Friday, September 24, 2010

Week in Review: September 20th - 24th

Shalee - Administration Manager:
What a great week this has been for us!  All our diligence and efforts has rewarded us with a couple of large property managed accounts lately.  It's wonderful to see how a well-ran business plan can be a benefit for others.  Hopefully, as these clients see how we keep our promises, we will be allowed to assist in other ways too!

I have to admit that this week, I have been feeling quite thankful and blessed by God to work in this office.  There are wonderful people here who want to do well personally and in business as well.  Being surrounded by positive, hard-working, happy individuals makes me grateful that we have a plan to succeed as a team and as a business of stature and worth.  These things are not always a given in the workplace today.

At home, our daughter just had her bottom braces installed.  Never would you have imagined a female so happy to add apparatus to her face!  She's so pumped about having straight teeth by the time she has her senior pictures.  :)

Tonight will be her first football game and tailgating party.  She's so excited to be with her friends socially.  Sometimes, not being able to drive is such a burden...

Last weekend, Paul, Jadon and I did go to the Ft Snelling Army show.  What a gorgeous day for it too!  It was really exciting to see some of the tanks used in WWII, Vietnam, the Gulf War and the present day defense in Afghanistan.  After that, we were able to tour some of the planes at the Air Force Military Museum.  Jadon and Paul really got a kick out of that!
Jadon piloting a C97G

Jadon in a bunk on the C97G

Paul, aka Red Barron

This weekend is not too busy for us for the first time in a long time.  I'm looking forward to relaxing, eating some good fall food (homemade chili and cornbread to start the weekend off right!) and football until my kids are sick of it.  :)


Mitch - Quality Control Manager
What a great week its been! Last weekend I made it out bow hunting for the opener and had a buck chased off by a Coyote unfortuanately, good thing it’s a long archery season. Made it out to both losing football games (Gophers and Vikings) but still had a good time overall at each of them.

This week has been fantastic, most of my customers are just as excited as myself about the way the Twins have been playing and clinching the division! Out during my normal visits this week we setup a small strip and wax for a break room that is getting done Thursday evening. Also we scheduled for a group of our customers to get their centers done in the next month and a half. Its going to be a busy couple of months here getting all the fall wax and carpet work done.

One of our newest customers from earlier this month has been a fantastic start, we’ve not only showed them our skills in the cleaning portion of things but we had already done some carpet cleaning, viper tool grout cleaning, and recently put up some new paper towel dispensers for them in their restroom to update the old manual crank ones. They definitely have found value in our multiple services with myself as their single point of contact. We look forward to an on going quality relationship with them and their facility needs!

Otherwise not a whole lot going on, just spending a lot of time in the evenings at the gym training to run harder farther and faster, getting office work done while watching Sports Center to stay caught up. Hopefully will get to go out for 2 or 3 hunting shifts this weekend and see if anything respectable comes by!

~Your City Wide Team