Friday, December 3, 2010

Week in Review: November 29th - December 3rd

Greg - President:
And just like that Thanksgiving is over and we’re already into the month of December! All of us at City Wide hope that you had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday. Kelly and I traveled down to Kansas to surprise her family for Thanksgiving and it is a surprise that none of us will quickly forget. The weather was beautiful, the food was delicious, we spent some quality time with the family, and I even had a chance to go hunting with Joe Choplin, Director of Operations at the home office in Kansas City! Overall it was a very nice weekend.

Transitioning into the work week after a long weekend seemed quite easy—just this week we have signed up two nice-sized accounts; one is a bank branch and the other is a medical facility. We’re excited to get in there and show them what City Wide can do!

The threat of snow and ice has been keeping us on our toes this weekend as well. With the forecast of snow tonight, our crews are ready and prepared to service our accounts in the best, most efficient way. We’re hoping that this snowfall event will go over as smoothly and easily as the last dumping of snow that we got a few weeks ago!

Stuart Moyer, our Regional Sales Manager from the home office in Kansas City was here this week visiting us as well. I had a wonderful time driving around from sales calls to building survey appointments with Stuart. It was great to learn from him, gain support, and get to know him. Both of us graduated from the School of Business at the University of Kansas—but two years apart. Crazy to think that we probably had classes together!

Wednesday night we were able to score some tickets to the Minnesota Wild/Phoenix Coyotes hockey game. Stuart and Shalee have never been to an NHL game, so it was a lot of fun to introduce them to the sport of professional hockey. Even though we lost, we all had a great time!!


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
Looking back on the month of November it was a bit of a wild month! Within it I can see we covered a wide variety of services from the standard carpet cleaning, window washing, hard floor waxing, warehouse machine scrubbing, light bulb changing, high volume wall cleaning (lifts, multiple crews to clean heavy ink and grease), turn cleaning, snow removal, and HVAC maintenance. November was definitely a diverse month for completing such various special projects for many of our customers in the south.

This week has been busy as always, working on snow removal invoicing is very time consuming to make sure you bill each customer properly and that you have the same information that the service provider does for each event. The proper upfront time and attention makes it much easier to explain to your customer why/how you billed them. The hard work definitely pays off!

This week I also scheduled up quarterly wax work for a group of our customer. All seven of my locations for this company are due for top scrub and wax recoats this month and are scheduled to be completed in the weekends leading up to the Christmas holiday and New Years Eve evening.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! I personally had a great time in Baton Rouge. We flew in on Tuesday afternoon and it was 81 degrees outside, with low humidity! Wednesday was around 71 degrees most of the day which was basically the perfect day. Then it cooled off to low 50s for Thanksgiving and I met my sister-in-law’s soon to be in-laws and that was a fun event! The man of the house heard about my deer hunting background so I pulled up some pictures online from our trail cameras, and of course pictures of the deer we have taken in our hunting group. That cued a three-hour hunting conversation with him being completely fascinated because they just don’t see deer down south like we do here in Minnesota. It was fun to be considered the “seasoned veteran” of hunting… whereas here, I’m barely an apprentice. Quite entertaining either way and to top it off we were able to (begrudgingly) cheer on the New Orleans Saints as they beat the Cowboys.

This weekend its back to hunting, hunting, and MORE hunting! I’m hoping to start this afternoon/evening, as well as Saturday morning into the afternoon. We’re getting down to the wire here and I really need a second deer in the ice box since my first one primarily went to sticks and steaks… I’ll need some jerky and ground meat in the freezer to get me through the year! I’m hoping for the best out there and as always, for a little R&R the rest of the weekend as well!


Tyler - Quality Control Manager:
Hello everyone! I hope you all had great Thanksgiving holidays! Thanksgiving has been one of my favorite holidays every since I’ve began appreciating good food, football and family gatherings. Every year I participate in a family/friend football game on the morning of Thanksgiving. This year, the “white meat” prevailed over the “dark meat” in the 34th annual Turkey Bowl. Might I add, I was a member of the white meat this year ;-) Oh, and we won 22 – 0. I can’t remember that last time a team was shut-out; but I can say it felt great to put a whoopin’ on the other team!

I am currently wrapping up a very busy week here at City Wide. Snow removal has been at the top of the list. It has been a relatively snowy November compared to last year. Last year we didn’t have a single snow event until December. Speaking of December 2009, it was one of the snowiest months in quite some time. It seemed we had crews working around the clock to keep drives clear, lots salted, and sidewalks shoveled. Big thanks to our snow removal teams for their hard work and dedication to the blustery winters we have here in Minnesota. We’re off to a great start!

Speaking of Minnesota… do we have any sports teams left? Or should I say, any sports team that really stand a chance at making playoffs and making a run at a title? What happened to the VIKES?! And the Twins? Granted, the Twins made it to the playoffs but can never seem to make it past the first round! I suppose I need to stop creating any false hope and wait until we’re in the Super Bowl or the World Series; then jump on the bandwagon! Twins done, Favre too old, Moss gone, Vikes season over, Wild are nothing special, I’M OUT!

Have a great weekend everyone!

~Your City Wide Team