Friday, May 6, 2011

Week in Review: May 2nd - 6th

Greg Mansfield-- President:
The nice weather that we’ve had this week has been a great addition to this late “spring” that Minnesota has been having. I’m sure we all agree that the sun and warmer temperatures sure make days more fun and enjoyable!

With the newly acquired spring weather, spring cleaning in on everyone’s minds. Mitch and Tyler have been busy with scheduling our current client’s spring cleaning projects such as hard floor work and window washing. Diane has been busy on the phone setting appointments for projects as well—such as parking lot sweeping and striping. I have been quite busy with building maintenance appointments!

I received the great news this week that two of our larger medical group companies have both given us more business this week. It sure is great to form a family of business with many of our clients. They refer us onto the next clinic or facility and it’s so nice to be welcomed into their circle.

I’ll be headed down to the annual City Wide convention in two weeks. I always look forward to the convention which allows me to spend time with colleagues and friends… as well as learn a thing or two and come back energized and excited about the future of City Wide here in Minnesota.

We have also gotten great news lately that Jarrad Nickolite will be joining our team. Jarrad will be focusing on sales and operations. Stay tuned for his official biography post coming soon!

On a personal front, I sure was excited to see Liriano throw a no-hitter. Way to go Twins! This weekend I believe we will be “laying low” I’m excited to watch the Kentucky Derby!


Mitch-- Quality Control Manager:

Things keep picking up and moving along whether we ask for them or not, it seems we have built quite the well oiled machine here at City Wide! We haven’t experienced slow days or light days in quite some time and it is quite entertaining to be involved in so many different projects across all of our properties. In the last 3 years I can’t think of any time as busy as this where every customer seems to have been catching on to an additional service or two, and some with 7 or 8 extras. This comes with the territory of spring though!

Last month we went headstrong in to our group of 10 clinics for carpet and floor waxing work. That went off 100% without issues or errors greatly in part to our wax crews always doing what it takes to get the job done even if it means calling in extra labor, our night manager always syncing up and handing off keys along with a prior walk through of the site, and our carpet trucks arriving on time getting everything done and set to dry properly. Overall we received great praise from the head of maintenance on how smooth our process was and the fact that we didn’t receive a single complaint or follow up item during the process!

Our Dialysis group comes due for their annual carpet and chair cleaning as part of their in contract annual work agreement as well. This is a huge benefit because their extremely busy nurses and Facility Administrators don’t have to spend time chasing down approvals to get us the funds to get the work done. One project was already complete, so we have 7 to go in the south metro. Their carpets always look like new since they have annual service and they are light use, but their chairs are the main chore in the project. Often in the dialysis centers we deal with chairs that have been stored in biohazard rooms due to blood on them which takes extra work and proper PPE to clean and restore safely.
In addition, I’m looking forward to several window washing projects for our group clients as well as individual sights. I have ongoing approval to go ahead with a simple scheduling notification for approximately 20 of our sites for window cleaning and sent off the info with the crews to get that all set and done here through the end of May. The window cleaning projects will continue well into June for some, and even August for the procrastinators :-) Then before we know it, it will be fall again and we will be working on the pre-winter cleanings!

Spring has been semi-nonexistent which has been good to me. I mentioned in a previous post that I have been restoring an old boat and am proud to say that I have successfully done so as of last night! I have one minor area of repair left to do which requires some tools and equipment that I don’t have, but it should be sea worthy by this weekend! I might have to make it to the lake this weekend, not sure though. Aside from that, house projects continue with interior doors which has dragged on for months now due to an error by the home improvement store who ordered them. I won’t mention names but it has been quite frustrating and finally is coming to a close so we can get them painted and installed. We finished painting our kitchen cabinet framework and the doors are next in line so that will be complete… then hopefully I can sit back and be done with home improvements? Something tells me that’s not the case, but I can wish :-)


~Your City Wide Team