Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hard Floor Care: The Twister Pad

Check out a new hard floor procedure, the HTC Diamond Twister Pad, that we've successfully been using at our newest account!

The Twister Pad is a revolutionary cleaning system that seemingly-instantly cleans and polishes flooring without the use of harsh chemicals. The Twister Pad is embedded with microscopic diamonds which transforms common floor surfaces such as terrazzo, ceramic tiles, linoleum, vinyl flooring, and/or natural stone from dull, diry, and worn floors to clean, glossy, and polished floors in a matter of minutes!

With Twister Pads, you get:
Outstanding quality
Cost efficiency
Enionmental sustainability
User friendly product

At our newest account this week, we literarily transformed one of their breakrooms! The flooring was worn, yellow, and diry-looking. Using the three-step Twister Pad process, the breakroom really does look like it's had a floor upgrade! The compliments and praise that we've received is the proof-- The Twister Pad is the new way to quickly, thoroughly, and easily scrub and polish your floors!

Check out the video below to learn more about this procedure:

~Your City Wide Team