Thursday, September 30, 2010

Week in Review: September 27th - October 1st

Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
Time for some floors to shine!
And another busy October is lined up in the South! Every weekend is booked for strip and wax work. We will be completing two adult daycare centers as part of their annual contract, one of our group Medical Clinics we are doing 60 exam rooms and another 10-15 procedure rooms complete strip and wax. We are also working on a child care center for wax later this month, we don’t provide any ongoing services for them at this point so it should be a great opportunity to move toward that goal of completing regular services.

Along the lines of carpet cleaning this month we have setup 3 locations for the two or three times per year agreements for carpet cleaning to keep their facilities looking great and extend the life of their carpets. Those get doen over vaious weeknights and weekends.

The last couple weekends I’ve been getting out bow hunting in Stillwater at some new land that a friend of mine introduced me to. Private hunting land is the only place I will hunt for safety reasons and the ongoing issue of someone coming into the woods late and stomping past your stand making noise after you’ve been there quiet all day! This weekend a good friend of mine is driving down here from a tiny town just outside Thief River Falls called Plummer. He is the owner of the land that I do my rifle hunting on in November. He will be staying with Liz and I for the weekend so he can go to a bachelor party for a friend getting married this weekend. Friday night should be fantastice were getting a group of 10 or so of our old co workers together at my house for a fire on the patio and reflecting on old times!

Vikings have the weekend off, Liz has decided they got a Bye week so early so that Brett and the receivers can be chained together for 10 days to really figure each other out, get in sync and head to the playoffs, NFC championship and ultimately the super bowl. I disagree… I still have hope but I’m prepared for a letdown here this year unfortunately. :( On the other side of the coin, I am and always have been a Twins fan first! Since clinching their playoff spot they have lost 5 of 6 games and are 1 game out from the best record in the American league…. Hopefully in these next few games the rays will drop a couple and the Yankees will CRASH and we can go into the playoffs on top. Go Twins, Go Viings, unbelievable that it is October already!?!


Shalee - Administration Manager:
Sakes alive!  It's been a busy one around here!  We interviewed a real gem for our Business Developer Specialist position.  It was really nice to have a great interview from the start of emailing each other, all the way to when he walked into the office for the face to face interview.  I would love to have that task off my plate soon!  :)

Diane and Greg have been working hard at getting appointments with prospects who really need our assistance.  It's been so busy for Greg, that I think I've only seen him 3 times this week!  It's been really good for us to see that hard work pay off with the signing of some new clients.  We'll continue to produce that hard work for them so that they can truly understand the value of having us on their team!

This week has been fabulously amazing!  We've been outside as much as possible.  This weekend we're going to drive up the North Shore so that we can hike and admire all of God's handiwork in the color department!  Oh, the trees are spectacular I hear!  I think we might need to stop by Betty's Pies on the way back too...  :-)

~Your City Wide Team

Friday, September 24, 2010

Week in Review: September 20th - 24th

Shalee - Administration Manager:
What a great week this has been for us!  All our diligence and efforts has rewarded us with a couple of large property managed accounts lately.  It's wonderful to see how a well-ran business plan can be a benefit for others.  Hopefully, as these clients see how we keep our promises, we will be allowed to assist in other ways too!

I have to admit that this week, I have been feeling quite thankful and blessed by God to work in this office.  There are wonderful people here who want to do well personally and in business as well.  Being surrounded by positive, hard-working, happy individuals makes me grateful that we have a plan to succeed as a team and as a business of stature and worth.  These things are not always a given in the workplace today.

At home, our daughter just had her bottom braces installed.  Never would you have imagined a female so happy to add apparatus to her face!  She's so pumped about having straight teeth by the time she has her senior pictures.  :)

Tonight will be her first football game and tailgating party.  She's so excited to be with her friends socially.  Sometimes, not being able to drive is such a burden...

Last weekend, Paul, Jadon and I did go to the Ft Snelling Army show.  What a gorgeous day for it too!  It was really exciting to see some of the tanks used in WWII, Vietnam, the Gulf War and the present day defense in Afghanistan.  After that, we were able to tour some of the planes at the Air Force Military Museum.  Jadon and Paul really got a kick out of that!
Jadon piloting a C97G

Jadon in a bunk on the C97G

Paul, aka Red Barron

This weekend is not too busy for us for the first time in a long time.  I'm looking forward to relaxing, eating some good fall food (homemade chili and cornbread to start the weekend off right!) and football until my kids are sick of it.  :)


Mitch - Quality Control Manager
What a great week its been! Last weekend I made it out bow hunting for the opener and had a buck chased off by a Coyote unfortuanately, good thing it’s a long archery season. Made it out to both losing football games (Gophers and Vikings) but still had a good time overall at each of them.

