Friday, October 15, 2010

Week in Review: October 11th - 15th

Shalee - Administration Manager:

What an incredible couple of week's we've had! So many things have been going absolutely right, it's almost down right scary...
  • We hired a fabulous new BDS - Engelo. I knew from the moment I first talked with him that he would be a winner for us. I'm just thrilled that he's totally meeting our expectations. He's a pleasure to have in the office and I'm often awed at his tenacity and pleasant persistence!
  • Diane and Engelo have been setting record appointments! Greg is so busy and out of the office; I feel as if I should introduce myself to him when he does finally make it in! :-)
  • We've had some absolutely astounding sales of late. It is so exciting to see our hard work come to fruition. From the first touch to the signing of the contract to the excellent service afterwards, it's wonderful to see how the team moves cohesively and fluidly to prove our difference from our competition.
On the personal side, our family has had many firsts of late.

Our first family trip to the North Shore and upward was incredibly gorgeous and a perfect daytrip. We loved High Falls at Tettegouche State Park!

Taegan went to her first Homecoming Dance.  Not only was it exciting because she was going with friends, but she finally got to wear one of my dresses that she has been longing to wear for the past two years.  She totally looked better in it than I ever did!
Tonight we're taking Jadon to his school for a sock hop.  He's super excited to look like a kid from the 50's and I'm uber excited to try to remember some dance moves!


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:

Snow, snow, snow?! What, snow?? YES, snow is the topic of the week as we’ve been out viewing 3-4 properties for upcoming snow removal this winter. We went and did operations walk through meetings verifying where to put snow, how much to salt/sand, when to salt and sand etc. We also learned of their hurts from the previous years to prevent it from happening again. These should be some great opportunities this winter to make ourselves stand out and hopefully get involved in more projects at these buildings for spring!
This week, along with Kelly’s help, we have been putting together a few different proposals to help one of our current customers budget for start-up needs should they choose to move their operation to a different location. We bid exterior sweeping of their entire parking lot and interior tenant sweeping to take care of the inside dock area that has sat vacant for some time now. We bid their strip and wax work for all VCT areas to get them clean, protected, and of course shiny. Lastly the biggest part of the project that we bid was a lighting retro fit project. They have 89 fixtures using upwards of 400 watts-- I have proposed the same amount of fixtures using only 150-180 watts per fixture presenting a significant energy savings as well as some rebates from the power plant and possible tax credits.

Pre-winter (there’s that “W” word again!) strip and wax work is well under way with our current customers Last weekend we completed our second wax project ahead of time so yesterday evening we did a small strip and wax for an industrial building. This weekend we start 8,000 square feet of exam rooms, procedure rooms (etc) at one of our medical clinic clients. We were scheduled to start the medical clinic next weekend but since we are ahead of schedule they were happy to have us get the head start and get wrapped up before the end of October with the wax work and a big carpet cleaning project as well.

Other pre-winter projects being completed this fall is window washing. Last week we successfully completed 3 medical clinics in different parts of town and this weekend we complete the 4th.

I have an action-packed weekend ahead! Friday night Liz and I are heading out with one of Liz’s oldest friends and her husband for a haunted house, pumpkin picking/carving, and possibly a good movie to wash it all down. Saturday morning I WON’T make it out bow hunting :-(, but I have a men’s breakfast and golf event with my church. Saturday night I will either make it out to the deer stand or go spend the entire night with my brother for his birthday-- I haven’t decided which yet. And Sunday, even with the loss, I am still ready for the Vikes to redeem themselves. No doubt the Cowboys will be here with a vengeance after last year’s playoff game that we smashed them ( I was there and it was awesome!). It should be a busy but fun weekend, I look forward to it that’s for sure.

~Your City Wide Team