Friday, February 25, 2011

Week in Review: February 21st - 25th

Mitch - Quality Control Manager:

Sunday’s blizzard that poured over into Monday caused a slow start to the week due to extreme traffic! We started out in West St Paul at a new apartment complex we started cleaning their common areas and laundry rooms. The cleaning went great and before we were able to start we were able to help to of the residents get their cars out after being plowed in from the plow trucks. We have cleaned there twice this week and both have went very well with our great contractor, cleaners, and Engelo on site as a full time supervisor to make sure all the work is properly completed.

We wrapped up a painting job at a production plant this week. We ended up painting their showers and covering them with a coat of epoxy to protect the paint from steam, water, soap and anything else that could damage the paint in those areas. There were 3 sound control rooms that we also painted and they look much better. Part of the project was removing things off the wall for the customer, removing bench in each room that was secured from the wall and moving some big desks away from the wall to be able to fully complete the scope. All in all it was a great job and we were happy to see the customer get the upgrade to their work space.

One more new account starting off on Friday at a large apartment complex. As I mentioned in last weeks post the crew is all geared up with proper equipment and ready to take off. This is a 7 day a week account and we owe some thanks to Engelo for stepping up and being a part of the clean on the weekend to make sure that we complete the scope properly.

No major plans this weekend aside from some small painting projects and prep work for the upcoming work we will be doing for trim and doors. Hopefully we will get a chance to grab some dinner with Engelo and Melanie and throw a bowling ball down the lane. Otherwise it will be a quiet weekend for me. 6 days until I head to vacation in Phoenix and can’t wait to enjoy the sun and spend time with my nephew, sister, and brother in law.

~Your City Wide Team