This week has been fantastic, most of my customers are just as excited as myself about the way the Twins have been playing and clinching the division! Out during my normal visits this week we setup a small strip and wax for a break room that is getting done Thursday evening. Also we scheduled for a group of our customers to get their centers done in the next month and a half. Its going to be a busy couple of months here getting all the fall wax and carpet work done.

One of our newest customers from earlier this month has been a fantastic start, we’ve not only showed them our skills in the cleaning portion of things but we had already done some carpet cleaning, viper tool grout cleaning, and recently put up some new paper towel dispensers for them in their restroom to update the old manual crank ones. They definitely have found value in our multiple services with myself as their single point of contact. We look forward to an on going quality relationship with them and their facility needs!

Otherwise not a whole lot going on, just spending a lot of time in the evenings at the gym training to run harder farther and faster, getting office work done while watching Sports Center to stay caught up. Hopefully will get to go out for 2 or 3 hunting shifts this weekend and see if anything respectable comes by!

~Your City Wide Team

Friday, September 17, 2010

Week in Review: September 13th - 17th

Shalee - Administration Manager:
Though this week has been absolutely busy, it's been very productive!  We've been cranking out the bids, assisting our clients for each special need requested and doing things to help us with the goal of becoming the best sales organization in the world! 

Think we can't do it? 

Just watch us.  All the work will be so worth it as City Wide sail up the charts locally and in the business world altogether.

On the family front, Taegan, our teen, is going to a youth retreat in Iowa.  To make the weekend special for our son Jadon, we're going to go to the Fort Snelling Military Museum Open House.  We'll try to see the Air Force Museum on the same day too.  I think our boy will get a kick out of the tanks utterly detroying junk cars as they roll over them!  :)

Other than that, I plan on relaxing, watching lots of football and moving my shorts out of the way to make way for the sweaters and sweatshirts that are going to be needed soon.  Goodbye summer.  It sure was nice while it lasted...


Tyler - Quality Control Manager:
Wow, what a crazy past couple of weeks! After my return from Las Vegas a couple weeks ago, we’ve really hit the ground running with Performance Plus Cleaning. As described here, Performance Plus Cleaning is really a new standard in the industry providing a healthier environment and cleaner facilities. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel for turning over 100% of my buildings!

Thanks to all the hard work put forth from the Kansas City office for putting this all together and our Service Providers for understanding the value of the change-over. We realize the upfront investment it takes to become Performance Plus Certified along with the know-how to clean not only with the correct chemicals but the proper techniques. Also, a special thanks to our customers for listening and understanding the value of this program.

A few questions have surfaced regarding the change over for example: “Where did the upright vacuum go? It’s no longer in our closet” All of our service providers are required to be using a backpack vacuum to keep our accounts clean. We do not require that they leave a backpack vacuum on-site as they are very easy to bring with them from account to account and they can also be pretty spendy! Interesting fact: Upright vacuums pick up 70% of dust and debris but spread dust throughout buildings with the type of bag used; where backpack vacuums trap 99.7% of dust and debris removing it entirely from the building.
What else is new… I’m beginning to schedule a large strip and wax project for one of our larger medical customers. I have 9 buildings total to complete which is a project management task all its own. By using new chemicals, techniques, and procedures we’re excited to have every last strip and wax project looking fantastic! That involves nice even coats of sealer and wax, clean baseboards, and a nice finish. Thanks to our service providers for following these new important steps.

I’m looking forward to a successful Viking season. Everyone shakes their head about the recent Saint’s loss but I know everything will be just fine. If all goes well, we’re set up to have all injured players back by mid-season. And how about those Twins?! They just keep on winning! Hopefully they can overcome the Yankee’s and Ray’s records so we can seal up home field advantage! Wouldn’t that be exciting with the new Target Field?!
Have a great week everyone!!!


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
This week started off with my normal tour of Monday morning visits seeing 10-12 properties to check up on cleaning and handle anything our customers might need. There was nothing major to report for Monday’s route.

