Friday, November 5, 2010

Week in Review: November 1st - 5th

Greg - President:

It's been another busy week here for City Wide of Minnesota. Much like these past few weeks, Diane and Engello have been working hard to keep me out of the office :-) My schedule this week was full of sales appointments and building surveys.

I also attended a few new-start walk throughs for new snow removal contracts. It is nice to get these established and settled before the snow actually moves on in! I'm excited to see how our crews will do.

In addition to snow removal new-starts, we've heard nothing but great news from our newest contract, two large medical facilities up north. Big thanks goes out to Mark (Night Manager), Tyler (Quality Control Manager), and our Service Providers for putting forth exceptional effort and attention to detail at this new account!

We had our end of the year party for IREM on Thursday which was a lot of fun. The theme of the party was Casino Night and I tried my hand at poker dealing all night long :-) Being on the social committee has served to be very beneficial and fun this year.

We don't have much planned for this weekend. Mitch and I sited in our rifles earlier this week, so when the chance arises I'll be ready for some hunting. Whatever we end up doing this weekend, I'm definitely looking forward to this beautiful fall weather-- can't get any better than 50 degrees in November!


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:

This week we have wrapped up the final snow removal contract new-start so we are set for the year with snow accounts. Snow removal for this year should be a good amount of expansion in the business for everyone involved.

This last weekend we wrapped up carpet cleaning and floor waxing at one of our bigger medical clinics down in Hastings. Great efforts went into getting it done on time, while working around each other on Saturday evening. That about completes the work for that group of customers for the rest of the year for carpet cleaning and floor waxing.

Coming up I have to get one of three projects scheduled for 7-9 of our dialysis centers: including wet burnishing, carpet cleaning, or top scrub and wax work, It’s always a big coordinated effort between the janitor staff, the wax crew, and the great efforts of the customer to get their machines disconnected and moved for us.

Not often am I “working’ for the weekend”, but this weekend is rifle opener in the great state of Minnesota. I have been absolutely loving sitting out in the nicer weather we have had up to this point with my bow in Stillwater, but I’m ready for the land up north with lots of deer caught on camera. Liz is going to sit with me this weekend to discover if she would be up for hunting next year-- so we will see how it goes! Greg and I sited in our rifles earlier this week, so they’re dialed in and ready to go. A couple more weeks of hunting here and then I’m off to Baton Rouge for Thanksgiving-- should be a very fast November!

Kelly - Business Development:
And just like that, it is already Friday!! I'm not complaining, but when looking back at this week I have to admit that it went by really quickly!
As always, I've been spending my time getting Greg's bids and proposals measured and put together. Diane and Engello are still doing a fantastic job at setting appointments for janitorial services and building maintenance needs. They keep Greg busy, which in turn keeps me busy as well! :-)
Earlier this week I had to stop by the Mall of America for a little bit of shopping. I passed by an account where we have been doing the construction clean-up, hard floor work, and janitorial services-- but all behind closed doors. The grande opening is this weekend and we're excited to see how City Wide has done with preparing the store for it's big day!
This past weekend we had a fun time celebrating Halloween. I like to decorate cookies and cupcakes on the side, and I had a fun time decorating a bunch of sugar cookies for an old coworker-- her daughter turned one.
Now that Halloween is out of the way, I can't help but start daydreaming about the holidays ahead of us. My parents and sister are coming to visit over Christmas, and it will be awesome to spend some quality time with them over the holidays-- only 50-some more days left!

~Your City Wide Team