Friday, November 19, 2010

Week in Review: 15th - 19th

Greg - President:
This has been quite the successful week! Following the Twin Cities' first snow of the season last weekend and hearing nothing but great news from our contacts this week sure has been nice! I'm so happy with our reliable crews and our new administrative procedure to keep all involved informed about impending snow.

On the sales side of things, we've had a really nice first part of November. We're having record sales this month and it's exciting to know that we have some really nice deals in the hopper as well!

I sure am looking forward to the next two weekends. This weekend I'm going deer hunting in northern Wisconsin, and of course I'm looking forward to the Thanksgiving holiday! Before we know it the New Year will be upon us-- enjoy this holiday season it it's fullest!


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
Here at City Wide it has been another crazy week filled with excitement in all kinds of projects. One project that is keeping us busy is a large wall and floor cleaning. They are covered in ink from newspaper production. It’s a 4-part process with scrub brushes saturated in appropriate chemical getting the bulk of the residue removed, followed by a towel wiping which leaves a semi-clean but smeared wall, followed by the clean towel rinse wipe, and finally the hand tool designed to clean grout, which blasts the wall with steam and water and capturing it right back down the vacuum hose leaving a very clean wall. It has been quite the project and we’re excited to service our contact in any way possible!

Snow removal kicked off this weekend without a hitch! I am thankful that we are well prepared and have excellent service providers lined up who got out and got the work done with minimal efforts on my part during the event. I was out in my deer stand and only had text message abilities during the majority of the weekend, but we were able to get everything done and handled properly via the good old text message! On Monday morning I visited all of my accounts (with the exception of two that Greg made it to for me) One client actually is having us handle some extra sidewalks that they originally didn’t have included because they want to get them cleared off as well as the ones we did on our own.

With the rifle season behind us, I have a bit more time to chase some more deer yet this year with my bow. This Saturday morning I am heading to continue that mission and see if I can take down my first deer with my bow…


~Your City Wide Team