Tuesday took a bit of a turn as we had our office score card meeting in the later part of the afternoon. I completed my normal ten stops, swung in to the office and did as much admin work as I could and then had to run to the south side of downtown Saint Paul to pickup keys for a new start this month. Eric and the crew spent triple the normal nightly hours to make a good impact on the first night of cleaning and after stopping in this morning to check it out I could see the major improvements!

Last weekend we completed a parking lot striping job, including the standard lines, curb painting, and some parallel “T” style parking spots along the curb-- No stenciling required. That went well and is a good refreshing look to the building as you enter. We also did a quarterly machine scrub of all hard ceramic tile floors at one of our medical clinics. Doing this along with our Performance Plus+ cleaning system really keeps the grout looking great, and the room in great presentation for all of their patients and visitors.
Earlier this week we also kicked off a clean room sub floor cleaning. We have a couple cleaners in smocks, hair nets, beard covers, non latex gloves, and booties covering their shoes… they are going around the room pulling up the sub floor squares with a suction cup and vacuuming out the immediate 15 square feet they can reach. Underneath the floor they are finding dust in corners, various old small equipment, debris, and containers that were stored underneath the squares. Considering it has been many years since it was done, I would say the floor is in good shape! It sure is exciting to help out our customers with any maintenance need.

Another exciting weekend ahead! Bow hunting opens this weekend so I’m hoping to find a stand near the Twin Cities so I don’t have to make any long trips for only one morning shift! I was originally setup to sit in Stillwater at some new land that a friend of mine has access to with 10 or more stands. However, he called me today and said he has to work on Saturday, so unless he can get out of work it looks like I need to find another hunting spot or not participate in day one.
If I’m not able to hunt, no major complaints because the weekend continues on… My father, brother-in-law, and I are headed to the Gopher football game on Saturday afternoon. This will be my first college football game and I’m excited to see the new stadium! I’m not big into College sports but the atmosphere should shake that out of me real quick :-) Then on Sunday, Liz and I bought tickets to the Vikings game here at the Metrodome for her parents and us. Lots of football to be watched this weekend!!!
Go TWINS! Can’t get enough of September baseball… I had good feelings about this team last year and even better feelings this year with some of the trades we’ve made. I hope we win one more game against Chicago this week and stretch that win out to a comfortable 8 game lead (as if 7 isn’t enough)... Then chase down the current Champions for the chance at home field advantage in the playoffs. I can’t imagine having home field advantage at a brand new field!!! What a great year for MN sports fans.

~Your City Wide Team

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Introducing High Performance Plus...

The new standard for clean.

The health of your workforce is certainly one of your top priorities. So why is it that most maintenance companies clean and maintain your building with only appearance in mind?

Introducing High Performance Plus, a new standard for commercial cleaning exclusively available from City Wide. We believe every building deserves the opportunity to function at its highest and healthiest potential. High Performance Plus delivers just that, letting you thrive in a clean environment at a price that won’t break the bank.

A cleaner environment is a healthier environment.
With City Wide’s High Performance Plus, dirt will be a thing of the past. Our system is unique in the industry because our focus directly attacks the problem of indoor air quality. We look at every function it takes to maintain your building including chemicals, training, and equipment. A high performance, strategic approach for each area was developed and now only green chemicals, advanced equipment and a team clean approach are executed with High Performance Plus.

While other companies may spend less time in your building and skim over areas in order to give you a lower bid, City Wide has chosen to employ these high efficient strategies and methods to remove more dirt in less time.

High Performance Plus also performs on the bottom line.
Our goal is to provide you with a cleaner, healthier building at a more competitive price. We know you want to be socially and economically responsible, but we also understand that you want to be financially responsible. After extensive research of other high performance cleaning certifications in the industry, City Wide blended the most effective methods and tactics to create its unique, proprietary program to allow your employees to thrive in a highly maintained building while increasing the air quality and cleanliness, not the bill.

Week in Review: September 6th - 10th

Shalee - Administration Manager:
Can someone please tell me why shorter work weeks seem longer than regular ones?  I'm sure it has something to do with fitting in as much work in 4 days as in 5, but that should make it go faster, shouldn't it?  Oh well.

