Friday, February 11, 2011

Week in Review: February 7th - 11th

Mitch - Quality Control Manager:

It has been a busy couple weeks after wrapping up 3 new starts throughout the first week and the early part of this week. We started working at some ice dam removal for one of our oldest customers, they have significant ice build up in the run off gutters on the side of their two story building. We were held of on the main part of the start due to the temperatures, as the water melts it refreezes 3-5 feet down ultimately resulting in more work so we will hold off until the weekend to continue. We will also likely be removing snow and ice from the first 6 feet around the perimeter of the roof to allow free flow of the remaining snow to melt and make its way to the runoffs.

Next week Monday we will be strip and waxing a new client of ours that we just got started working with. They are a hub for delivery services so there is a lot of dirt, mud, salt, and slush coming into the building from out in their dock area making it difficult to keep the floors clean. During the strip process we will spend some extra time cleaning up the baseboards which have wax and mop marks all over them and also use bleach in some areas that have heavy dirt traffic areas to try and lighten the tile back up to its original color. Also we invested in a ride on machine to pickup water in the dock and scrub the floors as part of the daily routine contract.

In the next couple weeks we will begin working on our quarterly in contract floor care solutions for two of our group customers, one set is Dialysis and the other an adult day care center. This is one item we do for these clients that we make great efforts to coordinate the work properly and get it done on time as the have had trouble with their old vendors not getting the work done within the proper times. We have been very good at keeping them on track with their quarterly care and the customer appreciates that.

This weekend my buddy Jay and his fiancĂ© are coming to stay at our house. Jay is an old manager of mine who I worked side by side with when we both ended up as managers at my old company. These are the friends I hunt with up in the Thief River Falls area so we don’t see them all that often so its nice to have them down here. We have a good group of old work friends and other friends coming over for a Friday night hangout with food, fire in the fireplace. We are counting on a whole group of people to come over that I haven’t seen in years.

~Your City Wide Team