Friday, April 29, 2011

Week in Review: April 25th - 29th

Kelly Mansfield - Business Development:
Well it has been quite the ride as of late! Between spending all of my time (with Greg and the crew of course) at the new account for 2 weeks, keeping up with daily duties, and having fun with new spring projects to bid... it has been quite the busy past few weeks!

We're all so happy to report that the new account is going well. It took a lot of hard work, tons of extra hours on the weekends and evenings, and many miles logged, but we have a great crew and we're getting to know the facility like the back of our hands.

Even though it may not feel quite like spring, we have been busy, Busy, BUSY with projects galore! Repairing and maintaining parking lots have obviously been on many people's minds as we've had countless requests for proposals. Sweeping, striping, and repairing lots with sealcoats and patching are many avenues that our current and potential clients are asking for. This keeps me busy! Finding the location, measuring the lot on our satellite software, and then bidding the project takes some time, but I thoroughly enjoy it!

As well as parking lot maintenance, we've all been busy with window washing, carpet cleaning, and hard floor care as well. There is no doubt that Minnesota Winter takes a toll on the facilities and buildings in this great state! Thankfully City Wide is there to help clean you up just in time for spring :-)

On a personal note, this weekend is my birthday! I'm looking forward to doing some shopping, spending company with friends, and (maybe if we're lucky?) enjoying some nice spring weather. Shalee and Diane were even nice enough to decorate my office area for my birthday this morning!! Time to celebrate :-D

~Your City Wide Team