Friday, February 4, 2011

Week In Review: January 31st - February 4th

Shalee - Administration Manager

My oh my - how time flies when you're having lots and lots to do!  We've been working like crazy on a new marketing plan, ironing out the wrinkles so that it will be smooth and flawless in the coming weeks.  That makes it easier not only for us, but for our potential customers too. 

I sure hope that you will enjoy the sticky notes coming your way and will keep us in mind when contracts end.  We would love to show everyone how City Wide Maintenance really is a standout in the crowd.

On a personal note, our daughter is heading up to Duluth for Spiritfest, a teen weekend that involves skiing, devotionals, time with friends from all over the state and copious amounts of hot chocolate.  I'm really hoping that the ski patrol won't be called into rescue her this time... Hey, we're still newbies at this whole snow thing!  :)

I'm looking forward to the upcoming Super Bowl weekend between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburg Steelers.  (I hope that GB pulls it off, mainly because it's been years since they've gotten new bling.  The Steelers?  Been there, done that recently.) 

Oh and do you really want to impress your Super Bowl guests?  Share with them this tidbit over the guacamole and potato skins:

Do you know what the "G" stands for on the Green Bay Packers helmets?  Green Bay? (wrong)  Guys in football uniforms? (wrong)  G Brett Favre? (wrong)  Gravy? (wrong)

The "G" stands for GREATNESS.  I think that's an awesome morsel to use to impress many football know-it-alls.  It's your time to shine, so use it wisely and in a large crowd.  You're welcome.  :)

And finally, I love this Super Bowl commercial! I think it's very "forceful"... :)


Tyler - Quality Control Manager:
It’s been a hectic past couple weeks with the added snow and havoc it’s caused on tile/marble floors! It’s taking some extra attention and cleaning with rinsing agents to help keep streakiness and haziness removed from tile floors. I know it’s been one of the craziest winters on records for quite a while. With that said, snow removal has been another great opportunity for us and thus far I’ve had great success with the crews we have set in place.

Since my last post, we’ve welcomed a few new customers to the City Wide stable. We’re excited to show these clients some proven results through talented crews to an excellent management structure set in place. We’ve already performed some extra charge projects for these customers including a tile grout cleaning, tile waxing, and a deck brushing projects which all went extremely well. Welcome new customers!

Spring is just around the corner and I will aggressively start looking for customer to sign up for parking lot sweeping. It will have been a very long winter come spring time and lots of salt / sand and debris will be left over in parking lots across the Twin Cities. CityWide is here to help provide an affordable way to remove all that debris leaving parking lots looking clean and ready to go. Please contact me for a bid.

Its Super Bowl weekend and I couldn’t care less about who wins. Honestly, I’m sick of the Steelers winning Super Bowls and I have family from Wisconsin so it would be nice to see the Packers come out on top but it really doesn’t matter to me. The Wild look like they are making a valiant run at a playoff spot in the NHL. IT would be cool to see them back into the playoffs and make a decent run at the Cup.

Have a great weekend!


~Your City Wide Team