Friday, September 17, 2010

Week in Review: September 13th - 17th

Shalee - Administration Manager:
Though this week has been absolutely busy, it's been very productive!  We've been cranking out the bids, assisting our clients for each special need requested and doing things to help us with the goal of becoming the best sales organization in the world! 

Think we can't do it? 

Just watch us.  All the work will be so worth it as City Wide sail up the charts locally and in the business world altogether.

On the family front, Taegan, our teen, is going to a youth retreat in Iowa.  To make the weekend special for our son Jadon, we're going to go to the Fort Snelling Military Museum Open House.  We'll try to see the Air Force Museum on the same day too.  I think our boy will get a kick out of the tanks utterly detroying junk cars as they roll over them!  :)

Other than that, I plan on relaxing, watching lots of football and moving my shorts out of the way to make way for the sweaters and sweatshirts that are going to be needed soon.  Goodbye summer.  It sure was nice while it lasted...


Tyler - Quality Control Manager:
Wow, what a crazy past couple of weeks! After my return from Las Vegas a couple weeks ago, we’ve really hit the ground running with Performance Plus Cleaning. As described here, Performance Plus Cleaning is really a new standard in the industry providing a healthier environment and cleaner facilities. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel for turning over 100% of my buildings!

Thanks to all the hard work put forth from the Kansas City office for putting this all together and our Service Providers for understanding the value of the change-over. We realize the upfront investment it takes to become Performance Plus Certified along with the know-how to clean not only with the correct chemicals but the proper techniques. Also, a special thanks to our customers for listening and understanding the value of this program.

A few questions have surfaced regarding the change over for example: “Where did the upright vacuum go? It’s no longer in our closet” All of our service providers are required to be using a backpack vacuum to keep our accounts clean. We do not require that they leave a backpack vacuum on-site as they are very easy to bring with them from account to account and they can also be pretty spendy! Interesting fact: Upright vacuums pick up 70% of dust and debris but spread dust throughout buildings with the type of bag used; where backpack vacuums trap 99.7% of dust and debris removing it entirely from the building.
What else is new… I’m beginning to schedule a large strip and wax project for one of our larger medical customers. I have 9 buildings total to complete which is a project management task all its own. By using new chemicals, techniques, and procedures we’re excited to have every last strip and wax project looking fantastic! That involves nice even coats of sealer and wax, clean baseboards, and a nice finish. Thanks to our service providers for following these new important steps.

I’m looking forward to a successful Viking season. Everyone shakes their head about the recent Saint’s loss but I know everything will be just fine. If all goes well, we’re set up to have all injured players back by mid-season. And how about those Twins?! They just keep on winning! Hopefully they can overcome the Yankee’s and Ray’s records so we can seal up home field advantage! Wouldn’t that be exciting with the new Target Field?!
Have a great week everyone!!!


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
This week started off with my normal tour of Monday morning visits seeing 10-12 properties to check up on cleaning and handle anything our customers might need. There was nothing major to report for Monday’s route.

Tuesday took a bit of a turn as we had our office score card meeting in the later part of the afternoon. I completed my normal ten stops, swung in to the office and did as much admin work as I could and then had to run to the south side of downtown Saint Paul to pickup keys for a new start this month. Eric and the crew spent triple the normal nightly hours to make a good impact on the first night of cleaning and after stopping in this morning to check it out I could see the major improvements!

Last weekend we completed a parking lot striping job, including the standard lines, curb painting, and some parallel “T” style parking spots along the curb-- No stenciling required. That went well and is a good refreshing look to the building as you enter. We also did a quarterly machine scrub of all hard ceramic tile floors at one of our medical clinics. Doing this along with our Performance Plus+ cleaning system really keeps the grout looking great, and the room in great presentation for all of their patients and visitors.
Earlier this week we also kicked off a clean room sub floor cleaning. We have a couple cleaners in smocks, hair nets, beard covers, non latex gloves, and booties covering their shoes… they are going around the room pulling up the sub floor squares with a suction cup and vacuuming out the immediate 15 square feet they can reach. Underneath the floor they are finding dust in corners, various old small equipment, debris, and containers that were stored underneath the squares. Considering it has been many years since it was done, I would say the floor is in good shape! It sure is exciting to help out our customers with any maintenance need.

Another exciting weekend ahead! Bow hunting opens this weekend so I’m hoping to find a stand near the Twin Cities so I don’t have to make any long trips for only one morning shift! I was originally setup to sit in Stillwater at some new land that a friend of mine has access to with 10 or more stands. However, he called me today and said he has to work on Saturday, so unless he can get out of work it looks like I need to find another hunting spot or not participate in day one.
If I’m not able to hunt, no major complaints because the weekend continues on… My father, brother-in-law, and I are headed to the Gopher football game on Saturday afternoon. This will be my first college football game and I’m excited to see the new stadium! I’m not big into College sports but the atmosphere should shake that out of me real quick :-) Then on Sunday, Liz and I bought tickets to the Vikings game here at the Metrodome for her parents and us. Lots of football to be watched this weekend!!!
Go TWINS! Can’t get enough of September baseball… I had good feelings about this team last year and even better feelings this year with some of the trades we’ve made. I hope we win one more game against Chicago this week and stretch that win out to a comfortable 8 game lead (as if 7 isn’t enough)... Then chase down the current Champions for the chance at home field advantage in the playoffs. I can’t imagine having home field advantage at a brand new field!!! What a great year for MN sports fans.

~Your City Wide Team