Friday, January 28, 2011

Week in Review: January 24th - 28th

Mitch - Quality Control Manager:

With many new starts from the beginning of January off to a great start we will continue to watch them closely as we move into some new business that starts up next week. Next week we will begin cleaning a building along side two others we already clean which is very nice for us and the cleaners. It allows me to make a normal visit to it very simply, and the cleaners to get through 2-3 accounts easily since they’re all next door to each other. It’s a nice office space and we hope to make a big impact next week when we get rolling. In addition to that one of our oldest clients has added a 3rd property to their book of business that we will begin cleaning. It’s a smaller office space but again is very nearby the main plant which makes it easy to get to.

I’m also looking forward to March when we will begin a couple buildings in town that many people know, so it’s always a good conversation starter. This space in Minneapolis has beautiful old wood floors that are due to be sanded and refinished and hopefully we can get that going sometime in the near future for them. They have a nice fitness center in the lower level with the biggest ping pong table that we had ever seen, and to finish of the uniqueness of the building the wooden beams used to construct the property were massive, and there was no shortage of them throughout. The client has done a great job of maintaining the property and keeping it looking modern while keeping the old, classic look of open ceilings exposing the wood and I-beams.

We have recently expanded our services as we always try and find new ways to solve problems for our clients. We now offer ice damn removal which includes standard roof edge ice damns, flat roof runoff’s where ice builds up significantly on the side of the buildings, and clearing snow and ice off of the roof itself flat or pitched. This has given me a little something extra to chat with clients about and we have already been able to submit 2-3 estimates for removal at some properties. I look forward to continuing to learn more about it and how to properly bid it in the future to be able to get numbers to the clients faster.

Another service we added was Duct cleaning. I am personally invested in this one as in the past I wasn’t much of a believer in the service due to it having a negative vibe attached to the name. A few weeks back I hired a duct cleaning company to come out to my home solely on the fact that they could put a camera down my vents and SHOW me what was inside. They did indeed bring out this camera and shoed me what was inside and boy was I glad I brought them out! They were very cost efficient, they showed me all 3 options of how they can clear our ducts including standard high air flow, a “whip” option, and the big seller which I ended up using was a Roto Brush. This brush rotates and beats dust of the sides and top of the ducts and the tip vacuums as it works so you simultaneously are cleaning and removing the dirt and dust vs. pushing it through and collecting it at the other end. Once the work was completed the showed me the camera down the same vents and it looked like new! Needless to say we sat right there at my kitchen table and started talking about bringing them on board to service our commercial customers. They are now signed up and ready to work for us, hopefully we can help get some spring cleaning going for our clients and improve the overall air quality in their business.

Should be a fun weekend ahead, we have some good friends coming over for dinner and hanging out! It will be one of the last times we get to spend time with them since they are soon to be parents and that will take up a lot of their time. We also are celebrating “Mastery” for one of my closest friends and my wife’s former roommate, she got her masters last week after defending her thesis in the field of “Special Needs” youth and their transition into adulthood. Its been a long time coming, she has cancelled plans many times to work on her thesis and other necessary work so we are excited to raise a glass to her having her life back!


Kelly - Business Development:
Wow, and just like that... the first month of 2011 is about over! We at City Wide have had an amazing start to 2011. This month has been a whirlwind of proposals for the sales and admin staff, and multiple new starts for the operations team. We have also been watching the snow forecast carefully so that we service our accounts flawlessly. I suppose one day/week/month down is one more day/week/month closer to spring! :-)
This weekend Greg and I will be ice fishing with some friends in a sleeper house on Mile Lacs. Other than my first pike EVER (caught in December) this weekend will pretty much only be my 2nd ice fishing outing of the season. We're hoping to catch a few eaters-- and as always, of course we'd love a mounter too ;-)

~Your City Wide Team