Friday, October 8, 2010

Week in Review: October 4th - 8th

Greg - President:
This has been one excellent week for City Wide of Minnesota!! I have been out of the office, enjoying the nice fall weather while attending multiple building survey and sales meetings. We have closed a handful of snow removal contracts this week which we are very excited about (the business, not neccesarily the snow ;-))

I've really enjoyed using our new High Performance Plus cleaning approach as an excellent selling point. There is no way to get around it; it's the best way to clean a building efficiently and thoroughly. It just makes sense. Mitch shot a new video showing some of how High Performance Plus cleaning can be an asset to your building, check it out here!

We also had our new Business Development team member join our team this week! We're all very excited to see what Engelo can do-- no doubt he will be a great asset to our team. Stay tuned for a "about me" bio written up later next week.

On a personal note, I had a great time last weekend. We went down to Kansas City for the NASCAR event at the Kansas Speedway. One of our first clients and his family joined us as well. His son (seen left) cracked us up all day with his mullet and NASCAR hat ;-) The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the race was fun with our 1st row seats.

It has been quite the week for Minnesota sports as well. It's like the city is shaking with energy. First the news of Randy Moss joing the Vikings team. As soon as I heard, I called my brother to tell him to pull out his old Moss jersey from the 90's. We attended Game 2 of the Twins/Yankees game last night as well. Unfortunately we lost, but it wasn't because the City Wide team wasn't cheering hard enough. Orlando Hudson's homerun ball shot right next to us which was extremely exciting.
(Mitch, Tyler, and myself excited about the homerun ball hit straight to us)

This upcoming weekend will be spent up at Lake of the Woods, hoping to catch the Walleye bite one last time this season. Let's hope we get lucky!


Kelly - Business Development:
This has been a really great week. Greg and I were down to Kansas City last weekend (and Monday of this week) for the NASCAR race. One of our first clients and his family came down with us and we had a fun time! We had a ginormous breakfast and afternoon tailgate which was very tasty!

So this week I've been busy with getting back into the swing of things. Diane has been setting appointments for Greg left and right, which leaves me busy with bidding and proposal projects. It's great to be busy at the office! :-)

On Thursday, we were able to steal away from the office for the afternoon and attend the Twins game. It was just gorgeous outside. In honor of Carl Pavano pitching, I made mustaches on a stick; they were a hit :-)

(Tyler, Mitch, myself, and Greg at the game)

This weekend, I am staying behind while Greg attemps to slay the Walleye up north. After being pretty busy these past few weekends, I'm looking forward to relaxing, cleaning, and catching up on some fall TV :-) 


Tyler - Quality Control Manager:
This week has been insane! I’m ¾ of the way through getting a major medical client’s floors completely stripped down and re-waxed. Big thanks goes out to our teammates for helping get every one of these units handled and looking great! One addition to this project: we are now using micro-fiber flat mop heads to lay sealer and wax. These new micro-fiber flat mop heads lay a nice even coat which helps to avoid any build-up and uneven areas. We are also using a foam stripper product to help control wax build-up on the baseboards. This has worked great and we are all pleased with the results. I’ve noticed that this fall, a lot of our customers have turned to getting their floors stripped and re-waxed-- no doubt getting prepared for the harsh Minnesota winter to come!

I’m also approximately 90% turned over to our High Performance Plus cleaning approach with my crew in the North. Thanks to our teammates for putting this into place and handling the upfront costs associated with the turnover. We are finding cleaner buildings with less time spent mopping floors and vacuuming. Not only does this save time and money, it traps at least 30% more dust and debris from a facility and removes the debris indefinitely. Back pack vacuums trap 99.7% of dust and debris whereas our old upright vacuum system trapped only 70% of dust and debris. This helps cut down the dust throughout each building. We love what High Performance Plus is achieving in our client’s buildings!

This past week we also started a very large medical clinic in Fridley which has been quite the project to get up and running. I feel that I’ve found the perfect team to have taken over the cleaning of this facility. With High Performance Plus cleaning fully in place, I’m confident that we’ll keep everyone at the facility very pleased.

In Twins news: I sure have been cheering hard for their games this week. Greg was nice enough to take us to Game 2 of the Playoffs against the Yankees last night. We had a great time, but unfortunately we didn't pull out a win. Kelly made us Carl Pavano mustaches on a stick to wear throughout the game.
(Mitch and I before the Twins game)

Also, Randy Moss just signed with the Vikings. I have Bret Favre on my fantasty team so hopefully Moss’ arrival ups his stock!! GO TWINS AND VIKES!!


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
Another busy week here at City Wide. As I was writing this post, Kelly and I both agreed that this week went by so quickly!

Here in the office we have been working on a number of projects this week. We started a strip and wax of roughly 5,000 sq ft last weekend for one of our customers. They have a lot of things that need to be moved around so you have to do the project half and half each time its completed. Having their floors stripped and waxed on a quarterly basis keeps their buildings looking great with nice shiny floors—and it makes it easier for us to keep them clean as well! :-)

Earlier this week I made two special trips out to Lakeville for one of our customers—I figured out what is needed to replace an exhaust fan in one of their men’s rest rooms and I visited them regarding a potential carpet installation job as well. I went “two for two” on that trip and we got awarded both projects. We complete the electrical work today, and begin the carpet installation later this evening, finishing up into the wee hours of the night.

This weekend we are scheduled to complete the wax work at the above mentioned center and to start the floor work at their Eagan location. On Sunday we will be doing window washing for one of our group customers as part of a biannual contract that we have with them to keep their new clinic looking excellent! There are some windows being done at their sister location today, and two other locations on the other end of town on Monday morning.

Outside of the office, what a week for Minnesota sports! The Twins kicked off their first playoff game at home in the beautiful Target Field! We were able to attend Game 2 yesterday which was a lot of fun. Orlando Hudson's homerun ball was hit right to us. I found this picture online and Kelly circled us. Tyler and I are circled in yellow. Cool!
And as far as the Vikings go, it never hurts to have the tall man down field as a huge threat to any defense the Vikings come up against-- Welcome home, Randy Moss!!!

Heading into this weekend I will be welcoming my wife back into town on Friday late afternoon; she has been in Canada since early Tuesday morning on another top secret mission to create food for her job. I think we may hit up the movie “The Social Network” this weekend. How do you NOT go out to see a movie about a website that has changed the way people stay connected forever?? Saturday morning routine will be the usual-- out of the house at 4am, in the deer stand by 6am. I hope, hope, and hope to see another monster buck… and return home around 10am to find Liz watching something on TLC or HGTV! ;-) No major plans for the remainder of the weekend, perhaps a relaxing one is in store!


Mark Josephson - Night Manager:
What a great week we have had up in the North! This week we started cleaning a brand new medical facility in Fridley. This building will be a great example of how our new High Performance Plus cleaning approach can keep a building efficiently and thoroughly clean. Our crew, as usual, is doing such a great job in this building and I really could not ask for better team to work with.

On a personal note, the Chicago Bears are off to a great start this year and I look forward to seeing them play later this month! I will be making my first trip to Soldier Field since it was renovated. Should be a fun weekend! I would also like to say congrats to the Minnesota Twins on a great season-- I hope we crush the Yankees this series!


~Your City Wide Team