Thursday, September 30, 2010

Week in Review: September 27th - October 1st

Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
Time for some floors to shine!
And another busy October is lined up in the South! Every weekend is booked for strip and wax work. We will be completing two adult daycare centers as part of their annual contract, one of our group Medical Clinics we are doing 60 exam rooms and another 10-15 procedure rooms complete strip and wax. We are also working on a child care center for wax later this month, we don’t provide any ongoing services for them at this point so it should be a great opportunity to move toward that goal of completing regular services.

Along the lines of carpet cleaning this month we have setup 3 locations for the two or three times per year agreements for carpet cleaning to keep their facilities looking great and extend the life of their carpets. Those get doen over vaious weeknights and weekends.

The last couple weekends I’ve been getting out bow hunting in Stillwater at some new land that a friend of mine introduced me to. Private hunting land is the only place I will hunt for safety reasons and the ongoing issue of someone coming into the woods late and stomping past your stand making noise after you’ve been there quiet all day! This weekend a good friend of mine is driving down here from a tiny town just outside Thief River Falls called Plummer. He is the owner of the land that I do my rifle hunting on in November. He will be staying with Liz and I for the weekend so he can go to a bachelor party for a friend getting married this weekend. Friday night should be fantastice were getting a group of 10 or so of our old co workers together at my house for a fire on the patio and reflecting on old times!

Vikings have the weekend off, Liz has decided they got a Bye week so early so that Brett and the receivers can be chained together for 10 days to really figure each other out, get in sync and head to the playoffs, NFC championship and ultimately the super bowl. I disagree… I still have hope but I’m prepared for a letdown here this year unfortunately. :( On the other side of the coin, I am and always have been a Twins fan first! Since clinching their playoff spot they have lost 5 of 6 games and are 1 game out from the best record in the American league…. Hopefully in these next few games the rays will drop a couple and the Yankees will CRASH and we can go into the playoffs on top. Go Twins, Go Viings, unbelievable that it is October already!?!


Shalee - Administration Manager:
Sakes alive!  It's been a busy one around here!  We interviewed a real gem for our Business Developer Specialist position.  It was really nice to have a great interview from the start of emailing each other, all the way to when he walked into the office for the face to face interview.  I would love to have that task off my plate soon!  :)

Diane and Greg have been working hard at getting appointments with prospects who really need our assistance.  It's been so busy for Greg, that I think I've only seen him 3 times this week!  It's been really good for us to see that hard work pay off with the signing of some new clients.  We'll continue to produce that hard work for them so that they can truly understand the value of having us on their team!

This week has been fabulously amazing!  We've been outside as much as possible.  This weekend we're going to drive up the North Shore so that we can hike and admire all of God's handiwork in the color department!  Oh, the trees are spectacular I hear!  I think we might need to stop by Betty's Pies on the way back too...  :-)

~Your City Wide Team