Friday, January 28, 2011

Week in Review: January 24th - 28th

Mitch - Quality Control Manager:

With many new starts from the beginning of January off to a great start we will continue to watch them closely as we move into some new business that starts up next week. Next week we will begin cleaning a building along side two others we already clean which is very nice for us and the cleaners. It allows me to make a normal visit to it very simply, and the cleaners to get through 2-3 accounts easily since they’re all next door to each other. It’s a nice office space and we hope to make a big impact next week when we get rolling. In addition to that one of our oldest clients has added a 3rd property to their book of business that we will begin cleaning. It’s a smaller office space but again is very nearby the main plant which makes it easy to get to.

I’m also looking forward to March when we will begin a couple buildings in town that many people know, so it’s always a good conversation starter. This space in Minneapolis has beautiful old wood floors that are due to be sanded and refinished and hopefully we can get that going sometime in the near future for them. They have a nice fitness center in the lower level with the biggest ping pong table that we had ever seen, and to finish of the uniqueness of the building the wooden beams used to construct the property were massive, and there was no shortage of them throughout. The client has done a great job of maintaining the property and keeping it looking modern while keeping the old, classic look of open ceilings exposing the wood and I-beams.

We have recently expanded our services as we always try and find new ways to solve problems for our clients. We now offer ice damn removal which includes standard roof edge ice damns, flat roof runoff’s where ice builds up significantly on the side of the buildings, and clearing snow and ice off of the roof itself flat or pitched. This has given me a little something extra to chat with clients about and we have already been able to submit 2-3 estimates for removal at some properties. I look forward to continuing to learn more about it and how to properly bid it in the future to be able to get numbers to the clients faster.

Another service we added was Duct cleaning. I am personally invested in this one as in the past I wasn’t much of a believer in the service due to it having a negative vibe attached to the name. A few weeks back I hired a duct cleaning company to come out to my home solely on the fact that they could put a camera down my vents and SHOW me what was inside. They did indeed bring out this camera and shoed me what was inside and boy was I glad I brought them out! They were very cost efficient, they showed me all 3 options of how they can clear our ducts including standard high air flow, a “whip” option, and the big seller which I ended up using was a Roto Brush. This brush rotates and beats dust of the sides and top of the ducts and the tip vacuums as it works so you simultaneously are cleaning and removing the dirt and dust vs. pushing it through and collecting it at the other end. Once the work was completed the showed me the camera down the same vents and it looked like new! Needless to say we sat right there at my kitchen table and started talking about bringing them on board to service our commercial customers. They are now signed up and ready to work for us, hopefully we can help get some spring cleaning going for our clients and improve the overall air quality in their business.

Should be a fun weekend ahead, we have some good friends coming over for dinner and hanging out! It will be one of the last times we get to spend time with them since they are soon to be parents and that will take up a lot of their time. We also are celebrating “Mastery” for one of my closest friends and my wife’s former roommate, she got her masters last week after defending her thesis in the field of “Special Needs” youth and their transition into adulthood. Its been a long time coming, she has cancelled plans many times to work on her thesis and other necessary work so we are excited to raise a glass to her having her life back!


Kelly - Business Development:
Wow, and just like that... the first month of 2011 is about over! We at City Wide have had an amazing start to 2011. This month has been a whirlwind of proposals for the sales and admin staff, and multiple new starts for the operations team. We have also been watching the snow forecast carefully so that we service our accounts flawlessly. I suppose one day/week/month down is one more day/week/month closer to spring! :-)
This weekend Greg and I will be ice fishing with some friends in a sleeper house on Mile Lacs. Other than my first pike EVER (caught in December) this weekend will pretty much only be my 2nd ice fishing outing of the season. We're hoping to catch a few eaters-- and as always, of course we'd love a mounter too ;-)

~Your City Wide Team

Monday, January 17, 2011

See What We Can Do For You: Churches

Trusting just anyone to maintain as precious a facility as a church just isn't an option. City Wide Maintenance realizes that importance of keeping your church members healthy and the building sparkling. Shining windows and a clean, dust free sanctuary are important to ensuring your building is maintained properly. We service a large number of churches here at home and throughout the country and know that with such high traffic and numerous activities, the use of proper disinfectants and healthy cleaning materials is essential to the success of your facility.

