Friday, May 20, 2011

Week in Review: May 16th - 20th

Shalee - Administration Manager:

What a fantastic week this has been so far!  We've been hopping, hopping, hopping with all the new starts and proposals flying out the door.  To be honest, I love it when it's so busy that you can't think straight.  Time flies and I feel pretty darn useful!  :)

With almost everyone gone this week either to the Franchise Convention or away on personal matters, I've pretty much had run of the office.  It's amazing how much one can accomplish when left alone!  I know everyone else is having fun, but I sure don't mind having to work when I see the fruits of hours uninterupted.  I'm ready for everyone to come back now because I can't talk to myself, but it's been nice having a little "free" time.

This weekend we're thinking about heading up to Duluth to visit the mining museum and light house.  We'll see if the weather will cooperate or if we'll be staying in for a nice weekend of games, reading and the kids kicking our tails on the Wii.


Kelly - Business Development:
Greg and I have been down in Kansas City for the annual City Wide convention this week. We have been having a great time!

We've met with our performance groups, enjoyed a motivational sales workshop, and got awarded for being one of the finalists for City of the Year. Greg serves as Vice President of the advisory council, so he's been participation in strategic meetings and a question and answer panel as well.

After dinner yesterday, City Wide hosted a Texas Hold 'Em tournament for charity. I've never really played poker before, but I did really well!! I made it to the two last tables before getting bullied out by the big blinds :-) Greg did well too, making it to the final table.

The 2008 World Series of Poker winner Grant Hinkle helped to host the event-- it was neat to see his winning WSOP bracelet!!

We'll be attended many more beneficial meetings, an awards banquet at the founders of City Wide, the Oddo's home tonight, and the annual golf outing as well. Greg is hoping that his team does well tomorrow-- let's hope!

We'll be headed home on Sunday, no doubt excited to bring back all of the knowledge that we've gained from the conference!


~Your City Wide Team