Friday, October 29, 2010

Week in Review: October 15th - 29th

Greg -  President:
It's been another extremely busy week here for City Wide. Diane and Engello have been keeping me busy by making countless appointments-- they're doing fantastic and I appreciate all of their hard work. This week alone, Diane and Engello have set seven qualified appointments. Way to go, team!

Getting a dusting of snow in the south metro on Thursday sure switched our focus to the season of winter. It is coming upon us quickly! I have been on so many building survey appointments for snow removal needs this fall and we've closed several of the contracts. As much as I may not be ready for winter, I can't wait to see what we can do for our clients. We sure enjoy saving them time, money, and energy.

On Thursday we also had a First Annual Phone Jam competition with City Wide in Boston. For two hours Diane, Engello, and myself competed against Boston's Business Development team to make calls and set appointments. Throughout the two hours we were winning but Boston's team took up speed towards the end. We ended up tieing with 3 appointments each. Great effort from both teams! :-)

This weekend I'm looking forward to the normal Halloween festivities and the Vikings/Patriots game. I'm looking forward to getting some rest before starting a jam-packed week next week! In addition to almost-constant meetings/appointments throughout the week, we start a large medical facility up north Monday night. We're excited to get in there and show them what City Wide can do!


Tyler - Quality Control Manager:

Wow, it has been a crazy couple of weeks here at City Wide! We have started cleaning two very large medical facilities here in the north which has been a large operational task. However, it is going great! We have very talented crews handling these accounts and everything has gone very smooth thus far. I am also thankful for having a great point of contact for these facilities. We’re looking forward to a long lasting relationship with these two medical centers.
Strip and Wax work: Phew, A major strip and wax project is nearly over. I have been writing about a larger medical customer of ours that involves approximately 10 facilities in the north metro where each facility received a strip and wax here in the fall. This has gone very smooth and I want to thank our crews for the hard work and dedication to this specific customer. During our strip and wax process, we have been focusing on keeping the baseboards clean, floors completely stripped down, floor washed and dried, 2 layers of seal applied with approximately 4 to 6 layers of wax being laid with a flat microfiber mop system. This flat mop allows the wax to be applied smooth without a “rippling” effect. Each facility looks great and should shine well into the winter.

Update on High Performance Cleaning: Abby from our KC office was up this week speaking with us about High Performance Cleaning and the benefits it can provide to our customer and our team members. I can say that every crew I have in the north has transitioned over to this process; chemicals, equipment, etc. I am in the phase of teaching/educating my crews as to proper usage of these chemicals and processes to make best use of their time and ultimately keep their buildings cleaner. So far so good!!

Last week I helped my folks take out the docks and boats out of the water at their cabin. Every year my waiters seem to leak-- That stood true for this year as well. Not very pleasant but who else is going to get into leaky waiters and jump into an ice cold lake? Not my dad! Fortunately the weather was beautiful last weekend and everyone went smooth. I’m ready for the big Vikes game vs New England this weekend. Big question is: Who will start at QB!? Favre or Travaris? I’m currently accepting your vote.

Until next week…


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:

Goodbye Fall and hello (begrudgingly) to Winter! Whoa it has been windy and cold the last few days! We lost the power on Tuesday evening for about 19 seconds, just long enough for me to miss the end of the newscast I was watching while the satellite box reset, reloaded and so on.

This week has been quite busy as most are, working on a number of projects. We continue to provide daily janitorial services at a new store in Mall of America, as well as some buffing of the main store floor and scrub/wax and burnishing of their sheet vinyl break and storage area. Last weekend we did all the store front windows inside and out with our window cleaning service provider, and one of those workers was lucky enough to squeeze into a glass rectangle display case standing 12 ft tall, 2 ft deep, and 10 ft long to clean the glass inside and then from the outside! :-) Grand opening comes soon and we’re excited to work with the new store management on regular services as well as day porter work. When I was out at the store on Monday I was quite surprised when not one, not two, but THREE people I hired back in my old retail days happened to be employees at the new store! They were helping load in and stock merchandise and it was nice to see some of the guys I used to work with doing well on their different paths.
Like I mentioned last week, I’ve been spending a good amount of time along with Greg, Kelly, and Shalee on bidding a freight warehouse location where one of our current customers may merge and move into. A lot of energy is being spent on retro-fitting their dock area similarly to another light retrofit project seen here. In addition, we’re also exchanging out the old T12 lighting from their office areas. After doing some studying I learned T12 is officially illegal in 2012, and they can no longer manufacture the bulbs! This means that now is the time to make the change and cash in on rebates! We also bid for snow removal, parking lot striping, parking lot sweeping, dock sweeping and machine scrubbing, and are wrapping up some carpet installation as well as painting to submit the final proposals today!

The week doesn’t end there, the administration team is working on great new email system for our snow removal accounts that will keep our customers in the loop! The email system will also keep our snow removal service providers held accountable and on track to get our properties taken care of and well managed.
Happy Halloween! Liz and I are hanging out with some friends that we don’t see enough these days since we live in the south metro and they live up in the north metro. Saturday night it is a Halloween extravaganza at the Brunette household. We have invited most of the people we know to come on down and have a good SAFE night in, hopefully the weather will be descent so we can have a fire on the patio so we're not all confined to the indoors!


~Your City Wide Team