You need someone with good communication and fast response time to keep the transition between church activities running smoothly. That's where City Wide comes in. We work to manage your facility to your unique specifications by providing you two facility managers to ensure you receive the level of service promised each and every time.

Call City Wide today to find out about our expertise in more than 20 different services. We will take care of the details, so you don't have to!

~Your City Wide Team

Friday, January 14, 2011

Week in Review: January 10th - 14th

Greg - President:
It’s been another great week here at City Wide. It seems like we have handled a lot of different and random cases with our clients these past few weeks as well!

We just signed up a janitorial service account with a large shipping company complex here in town and one scope of work is to squeegee and scrub their warehouse. We were able to purchase a large zamboni-type scrubbing machine for the account and we’re excited to see it excel in this facility!

We also took a look at an industrial space for a client who had an old tenant move out and leave behind a very strong fertilizer odor. It is very strong and acidic. We bid some demo work for them to remove carpet and ceiling tiles, as well as to thermal fog the space.

We also signed up two accounts in Minnetonka and Plymouth this week. We did the walk-throughs earlier this week and we’re excited to start up at these facilities! Big thanks to the administrative and operations team for getting those up and running so quickly.

It has also been another snowy week here in Minnesota! Remember that if you have city sidewalks on your property, the city can fine you several hundred dollars per day if they are not shoveled!

As for this weekend and next week, I am headed to Kansas City for the Franchise Advisory Council meeting with the Corporate City Wide team. I’m excited to go down there and catch up with my colleagues, counsel on how we can make City Wide better, and of course bring back new ideas, approaches, and tools to put into action here at City Wide of Minnesota!


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
This past few days have been entertaining, filled with construction clean follow ups, new start meetings, new start cleanings, and following up with clients that we just started last week. Can you sense the theme here? We started a bunch of new accounts last week on the 3rd and are off to a great start with those clients.

One of our new customers not only gave us their regular Janitor Services contract but also allowed us to handle their post construction cleaning of their full building remodel. The location has open ceilings with exposed duct work, conduit, technology cables, water mains, drains, and other various exposed infrastructure. The client had us completely damp wipe clean all the pipe and conduit tops, dust anything above the 6ft level that normal cleaning wouldn’t reach, vacuum out the hanging lights and damp wipe any dust or debris that was possible, and clean all the windows inside and out. This building has beautiful old (and recently refinished) floors that add a lot of character to their trendy modern space that reminds me of a loft apartment or condo you would find in downtown. We were very appreciative of the work, put in just over 100 man hours over 4 weekdays, and hit it hard last Friday night to finalize everything before the furniture came in.

This weekend we have a last minute setup to do a top scrub and wax with a medical clinic that we have managed since my first month or two here with City Wide. They have been a great customer of ours and I’m always excited to visit and see the various people in the building I keep in touch with. This week someone had dumped a Cub Foods shopping cart in their parking lot and the plows had started to plow it in. The customer didn’t mention it but I had space in my vehicle so I loaded it up and dropped it back to where it was stolen from just to do that extra little bit for the client to remind them why they keep us around (aside from our normal quality work!)

I am really excited because my sister-in-law and her boyfriend are in town From Louisiana! Sara grew up here on the farm where my wife is from and where we got married. Peyton however is born and raised in Baton Rouge and he has never experienced winter… last night he went sledding with some of our other friends here in Burnsville, walked outside in his bare feet (just to say he did I guess…) and tonight I am taking him out to Buck Hill to get him a little snowboarding experience. This weekend we head down to the farm to spend time with the family and hopefully ride some snowmobiles! I tried to borrow one from a family friend but it’s out of commission. Either way it should be a good weekend with these two in town!


~Your City Wide Team

Monday, January 10, 2011

Carpet Cleaning Demonstration

Check out our latest video-- we have Tyler demonstrating a Carpet Cleaning project for one of our customers.

