Friday, August 6, 2010

Week in Review: August 2nd - 6th

Tyler - Quality Control Manager:
Let’s see… what’s new? We’re getting very close to getting accounts turned over to our “High Performance” requirements. It’s an exciting time for everyone involved; crews can clean faster and buildings will stay cleaner. It’s a breath of fresh air knowing we can get most buildings cleaned with only 2 chemicals: A general cleaner for floors, open surfaces, glass (etc) and a general restroom cleaner. Between a microfiber pulse mopping system and backpack vacuums, our crews will be turning over to this new systematic approach to cleaning.

This week I was able to sign another residential asphalt sealcoating job. I’m very excited as this job was passed through word of mouth by another client. I’m pumped to show our new client what we can do! Thanks to our crews for their hard work and dedication!

Looks like the Twins are starting to come around. I know they won about 8 straight games before losing a couple here to Tampa Bay. And how about the Favre controversy?! Is he coming back?? I’m hoping he’s just up to his usual antics and will return just before the season start against New Orleans. Until next week, take care!


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
Well, I kicked off this week with a nice day off at Stillwater Country Club golfing 2 holes away from Vikings offensive guard hall of famer Randall Mcdaniel! This was a dual event supporting the Young Life Organization and Salvation Army with over 120 golfers and multiple on-site sponsors from hole to hole! It was a lot of fun-- very muggy out however with little or no sun most of the day. I didn’t get to play golf with Randall but we did end up on the green when he was teeing off 20 yards away, and believe me he can CRUSH the ball. There was a 16 year old from the Gateway Tour at a hole and I nearly out-drove him! While he was driving back from the previous shot (on the cart path 30 yards to the left of the fairway) my buddy took his shot off the tee, hooked it left and hit his cart!! The same friend later hit another cart, and then when we were taking a shot out of the rough, he hit the high tree limb, it ricocheted back, and hit OUR cart! The fun didn’t stop there, we then watched another golfer hit the women’s red tee marker (made of metal) with his shot which caused the marker to break in half! It was a very eventful day!

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, we did one of 48 turn cleans for some student housing apartments on the U of M campus. They both went extremely well, and the remaining 46 turns take place on the 31st at noon, and they all need to be completed by 8am on the very next day on September 1st!! It is going to be a wild 15 hours or so getting the work done that day. Another project that was completed this week was a window washing project at a local bank branch. We did all perimeter windows inside and out, along with the inside partition glass that divides the executive bankers offices from each other. It was a nice project, windows looked great, and the customer was very happy!!

National Night Out now being called “Night to Unite” seemed to be a huge success this year in townhome complexes, condos, and other smaller communities where neighbors are able to gather. City Wide donated a couple gift cards for a raffle at one of our apartment complexes that we handle turn-cleans and daily cleaning at. They were very thankful for the two gifts and hopefully the gift cards got in the hands of someone that can easily put them to use. I know our event was successful! My townhome association is small, only 32 units and everyone seemed to know everyone so they seemed intrigued to meet the new young couple that just moved in and hasn’t shown their faces other than at 7am when we leave, and 6pm when we get home! Good neighbors, new friends, lots of food consumed on a nice evening! About half of my customers said they were at some sort of block party event this week and were equally surprised about the amount of people gathered in comparison to previous years!


Kelly - Business Development:
This week was busy, busy, busy for me and seemed to fly right by!! It seems like it was Friday just yesterday! ;-) Greg and I had a really fun time this past weekend at his uncle's cabin up north. While Greg caught plenty of fish (I didn't have much luck myself!) I enjoyed the beautiful sunsets!

As far as work goes, I've been busy with our marketing campagn as well as bidding and getting together multiple proposals! I've had my hands full with a few window washing proposals, multiple bids for snow removal and lawn maintenance, and a few parking lot maintenance projects as well! It sure is fun to pump out those proposals for Greg, Tyler, and Mitch with the hopes of gaining new customers!!

On Monday, one of the hottest and muggiest days of 2010 so far, we sponsored hole #7 at Bunker Hills Golf Course in Coon Rapids for the BOMA golf tournament. Shalee and I had quite the time keeping ourselves cool and bug-free (those dang knats were horrible!) but overall, we had a fun time! Check out our photos of the event here!

This week I also had a fun time baking and decorating a cake for family. On the side I really like to decorate cakes, cookies, and cupcakes for any special event :-)

This weekend we have a wedding reception to attend and we're going to check out the Minnesota Fringe Festival for some fun stage performances! If we're lucky and it's not to hot or cloudy, we'd like to get the boat out on the water again as well!


~Your City Wide Team