to the guy who caught it) The guy who caught it was two rows up, two seats to the right of me and he threw a strike back to second base! I’m pretty sure Orlando Hudson caught it off the first hop… the excitement didn’t end there, some foolish kid ran out on the field, bowed to Delmon Young, got all the way back into the stands before security chased him down and drug him out of the stadium along with his mom and dad, completely stupid, I’m sure there will be some level of repercussions… and again the fun didn’t stop there, Thome knocked the two run homer nearly into the plaza for a walk off win and the crowd went insane!!!! Best game of my life that I’ve ever attended for baseball, no question!
Other upcoming fun outside of work, Liz and I have a camping trip with a bunch of friends the last weekend in August, up at our normal camping spot. Also we bought tickets to the Vikings home opener against the Miami Dolphins. We are super excited and so were Liz’s parents when we told them we bought them the seats as a thank you for all they did for the wedding. Should be a great game, can’t wait to see Favre charge the field and lead us into another spectacular season!


~Your City Wide Team