Friday, April 22, 2011

Week in Review: April 18th - 22nd

Mitch - Quality Control Manager:

What a busy 3 weeks it has been! I can’t believe it has been that long since my last post! As we mentioned before on several posts we started a very large account up in the North Metro that required great effort from everyone within our organization here in MN and some borrowed help from Kansas! A special thanks again out to Joe and Dwayne from Kansas for coming up to help us out to get things off to a fantastic start! A special thanks to Greg and Kelly who lived and breathed this new building and lived out of a hotel for a week and a half to get it up and running! A special thanks to our night managers Steve and Mark for their heavy attention on top of other responsibilities to get it done! And of course a major thanks to our crew and Service Providers that did the actual physical bulk of the labor. It was fun to be a part of kicking off such a big project and ten years from now looking back it will be all worth it, heck even a year from now it will be worth it! I bet we could go on for hours on what we saw, learned, solved, and changed to get it all set and into a great routine.

Meanwhile in the south metro we have added a handful of new accounts in the midst of all of this… Thankfully they have all gone of without a hitch as Eric and Myself have been on site making sure the crews were started off properly in multiple areas of the buildings and all aspects of the scope of work. We have already expanded the business at each of the new accounts by providing some strip and wax, carpet cleaning, and upholstery cleaning for them to get their facility up to a great standard for us to maintain.

This month is a big month for us in carpet and wax work. Very normal part of our spring cleaning and facility cleanup process for these jobs to come up in April-June. One of our group clients gives us approximately 500 exam rooms for wax work and 150k sq ft of carpet to clean spread across our 10 clinics we clean for them. So far we are ¾ through the projects and we have had zero issues, errors, or missed work and intend to continue that high quality service through the end.

Window washing is about to pickup if spring EVER decides to fully present itself, rain and get out of the way so we can clean up those dirty winter water spots, streaks and soils. We have crews that do simple ground level, ladder and lift window washing as well as the drop cleaning crews. The only drop clean I currently have scheduled is for early June which is a 8 story high rise property that we cleaned last year as well.

Life is getting busy in and out of work as we continue to grow and as I build on my current hobbies…. A few weeks ago I was given a 1970s boat that needed some restoration work done and after some basic diagnosis found that it not only runs, but runs well! I am very excited to get going on the 5-6 repairs that are needed in various areas and clean it up and start buffing etc to get it looking good and presentable, right now it looks like a lost cause but I have hope! Aside from that it is time to train train and train some more for a few running events this summer. I have a 5K for my wifes company (General Mills). My wife, sister/brother in law and I are all running a half marathon on the 4th of July which is my brother in laws 30th birthday. And finally I still look forward to the Warrior Dash in July, that will be a unique event and not easily forgotten!

~Your City Wide Team