Friday, September 3, 2010

Week in Review: August 23rd - 27th

Shalee - Administration Manager:
What a fast and furious week this has been!  We've been inundated with bids and other projects that the week seems like blur... once again.  I have to say, with Diane setting the appointments and Kelly whipping out proposals, it's turning into a well-oiled machine around here.  We rarely see Greg anymore, which is a bittersweet thought!  :) 

And this weather!  Oh my lands, it's been absolutely gorgeous here!  Last weekend before we got back some very spoiled kids from Grandma's (we had to remind them that no, chocolate is NOT viable source of nutrition!), Paul and I went on a hike at Taylor Falls.  It was beautiful and perfect for some great exercise and a picnic by the river.

This week, we've had a couple of visitors crammed into our little 2-bedroom apartment.  Fortunately, they don't mind being close with everyone!  The best friends of our kids from Kansas is staying the week with us and so far, they've had a blast! 

We hit the library on Monday to make sure that not every waking moment is video games or movies; Tuesday we saw Nanny McPhee Returns (cute, but I liked the first one best); Wednesday we were bagging food at Feed My Starving Children and having the best time working to help others (that was their favorite activity by far!; and Thursday we introduced them to a reason to never enter the ocean again as we scared the mess out of them with Jaws.  Daa na. Daa na. Daa na…
Classic.  Pure classic.  The shark doesn't even show until an hour into the movie.  Speilberg's a genius from the beginning...

Friday we'll relax with a game night and homemade pizza!  Then it will be back to reality as we shuffle kids to the appropriate homes and start in on readying ourselves for school... and the State Fair, of course!


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
Another busy week here in the South Metro. We have completed a handful of turn cleans at apartment complexes and are preparing for a big turn clean day for student housing over the course of 18 hours next week.

We have been doing some electrical maintenance for a couple different properties getting their centers 100% functional by installing new bulbs in every fixture throughout the facility. Any bulbs that continue to not function, the electrician will make any repairs needed. Just an example of another opportunity to provide extra services, making the customers job a little easier. I am meeting an electrician at another customer’s location where the property manager is unable to visit regularly. Being at assistance to this customer has proved to be very valuable! We love helping out our customers.
This weekend should be great, I wish we were making it out to the State Fair, but we will be out of town on our second camping trip of the year. They are calling for some awesome weather, and I’m looking forward to spending some time in Duluth as well!


~Your City Wide Team