Friday, March 4, 2011

Week in Review: February 28th - March 4th

Tyler - Quality Control Manager:

Spring is just around the corner!! (Let’s hope, at least!) That means filthy floors, filthy carpets, filthy windows and filthy parking lots. We provide a number of services such as stripping and waxing, carpet cleaning, window cleaning and parking lot sweeping. We do it all! Please contact City Wide for a quote!

Ice dam removal and emergency service have been among the many services we have provided lately. Specifically, a customer in Champlin had a serious water leak a few weeks ago when the weather was in the 50’s. All the snow from their roof had melted but wasn’t able to anywhere as their pipes were frozen below ground. We were able to remove the icy build-up and ultimately restore drainage so their roof could properly drain. Unfortunately, the problem wasn’t caught in time and the entire space had flooded. We had emergency carpet cleaners with air mover and dehumidifies on-site within an hour. A testament to how quick we can respond to most emergencies.

I will be welcoming in a new member to my family! A cocker spaniel puppy will arrive next Friday! I’ve had him picked out when he was just a few days old from a breeder in Hastings. I’ve named him Cooper! Cooper needs to be 7 weeks old before he can come to his new home. I’m very excited to raise Cooper and have him along to my races every weekend this summer. And with our cabin in Pine City, he will get plenty of opportunity to become quite the outdoorsman.

What’s new on the Sports front? Will there be a NFL season next year?! Will the Wild make it to the playoffs? Let’s hope so! It seems the NFL CBA is dragging and dragging. I believe they need to come to a consensus sometime later this evening. Why can’t millionaires and billionaires come to a conclusion on how rich they really need to be? Anyways, enough complaints for one day, until next time...


Kelly - Business Development:

Just like Tyler mentioned, let's hope that spring is around the corner! It's finally March and I know that Minnesota has had just a few gruesome March months... but I'm ready for the spring thaw, lots of sunshine, birds chirping, and grass growing.

Along with the spring season comes spring clean-up projects. I have been pretty busy this week with measuring and bidding a handful of parking lot maintenance projects for current and prospective clients. We plan on taking on many, many more spring clean-up projects in the next few months. Parking lot sweeping, striping, window washing, carpet cleaning, hard floor care-- we can do it all!

Yesterday we had quite the suprise here at City Wide-- our Director of Operations, Joe drove in from Kansas City to help Greg prepare for a large presentation, and ended up bringing our Vice President, Tom with him as well! It was very nice to spend time with Joe and Tom while they were here.

As for this weekend, Greg and I are going to get out of town for a few days and do some last-minute ice fishing up at Lake of the Woods. Let's hope for good weather, a safe drive, and lots of fish biting on our lines! :-)


Shalee - Administration Manager
What a crazy busy week we've had here!  The new look is rolling into the office with new proposals, new stationary, new envelopes and even new giveaways like our "We Stick To Our Promises" sticky notes and the City Wide Maintenance breath mints!  Everyone is tickled pink about the newness of it all!

We have been gearing up for some wonderful new potential clients.  Oh my lands!  The team has been rockin' the PowerPoints and FedEx has been quite busy with our needs.  We're enjoying the idea of truly assisting some large prospects who really need our help.  I was able to attend one of the proposals for a new client and man oh man... Could we be of service to them!  It's amazing how much dirt goes unnoticed until someone points it out.  We're praying that we are given this opportunity to help a company take care of their employees.

This weekend, we're hitting FMSC with the teens from our church and after that, having a meal to relax and get to know each other further.  Saturday and Sunday are (thankfully!) not as busy - just lots of laundry and a chance to unite with our church family on Sunday morning.  Oh, and we're going to introduce our kids to a classic - Jurassic Park.  I can't wait to see how they handle a clean scarefest as such!  (We're such mean parents.)  :)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~Your City Wide Team