Friday, March 25, 2011

Week in Review: March 21st - 25th

Mitch - Quality Control Manager:
Another busy week out here in the south metro. We are starting 2 new accounts next week! One of them is in Cottage Grove and I will be kicking that off on Sunday with the crew. It is a nice facility that requires a machine scrubber on site and a power washer for the rest room showers to get them properly cleaned. Myself and 4 cleaners will get it off to a great start for the new client and help them out with other services including a strip and wax that will be done in the next couple weeks.

Also on Monday evening we will be starting a smaller office building for a property manager that we have had a great relationship with on some outside extra projects, and now will be doing some regular services with them. Earlier this week we kicked the account off a little early by putting down some wax in a server room, sealing the grout throughout the facility, and Scotch guard coating the carpet in their private offices to prevent staining.

All hands are on deck for the large new account that was awarded to us a short couple of weeks ago. Tyler and Greg have put in major efforts to get the crews lined up, and with some help from myself and night managers have helped get some other pieces of the puzzle put together for them to have a very successful start next week Friday. I am very excited to see City Wide move to the next level here in Minnesota, in addition to the contractors who have grow their business by double or triple the size in some cases since partnering with us!

Next month is a busy one, I’m sure many of my posts will reflect wax work and carpet cleaning for some of our group customers with built in 2x per year extra work. We will be waxing 4 medical facilities of exam rooms that totals approximately 250 exam rooms, 15 procedure rooms and other various areas with tile in break rooms, entry ways etc. Following weeks and weekends will get the entire carpets cleaned throughout all traffic and office areas. It’s a great way to kick off some spring cleaning and get the facilities looking great.

This weekend should be a nice one, spent mostly inside getting things done around the house. Last weekend was a lot of fun-- we spent Saturday night out celebrating Liz’s birthday with 8 or 9 of our friends. It was a surprise for Liz; she thought just a couple people were coming out so when we got to dinner and there were 10 people hiding behind menus she was quite excited. As I often proclaim, I love southern food and the Bulldog in NE Minneapolis serves Fried Chicken and Waffles so I didn’t dare pass trying that out for the first time and it was incredible! We had a great evening all in all.


Tyler - Quality Control Manager:
Wow what a week! Our snow removal teams are out in full force with this recent blizzard we’ve had. Just when we think it’s finally spring, Minnesota throws us another curveball. I saw about 10 cars in the ditch while driving around earlier this week. Just crazy!

Hurry! And schedule your strip and wax projects. Our calendar is filling up quick here in the north with all types of hard floor care. Whether it is VCT, tile, concrete, terrazzo, laminate-- we do it all. We also provide lawn care services of all types; landscaping, mowing, trimming, irrigation, fertilization. Let’s not forget about all other spring projects such as window cleaning, parking lot sweeping and much more. Just ask for a bid!

We’re getting excited to start cleaning a new gigantic customer up in Anoka in a couple weeks. It should test our ability to handle a 24/7/365 staff with multiple levels of management. We will have 3 different groups working at this account and will be broken up into many different shifts. I’m looking forward to working with my direct contacts and showing them what City Wide can do for their facility services.

I’m excited for the Twins season to start up. We had such a great time last year going to Target Field and watching the games outdoors. Now that the trees are gone in center field perhaps we’ll see some more homeruns ;-) I think we should have a pretty good team this year. If we can steer clear of any major injuries, I think the longevity of the team should take us through the playoffs and be able to make a run at the World Series. Not the case for the Wild however. What a tough couple weeks we’ve had. A 7 game losing streak while trying to back our way into the playoffs is a big problem. Hopefully they can turn it around and find a miracle playoff run.

~Your City Wide Team