Carpet Cleaning Demonstration from City Wide Maintenance of MN on Vimeo.

~Your City Wide Team

Friday, January 7, 2011

Week in Review: January 3rd - 7th

Shalee - Administration Manager:
Happy New Year!!! 

I can't believe that I've been here a year!  My how time flies... I just had my yearly review and it's so heartening to find that a) I'm not fired :) and b) I am an asset to the business.  Those first few months where hard, but all the perseverance is paying off as I feel that the flow of the office and the relationships therein have smoothed and strengthened over that time.
What a way to start the year.  After being off for an extended break, I was ready to come back and kickstart the year with a bang.  The company gave me ample opportinities to comply!  We had three new starts and already we have some new companies set to start next month.  That is a wonderful feeling - knowing that you're helping others and doing what you enjoy doing!

We're still working like crazy, trying to reach people who need to hear about our structure.  I just know that there are a lot of business who really need our services.  The Admin staff is doing all that we can to grow our business while increasing the productivity of our clients and giving them a clean, healthy place to work (especially important at this time of year!)

On a personal front, my family and I enjoyed a wonderful celebration of Christ's birth and a visit from Santa while we were visiting family in Nebraska, even if there was nary a speck of snow to be seen.    After that, we came home to a quiet New Year's celebration - dinner and games with friend and early to bed for us.  We knew it would turn to the new year, even if we couldn't issue it in personally.

I hope your year has started out on the best of notes...  May God bless you the entire year through!


Tyler - Quality Control Manager:
We’re coming off a nice long Holiday vacation and I’m back at it this first week of the New Year! 2010 was a great year for me at City Wide. We’ve grown to approximately 60 – 65 accounts here in the North and have come a long way from the 40 – 50 accounts at the beginning of the year.

2010 was a turnkey year in that we’ve took on a lot of large projects including the inception of High Performance Cleaning and unrolling that to all of our team members and crews. I would like to send out a big THANKS to everyone involved. Their hard work and dedication to learning the information and applying it to our daily activities is greatly appreciated!

Another large project was the introduction and turnover to a new consumable supplier of ours, Hillyard. Jim (our supplies representative) has been a huge help with supplies turnover to flooring inquiries to dispenser replacement. Thanks Jim!

Lastly, I’ve taken on two very large medical customers in the North, which have been an extreme challenge but they have been very rewarding! Things are settling down and our teams are getting into a routine. I’ve learned a lot since taking over these accounts. I’m looking forward to a very successful 2011!

Over Christmas and New Years break, I took some time off and went on a snowmobiling trip up to Lake Vermillion and had a blast! I went with a handful of friends and stayed at Fortune Bay Casino right on the south end of the lake. The trails were in PRISTINE condition for riding and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. We put about 300 – 400 miles on our sleds believe it or not! We rode all day every day for 4 days! No accidents, no injuries, no trouble with the law… Good times were had by all. I would’ve used a little more luck at the casino however :-)
Happy New Year to everyone following our blog and I hope each one of you has a successful 2011!


~Your City Wide Team

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

See What We Can Do For You: Dental Offices

Keeping a dental office clean is no small job; expensive equipment and high traffic means special care must be taken to properly maintain the facility. City Wide Maintenance realizes that perceptions of cleanliness can make or break how a patient views an establishment. Working carefully to make sure that ever nook and cranny is clean and sparkling is not above and beyond the norm. It is what we know you expect. Beyond a clean looking facility, we know how important it is to have a healhty building. City Wide ensures the proper disinfectants are used on every surface in addition to offering a variety of green cleaning options.

With extensive experience cleaning dental offices here at home and across the country, we work to manage your specifications by providing two facility managers to ensure you receive the level of service promised each and every time.

Call City Wide today to find out about our expertise in more than 20 different services. We will take care of the details so you don't have to!

~Your City Wide Team

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

From all of us at City Wide Maintenance of Minnesota, we wish you all a Happy New Year! May your 2011 be full of prosperity, health, happiness, and warmth! :-)

~Your City Wide Team