Monday, November 8, 2010

Janitor's Closet Inspection

With City Wide, you have one great manager that is 100% accountable for all of the work being performed in your building. That is one point of contact for everything, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Ultimately the job of our Quality Control Manager is to make sure that you are completely satisfied-- and that means regular inspections of even the littlest things like the janitor's closet!

Our Quality Control Managers check for several things when inspecting a janitor's closet. We look to see that the correct chemicals are present and accounted for and that the correct equipment is being used. Additionally, we make sure that the closet is neatly organized and stocked with the neccessary paper products for your building. Our crew's nightly Hot Spot checklist should be in the janitor's closet as well.

Check out our latest video showing how Tyler, our Quality Control Manager inspects a janitor's closet at one of our client's building-- did this janitor's closet make the cut? You bet!

Janitor's Closet Inspection from City Wide Maintenance of MN on Vimeo.

~Your City Wide Team