Friday, January 7, 2011

Week in Review: January 3rd - 7th

Shalee - Administration Manager:
Happy New Year!!! 

I can't believe that I've been here a year!  My how time flies... I just had my yearly review and it's so heartening to find that a) I'm not fired :) and b) I am an asset to the business.  Those first few months where hard, but all the perseverance is paying off as I feel that the flow of the office and the relationships therein have smoothed and strengthened over that time.
What a way to start the year.  After being off for an extended break, I was ready to come back and kickstart the year with a bang.  The company gave me ample opportinities to comply!  We had three new starts and already we have some new companies set to start next month.  That is a wonderful feeling - knowing that you're helping others and doing what you enjoy doing!

We're still working like crazy, trying to reach people who need to hear about our structure.  I just know that there are a lot of business who really need our services.  The Admin staff is doing all that we can to grow our business while increasing the productivity of our clients and giving them a clean, healthy place to work (especially important at this time of year!)

On a personal front, my family and I enjoyed a wonderful celebration of Christ's birth and a visit from Santa while we were visiting family in Nebraska, even if there was nary a speck of snow to be seen.    After that, we came home to a quiet New Year's celebration - dinner and games with friend and early to bed for us.  We knew it would turn to the new year, even if we couldn't issue it in personally.

I hope your year has started out on the best of notes...  May God bless you the entire year through!


Tyler - Quality Control Manager:
We’re coming off a nice long Holiday vacation and I’m back at it this first week of the New Year! 2010 was a great year for me at City Wide. We’ve grown to approximately 60 – 65 accounts here in the North and have come a long way from the 40 – 50 accounts at the beginning of the year.

2010 was a turnkey year in that we’ve took on a lot of large projects including the inception of High Performance Cleaning and unrolling that to all of our team members and crews. I would like to send out a big THANKS to everyone involved. Their hard work and dedication to learning the information and applying it to our daily activities is greatly appreciated!

Another large project was the introduction and turnover to a new consumable supplier of ours, Hillyard. Jim (our supplies representative) has been a huge help with supplies turnover to flooring inquiries to dispenser replacement. Thanks Jim!

Lastly, I’ve taken on two very large medical customers in the North, which have been an extreme challenge but they have been very rewarding! Things are settling down and our teams are getting into a routine. I’ve learned a lot since taking over these accounts. I’m looking forward to a very successful 2011!

Over Christmas and New Years break, I took some time off and went on a snowmobiling trip up to Lake Vermillion and had a blast! I went with a handful of friends and stayed at Fortune Bay Casino right on the south end of the lake. The trails were in PRISTINE condition for riding and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. We put about 300 – 400 miles on our sleds believe it or not! We rode all day every day for 4 days! No accidents, no injuries, no trouble with the law… Good times were had by all. I would’ve used a little more luck at the casino however :-)
Happy New Year to everyone following our blog and I hope each one of you has a successful 2011!


~Your City Wide Team