With Greg and Kelly off to Kansas City for a Franchise Advisory Meeting, it's been pretty quiet in the office; however, the busy part hasn't decreased one bit!  Diane and I have been plugging away, she making appointments and I'm doing everything I can to make sure she has people to call.  Thank goodness Kelly was working from the KC.  She's such much appreciated employee!

I'm loving the routine of the office now.  We're still figuring out a few things, but for the most part, things are running smoothly for us.  Such a relief after the first 6 months being in this role.

With the family, we've had quite a few things happen.

My eldest started High School this week. It's such a benchmark for all of us!  She likes HS so far, but it’s only been 4 days and already her homework is piling up! I’m trying to find a way to get her to get involved so that she’ll really enjoy this time and still keep up with the good grades.  It's all a priority making skill.

Our son started his last year of elementary school.  5th grade means top of the school.  However, he doesn't see that bit at all!  He's going through his school day, waiting for the recess bell to ring. He is all boy, playing all sorts of imagination games with his friends.  This year, he’s taking trombone in band, so now we get to add a lot of noise to the mayhem at home.

No. We’re not bright.

Still no house, but that’s okay. We're being really smart and paying off our bills in the mean time. Especially good now that we added the van payment this year!  :)

We thoroughly enjoyed the State Fair last weekend!  Totally ate my way through the day, but we were smart to share everything.  I didn't feel overly full by the end of the 12 hour fun!  We enjoyed the atmosphere, the entertainment and the rides.  Now I know why everyone told me to save up to enjoy it! 

We're going camping this weekend for the first time.  We'll see how we fair in the wild.  I just hope the bathroom situation works out better than I imagine!
Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
Labor day weekend was fantastic and this short week hasn’t felt short!!! This week I met with a couple new potential customers at a retail store for some painting, light bulb changing and other various parkinglot services. We anxiously await the word on if we will be providing services or not.

Also this week we scheduled to handle the cosmetics cleanup after some tennent improvement work for a property manager we have been developing a relationship with. And for the first time I learned the necessary requirements to get into the Mall of America via the tunnel system, they are very detailed in their process and once we were through we had a hand in the cleaning during the construction of a new store on first floor.

This weekend I head up north to clean out deer stands and do a couple 2 hour sits in a few different stands to see how the deer are moving! Bow season opens next weekend, and rifle season is only 8 weeks away, unbelievable how fast time went! While I’m up north the wife heads to Mille Lacs to try outfor WHEEL OF FORTUNE! I hope she makes it, I feel as though I have an edge since a friend of mine was on the Wheel and won a couple years ago… cross your fingers!

~Your City Wide Team

Friday, September 3, 2010

Week in Review: August 30th - September 4th

Shalee - Administration Manager:
Another week gone.  How on earth did it get to be September?!  Someone told me that it's only 14 more days until the snow season is upon us.  What's up with that?  There should be an autumn in there some where....  I guess that explains the myriad of snow bids that we've been asked to submit in the past week!  We're hoping to help lot of people get to and from their cars without having to wade through lots of snow.  Such a good service to perform for people!

We're still seeking another Business Developer for the office.  Diane is doing an excellent job of keeping Greg out of our office and in prospect's places.  Another BD should really make it so that we're missing seeing his mug on a daily basis!  :)  We have some hopefuls in the mix; I'm just waiting to see who God has in mind for us.

On the family front, we've had an exciting and taxing.  Last Saturday, when taking our friends down to Des Moines, our Honda cracked a head gasket and the radiator blew up.  Apparently we had an unknown antifreeze leak and the car couldn't take it anymore!  So we found ourselves praying for God to give us a great car at a great price.  He totally answered yes!  Our first attempt on Monday found us in front of a 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan with only 26K miles at a fabulous price.  We were willing to pay a little more for a better car than we imagined having!  So now, we have this beautiful van, ready to transport us and friends to amazing destinations... like hiking trails and camping spots!

Thursday night, we had the opportunity to cheer for the Vikings in the stands.  What a FUN time!  It was exciting to see the players, even if Favre, Peterson and Allen never took the field.  We cheered hard and well, so much so that we now know the Viking's score song!  Thank you, Google, for helping us in a time of  need!  :)

The State Fair is on our to-do list for Saturday.  I know it will be busy, but we're excitied to taste and see what all the fuss is!  We've some friends who are willing to show us the ropes this year; I know we could do it on our own, but it will be nice having someone experienced helping us to enjoy our first time.

