Friday, February 18, 2011

Week in Review: February 14th - 18th

Greg - President:
It's been another busy week here at City Wide-- just how we like it :-) We are al REALLY enjoying the nice, warm spring-like weather that the Twin Cities have gotten this week. Even though we all know that winter is still here-- in fact, we're supposed to get some serious snow this Sunday. Have your snow shovels ready!

Among normal responsibilities, I met with several new potential clients regarding janitorial services and  regular maintenance issue-- including truck washing on a regular basis for a freight company! If that isn't a testimate to how City Wide can do it all, I'm not sure what is! We are in the business of Building Maintenance Solutions and can do it all.

We also got verbal agreemtn that we will be a single source provider for all facilities issues for a local non-profit with 30+ locations metro wide. We are VERY excited to partner on with them for daily maintenance issues and after hours emergencies.

On a personal note, I'm excited for Daytona 500 this weekend. It will be fun to watch as once attended a live race, you gain a new perspective for the race. City Wide in Kansas City services the Kansas Speedway in both the evening June race and Septemeber race.


Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
Its been another fun filled week here in the south territory. We did a daytime strip and wax at a facility on Monday that is normally shut down so we had wide open access to get it all done. What a major imporovement for the client and I am kicking myself for not bringing a camera to take pictures! This tile had 3 foot wide dirt paths from traffic patterns and after stripping the floor down we bleached the floors in those areas and scrubbed again finding the tile’s natural color again. The customer was extremely pleased and after cleaning up the baseboards they look nearly like new and the floor has a great shine and is much easier to maintain this whole week.

Ice dam removal is one of our newest services and this week we were able to clear some snow off the roof and open up 18 ice dams at one of our properties in Eden Prairie which took 3-4 days, we estimated approximately 88 hours and were able to get it done in less than 75 which the customer greatly appreciated. Now their parking lot is like a river with all the water being able to properly melt down through the downspouts. In the middle of that job another customer of Tyler’s called him out for some emergency roof removal to open up their drainage system which brought an abrupt end to a interior leak from the roof.

Getting lined up for a new day clean contract in the Burnsville area starting later this month, we will have 2-3 cleaners daily doing daytime and some night work. Later in spring and summer they will cut out the night work in exchange for some parking lot and grounds maintenance policing. This is an extension of business from one of our current satisfied clients and we are very happy to get this going with them. A lot of work and energy going into this one up front to get uniforms, the right people, new backpack vacuums etc. in line prior to the start off.

This weekend shall be a busy one for me. I have about 7-10 jobs to get done over the next few weekends and in early March we are getting all new trim, window framing, baseboards, and crown molding installed throughout our house! Also we took advantage of an incredible price at Menards on new doors for the interior of the house and those will all be getting done. This is the first major project we have undergone in our new home that we bought in June as a short sale. The majority of the work needed was minor maintained items and a major painting amount to get it livable. As of now we are on the way to really making it the way we like it and are excited for the process moving forward.

Aside from that here at City Wide Greg, Kelly, myself and a number of other friends and businesses we work for are signed up for the Warrior Dash and its a "3.02 Hellish miles" course in Afton MN! We signed up for it this week and we're all SUPER excited!

~Your City Wide Team