Friday, January 14, 2011

Week in Review: January 10th - 14th

Greg - President:
It’s been another great week here at City Wide. It seems like we have handled a lot of different and random cases with our clients these past few weeks as well!

We just signed up a janitorial service account with a large shipping company complex here in town and one scope of work is to squeegee and scrub their warehouse. We were able to purchase a large zamboni-type scrubbing machine for the account and we’re excited to see it excel in this facility!

We also took a look at an industrial space for a client who had an old tenant move out and leave behind a very strong fertilizer odor. It is very strong and acidic. We bid some demo work for them to remove carpet and ceiling tiles, as well as to thermal fog the space.

We also signed up two accounts in Minnetonka and Plymouth this week. We did the walk-throughs earlier this week and we’re excited to start up at these facilities! Big thanks to the administrative and operations team for getting those up and running so quickly.

It has also been another snowy week here in Minnesota! Remember that if you have city sidewalks on your property, the city can fine you several hundred dollars per day if they are not shoveled!

As for this weekend and next week, I am headed to Kansas City for the Franchise Advisory Council meeting with the Corporate City Wide team. I’m excited to go down there and catch up with my colleagues, counsel on how we can make City Wide better, and of course bring back new ideas, approaches, and tools to put into action here at City Wide of Minnesota!


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
This past few days have been entertaining, filled with construction clean follow ups, new start meetings, new start cleanings, and following up with clients that we just started last week. Can you sense the theme here? We started a bunch of new accounts last week on the 3rd and are off to a great start with those clients.

One of our new customers not only gave us their regular Janitor Services contract but also allowed us to handle their post construction cleaning of their full building remodel. The location has open ceilings with exposed duct work, conduit, technology cables, water mains, drains, and other various exposed infrastructure. The client had us completely damp wipe clean all the pipe and conduit tops, dust anything above the 6ft level that normal cleaning wouldn’t reach, vacuum out the hanging lights and damp wipe any dust or debris that was possible, and clean all the windows inside and out. This building has beautiful old (and recently refinished) floors that add a lot of character to their trendy modern space that reminds me of a loft apartment or condo you would find in downtown. We were very appreciative of the work, put in just over 100 man hours over 4 weekdays, and hit it hard last Friday night to finalize everything before the furniture came in.

This weekend we have a last minute setup to do a top scrub and wax with a medical clinic that we have managed since my first month or two here with City Wide. They have been a great customer of ours and I’m always excited to visit and see the various people in the building I keep in touch with. This week someone had dumped a Cub Foods shopping cart in their parking lot and the plows had started to plow it in. The customer didn’t mention it but I had space in my vehicle so I loaded it up and dropped it back to where it was stolen from just to do that extra little bit for the client to remind them why they keep us around (aside from our normal quality work!)

I am really excited because my sister-in-law and her boyfriend are in town From Louisiana! Sara grew up here on the farm where my wife is from and where we got married. Peyton however is born and raised in Baton Rouge and he has never experienced winter… last night he went sledding with some of our other friends here in Burnsville, walked outside in his bare feet (just to say he did I guess…) and tonight I am taking him out to Buck Hill to get him a little snowboarding experience. This weekend we head down to the farm to spend time with the family and hopefully ride some snowmobiles! I tried to borrow one from a family friend but it’s out of commission. Either way it should be a good weekend with these two in town!


~Your City Wide Team