Have a fun and safe Labor day weekend!  Catch you on the flip side!


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
On Monday of this week, I ran through my normal visits to 9 or 10 properties, followed by a trip to Plymouth to pick up keys and meet the tenants at a new multi tenant building that we started cleaning on the 1st of this month. Afterwards, I went back to the office to complete a bunch of month-end paper work and extra charge invoice sign offs etc.

On Tuesday, I started out the day with a couple hours of office work from home, met an electrician at a property in Burnsville to wrap up a few fixes we had been doing throughout the property, and reset the exterior lighting timing so that they turn on at the right time heading in to fall and winter. By 11:15am I was on site with 18 cleaners, plus the IC and his wife taking down 42 student housing apartment turn cleans. It was a very educational, very detail oriented project that seemed almost never-ending.

We had 6 crews of 3, meaning that we turned 4-5 apartments per hour. Meanwhile, the service provider, his wife, and myself were going behind and finalling out all details and as soon as we finished finalizing those 4 or 5 an hour, my cell phone would ring and another few would be ready to be walked. The cycle went on and on until Eric, one of our Night Managers showed up and helped with the final and detail process. Once Eric arrived, we were able to slow down a bit on the management end. Eric and I took down a large Papa John’s pizza at 5:30, and by 7 he had a good handle on the process and how things were going so I thanked everyone and got out of there around 7:30am. The property managers loved how flexible we were to jump from one unit to another and get back to where we were later on. Overall the process went very well considering we hadpPainters, handymen, carpet installers, carpet cleaners and our cleaning crews running simultaneously. What a project!!

I am excited for this weeken--, I am going to the State Fair twice, and hopefully a third time to complete my normal circuit and consume all the terrible for your health food I possibly can… we have in-laws coming over for birthday celebrations on Sunday afternoon and I am going to find a way to sneak in some time to power-wash my house and garage as well. Happy Labor Day to all!

~Your City Wide Team

Week in Review: August 23rd - 27th

Shalee - Administration Manager:
What a fast and furious week this has been!  We've been inundated with bids and other projects that the week seems like blur... once again.  I have to say, with Diane setting the appointments and Kelly whipping out proposals, it's turning into a well-oiled machine around here.  We rarely see Greg anymore, which is a bittersweet thought!  :) 

And this weather!  Oh my lands, it's been absolutely gorgeous here!  Last weekend before we got back some very spoiled kids from Grandma's (we had to remind them that no, chocolate is NOT viable source of nutrition!), Paul and I went on a hike at Taylor Falls.  It was beautiful and perfect for some great exercise and a picnic by the river.

This week, we've had a couple of visitors crammed into our little 2-bedroom apartment.  Fortunately, they don't mind being close with everyone!  The best friends of our kids from Kansas is staying the week with us and so far, they've had a blast! 

We hit the library on Monday to make sure that not every waking moment is video games or movies; Tuesday we saw Nanny McPhee Returns (cute, but I liked the first one best); Wednesday we were bagging food at Feed My Starving Children and having the best time working to help others (that was their favorite activity by far!; and Thursday we introduced them to a reason to never enter the ocean again as we scared the mess out of them with Jaws.  Daa na. Daa na. Daa na…
Classic.  Pure classic.  The shark doesn't even show until an hour into the movie.  Speilberg's a genius from the beginning...

Friday we'll relax with a game night and homemade pizza!  Then it will be back to reality as we shuffle kids to the appropriate homes and start in on readying ourselves for school... and the State Fair, of course!


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
Another busy week here in the South Metro. We have completed a handful of turn cleans at apartment complexes and are preparing for a big turn clean day for student housing over the course of 18 hours next week.

We have been doing some electrical maintenance for a couple different properties getting their centers 100% functional by installing new bulbs in every fixture throughout the facility. Any bulbs that continue to not function, the electrician will make any repairs needed. Just an example of another opportunity to provide extra services, making the customers job a little easier. I am meeting an electrician at another customer’s location where the property manager is unable to visit regularly. Being at assistance to this customer has proved to be very valuable! We love helping out our customers.
This weekend should be great, I wish we were making it out to the State Fair, but we will be out of town on our second camping trip of the year. They are calling for some awesome weather, and I’m looking forward to spending some time in Duluth as well!


~Your City Wide Team